Tell Me Again, My Love
127 The fake driver
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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127 The fake driver

Mrs Si rushed downstairs, to where her daughter was busy knitting. Her eyes sparkled in excitement.

"Mia, honey, make a pink scarf for your future sister-in-law," she ordered giddily. Her hands rubbed together excitedly.

The knitting needle dropped onto the floor when Mia heard her mother's words. Future sister-in-law? Meaning... her brother has a girlfriend?

"Quick, change the colour into pink. I bet your future sister-in-law loves pink." Which female would hate pink? Pink was such a beautiful colour, indicating how innocent, sweet and kind-hearted a woman's heart was.

"What future sister-in-law? Has brother gotten a girlfriend?" Already forgetting about the scarf for her crush, she sat closer to her mother, even holding her hands. "Already? Who? Lia?"

Mrs Si's face darkened at the name of that gold-digger. "Your brother is too clever to fall for that woman."

Mia's brows knitted together. Not Lia? Then who? His classmates? His university mates? Or...

"He's with a model?" Mia gasped. Her eyes sparkled even more at the thought of having a famous sister-in-law. Surely Harry would be together with someone famous. He, after all, joined a very prestigious modelling agency. There should be a lot of female models there.

"I'm not sure about that. Go and ask him now," even Mrs Si has forgotten her knitting project for her beloved husband. Her son's girlfriend is much more important!

Pretty soon she could finally hold her first grandchild. She was not even picky. She accepted both grandson or granddaughter. 

Mia quickly jumped to her feet and rushed to her brother's room. She was so excited to have a famous sister. She could not wait to meet her.

Harry was just closing his eyes after pushing himself to eat the porridge. He did not bother to open his eyes, recognizing that particular rapid footsteps. It only belonged to his spoiled little sister. Who else would run that loud if not his sister?

"What?" he snarled. Why couldn't they just leave him alone? Hadn't they disturb him enough?

"Is it true you have a girlfriend already? Who is she? Is she a model?" Mia jumped on the bed and looked at him excitedly.

"What girlfriend?" he pulled himself to sit up again and looked at his sister. Without mercy, he tried to kick her off the bed.

Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick.

"Stop kicking me or I'll call mom," she cried, holding onto the blanket tightly. She refused to get off the bed. Why must she stand up or sit on the floor when her big brother lying comfortably on the bed? 

"Just call. You're being so annoying now," he muttered, still trying to kick her off his bed.


Harry gasped. He quickly jumped to his feet and sat on the couch, pretending to eat the snack. He did not expect his sister would really call their mother.

"What is it? Who is the girlfriend?" Mrs Si came in in the same was as her daughter and asked excitedly. Then, she paused and looked at her son weirdly. Something smell fishy. 

"Mia, what's wrong?" She looked at her daughter.

Mia sniffed, even letting out a few tears sadly. "Mother, brother is bullying me~"

"What?" she glared at her son. The excitement of her son having a girlfriend disappeared almost immediately. This eldest child of hers really gave her headache lately. Always bullying her little starry star.

"I didn't do anything wrong, mother. Stop supporting her blindly. She is the one coming here and disturbing my rest," he defended himself. Sometimes he could not help from feeling hurt when both his parents dotting too much on Mia until whatever Mia did even though it was wrong, they just looked away. Didn't they see it would ruin Mia's future?

"As her big brother, it is your job to love her wholeheartedly and help her with everything."

"But this is my room. I deserve privacy in my own room!"


Ryn woke up at the sound of the alarm clock. She checked the time and sighed a bit. She did not even realize she fell asleep when she was chatting with Mika. 

Luckily Mika had already disconnected the call or it would be more than six hours of silent 'communication'. She quickly recharged her phone and then went into the bathroom to freshen herself.

Half an hour later, Ryn walked slowly out of the bedroom while wringing her wet hair with a towel. Then, using the same towel, she wrapped her hair in it. She put on a green spaghetti strap and a sporty shot. Her hair was still in that towel.

Then she went to the washing machine to take out the just washed clothes and replaced them with another batch of dirty clothes. She went to hang it at the balcony, singing to herself. Finally, she had the time to wash her dirty clothes that had been piling since she was so busy with her work and study. She was so busy she almost had nothing to wear!

Yesterday's washing was not enough, just barely enough to cover for two days outfit if she kept re-using the same thing over and over again, just like what she did during her days of working overseas recently. Luckily for her, none of the crews and fellow models noticed she kept using the same outfit almost every day. The one who knew and shared the same fate as hers was her own manager, Mei Li. When they first worked together outside the country, Mei Li was shocked to see how little Ryn brought, just a backpack for a week of work. But then, once she realized none even noticed how often Ryn wore the same clothes, she learned to do the same. So now, instead of bringing a 28-inch bag and a carry-on, she only brought a backpack too. 

They were saving money too because they did not have to pay the fee for luggage! Well, actually the one saving so much was Mei Li who learned this trick from the lazy Ryn.

She dropped the empty basket and looked up at the sky. It was a clear bright day today. A good day. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. 

There should be three more rounds before she could switch off the washing machine. Even if there was no space at balcony for her to hang everything, she could make use all the corner of her house. Heck, she could even hang the clothes under the fan in the living room and even in her bedroom. So she had no worry even she had used all the space at the balcony to hang the clothes.

She had enough time to do housework before she needed to go to her assignment for today, No doubt it would end up until late at night... again.

The assignment for today would be held at the studio so time was not a problem for them. They could continue on until they get the result they want even if it takes more than 5 hours. 

She went into the kitchen to check on the refrigerator. Yesterday she ate quite a lot of steaks but she was hoping there was enough for her to eat before going to work. She was getting starving from the washing and hanging the clothes. In fact, she hadn't eaten anything since the moment she woke up just now. Once she had her shower, she quickly pushed herself to wash the dirty laundry.

And she was lucky. There were three more stacks of beef steak. She could eat them before she leaves. She quickly cooked them, along with a packet of instant noodle.

Instead of arranging them once they were cooked on the dining table but just sat comfortably on the tabletop and ate the food she just cooked. It was more delicious but of course, she would not tell this to anyone.

She still had an image to uphold.

She made a quick job of washing the dishes, then went to hang the second batch of clothes. She looked around and smiled seeing everything was done. 

Once she was satisfied, she went to change her clothes, even using the hairdryer to dry her still-damp hair.

The Grab car came just right on time, just as she locked the door. She quickly entered the car and pulled the safety belt. Without another word, the driver simply drove the car away.

Instead of sleeping, like she used to whenever she entering a vehicle, her eyes were open all the time. She kept looking out of the road, watching closely.

The car moved forward, passing so many shops and even smaller roads. It turned left and right and left again.

"Excuse me. This is not the way to go to the studio," she spoke suddenly, noticing something wrong.

The driver did not say anything.

Ryn turned her head and narrowed her eyes at the driver. Instead of feeling scared, she was calm.

"Are you sure you know the way?" her voice was cold.

The driver gripped the steering, refusing to talk.

Calmly, Ryn punched a button of her phone, speed-dialling to someone. Then, she took out two things from her bag. It was useless for her to cry out or beg him to let her go. In order to be safe, she needed to stay calm and look for a chance to get out of this safely.


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