Tell Me Again, My Love
123 The witch is back
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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123 The witch is back

Ryn chewed her tuna sandwish slowly with her eyes a bit heavy from the sleepiness. They just reached the airport in B country a few minutes ago after hours in the flight and twice changing the flight, and the first thing they do, just like a tradition for them, was to look for a place to fill their stomach, regardless of the time and day. Filling the stomach was much more important than any other thing in their opinion.

Without food, nothing could be done. Oh yes, without coffee too, their energy would be drained quickly.

Ryn sipped on her hot latte happily. In front of her was another cup of latte, just for her.

"I've gotten the address from them," Mei Li looked at her phone when it rang. Mei Li already informed the team about their arrival and luckily, even though it was in a middle of the night, she received the reply.

"We'll go straight to the hotel, then?" Ryn reached for her second slice of sandwish.

"Okay. I will tell them." Mei Li quickly typed a reply, informing them no need to send anyone to pick them up. They could just take a cab to the hotel. Besides, this country was like a second home for them and they were not worried with miscommunication as both were fluent in English.

Ryn continued finishing her food while watching Mei Li busy arranging everything.

Mei Li only wanted to eat light food after she found herself getting tired easily during the hiking. She had decided that she would lose a bit of weight, especially the extra fat around her stomach, arms and thighs. Maybe she would join in a gym club...

But it would be for another day. She was too busy as it is.

But then again, she did not think she would have the time to spend in the gym. She agreed with her thought. It would only waste her money and time if she was to register a gym club. Nope. She would not waste any money for things useless and not working.

Mei Li watched as the food in front of Ryn disappearing in such a quick time. The same question she had almost all the time popped back into her mind; where did Ryn put all the food she ate? Her body as slim as ever. Even when she ate two sets of steaks before shooting, her stomach was as flat as ever.

It was so unfair!

Once everything on the table was eaten, both the women grabbed their backpack and walked slowly out to get a cab. Mei Li told the address to the driver. Soon enough, they reached the hotel.

Luckily for them, they managed to get a room there despite being early than planned. They quickly got into their room to rest. They needed to catch up with their sleep as long as they could to recover their strength.

The next day, a young man waited for them at the lobby. He was grinning cheerfully as he held two cups of coffee for them.

Both women were won by his thoughtfulness and Mei Li even shared her precious stack of snack with the man.

This time, to Mei Li's happiness, they reached their photo location right there in the city. They did not have to climb up a hill or go through woods. Mei Li could not stop from grinning happily.

Ryn worked with three other models. She used to work with them and it made it easier for her. None of the models and even the crews tried to do something funny, which made her mood stay in the positive side the whole time.

So when she and Mei Li were invited for lunch together, they followed happily. And it became a sort of mukbang for the rest watching how much food entering Ryn's mouth while Mei Li tried but failed miserably to make Ryn controlling herself.

They stayed the night at the hotel before checked out the next day, this time heading toward the next location.

Both Ryn and Mei Li were so busy with work but Mei Li did not forget to take pictures of Ryn to post to her media social.


It was a few days later before both returned back from oversea. Both Mei Li and Ryn were exhausted but at least all the commitments were done. Mei Li sent Ryn first to her home before she returned to the previous studio to get her car. Both waved goodbye with Mei Li could not help from smiling when Ryn told her she could cover the rest of the work until next week, meaning Mei Li could take a few days off.

A short holiday. So happy!

Ryn smiled as she watched the taxi disappearing. She knew how exhausted working non-stop and traveling non-stop but this was her job. It was tiring but worth it.

She sighed and got into the house. A few hours of sleeping would do to recover just a little bit of her energy before she went to look for something to fill her stomach. She nodded at the thought and quickly went into her room to do just that. She ignored how dusty her room was. Sleep was more important!

It was during her sleep when her phone rang. But, before she could wake up and answer it, the phone went dead. It was out of battery.

Ryn sighed and murmured something in her sleep before she turned around and hugged the bolster even tighter. She did not even realize the phone call.


Mika crossed her arms and looked at the designs. Was this their best effort?

"Walk me through this. When you are designing these, what were you thinking?"

None of the designers dared to lift up their head. They could feel her displeasure. They thought their designs were good enough but the witch was hard to please!

They fidgetted uncomfortably but none dared to say anything.

"Did none of you listen during our first meeting? What is the theme? What it is for? Have you thought about how it will look like when in pictures? The suitability of the materials especially in that weather? Are you trying to kill Ryn?" her cold voice sent shiver to each one of them.

Stephanie, Mika's personal assistant kept quiet, sitting on Mika's left side. What else could she do when it was clear the wrong was on their side. She did remind them to be careful after the first meeting but they were still riding on their giddiness and proud after the previous collection reached quite an expensive price during the bidding. They thought it was because of their creativity and brilliant mind. They forgot that if Miss Mika did not help improving their designs and making used of Jeremy's popularity, the price would not go that sky high.

Despite Ryn was not around, busy with her work overseas, Mika was smiling and having good mood after the party, almost making them forgetting about how scary she was when she was angry. They forgot about her nickname as The Witch.

Unfortunately for them, The Witch is back.

Mika threw the papers to their face. 

"If this is only your best, you can leave the company."

All of them looked at Mika, their face drained of blood. Were they getting fired? Nooooo!

"I don't care about other companies and what their requirement for each design but in here, I want the best. I don't want a mediacore designer. I want the best you can give me. Is that the best you can do?"

Some started to sob. They were scared of losing this job. In here they were allowed to design even though they were just new or as the assistant. They did not have to wait for years to be promoted before they could make use of their creativity. As long as they have what it takes, they can show their design to their leader and if it fits the theme required, their design will be chosen. In fact, they have the chance to show their design to Miss Long herself! 

And the salary! If their design gets chosen, they will get extra bonus. That is why everyone are still staying here even though they are afraid of the witch.

They did not want to lose this job!

Mika glared at each one of them. She was so furious, she felt like firing all these useless people from her team!

But she still managed to control her temper. She still managed to take hold of her rationality.

"I will give you until tomorrow's morning, exactly at 9.00 am to come out with designs that will make me satisfy. If not, pack your belonging and leave."

They watched silently as Mika stormed away. Stephanie shook her head at them and quickly followed behind the furious witch. Her mind was busy thinking how to sooth Mika's temper.

How she wished Muss Ryn was here to help...


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