Tell Me Again, My Love
128 The kidnapper is a rapist and a murderer
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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128 The kidnapper is a rapist and a murderer

The car moved even faster but even if the driver was rushing, wanting to bring her to a secluded place to so bad thing and satisfy his sexual need as quickly as possible, he did not expect that they would be stuck in traffic. He tried to slip between the cars but there were too many of them and there was not enough space for his car to move. 

He gripped his steering frustratedly, not even bothered looking at Ryn. He already locked the doors so where could this girl go? None of his victims dared to run away, just crying and begging him to let them go. It actually fueled his ego and even made him more excited to do bad things to them. 

His fingers tapped the steering impatiently. Why when he was in rush, the light turned red? Then, he was shocked to hear glass shattering. His head turned around and saw Ryn trying to get out after breaking the glass at the back. He did not even see her breaking it? What did she use to break it? He knew he did not leave anything hard enough to break anything.

Other drivers looked at his car, shocked to see the glass shattered and a girl trying to get out. They started to hit the horn and some even shouted at him.

"Help, he's kidnapping me!" Ryn cried, ignoring the blood from her hands.

She almost fell down and hit the glass when the man tried to grab her foot but she kicked him as hard as she could. 

"Call the police, please!" she cried again.

The man, realizing he could not catch her anymore, made up his mind when he saw more people starting to gather around his car. He opened his door and quickly ran away, leaving the car with the engine still on.

His abrupt action automatically made what Ryn said was the truth, that he kidnapped her. 

Some men tried to catch him but without the big car, he could actually run fast enough and slipped around until he disappeared. The men returned unhappily and went to ask what exactly happened to Ryn.

Despite the questions from some people there, asking her what happened and what they could do to help, Ryn was calm all the time. She even apologized to those whose cars being blocked by the 'Grab'. Despite the engine was still on, none of the drivers moved it. They knew it had become a crime scene and until the police came, none even touched it. They did not want to become a suspect when their fingerprint was discovered at the car.

Soon enough a police car approached them. Two policemen got out of the car and approached Ryn. Soon, a policeman focussed on taking Ryn's report while another started to take pictures of the crime scene.

Again, Ryn was calm. She recounted what happened and even told them she tried to record the man's voice but not even once the man spoke. She was so calm, it was hard to believe she was almost the victim of a kidnapping. Only the wound on her hands and some on her face gave way to her condition. Even the policemen who took her report was taken back with how calm she was.

She followed the policeman to the police station to complete her report. While on the way, she called the director for the shooting today and explained briefly. She also apologized because she had the feeling she would not be able to arrive on time. Then, after deliberate for a few seconds, she called Mei Li and... Jeremy.



She stood up and opened her arms when Mika came in, crying loudly. She knew either Jeremy or Mei Li would tell Mika. She did not want to be the one to tell her because she was not ready to hear her cry and need to stay focus on the report. If Mika was there when she was doing her report, everything would be in chaos... just like right now.

She looked at Jeremy and Mei Li who entered the office at the same time. They shook their head at the same time. Ryn sighed and patted Mika's back, hoping her best friend would stop crying so she could understand what she was talking about. Mika was mumbling while crying so it was hard to understand.

"Are you done with the report?" Jeremy asked. 

Mei Li, on the other hand, approached the counter to ask what happened. She glanced at Ryn a few times, her face turned paler when she heard how close it was for Ryn to be raped and killed. Apparently the man was a wanted man for raping and killing almost twenty women three months ago.

How lucky Ryn was for them to be stuck in the jam and she was able to break the glasses and ask for help.

A policeman who was standing not far from the counter quickly caught Mei Li who lost her consciousness after being shocked. Mei Li could not handle the stress and fainted.

"I guess we do really have to go to the hospital. I knew it's a wrong move to call her here," Ryn sighed heavily, watching her fainted manager being carried to the long cushion.

"What do you mean with that tone? Of course, you have to go to the hospital with all those wounds. Jeremy, can you help carry Mei Li?" Mika pulled back slightly and cried, then continued hugging Ryn tightly. She could not believe she almost lost Ryn... again... and this might be forever.


She could not imagine her life without Ryn again in her life~

"Shh... it's okay. I am alright. I am still breathing here. That man did not touch me or anything. Shh... don't cry..." Ryn coaxed.

The people there including the policemen were watching the two women, a bit weird seeing the victim busy coaxing her friend/ relative when usually it was the other way around. This was the first time they saw the victim being so calm while her family members/ friends looked worried and in shock.

Jeremy thanked the policemen there and carried the still fainted Mei Li out of the office, following behind Ryn and Mika. Luckily he parked quite close to the door so Ryn helped to open the door at the back for him to place Mei Li. Then, Ryn pushed Mika to sit at the passenger seat at the back too before she took her seat in front, just next to Jeremy who was driving. When Mika trying to refuse and wanting to sit next to Ryn, Ryn simply pointed at her wounds, although already wrapped and tapped by the staff at the police station, but they were still bleeding. She did not want to make her wound even worsen and surely Mika would not want her to be in more pain. 

Unhappily, Mika had to agree to that.

Hence, they found themselves with Jeremy and Ryn sitting at the front while Mika and Mei Li at the back with Mei Li's head on Mika's laps. 

Jeremy drove quite fast, barely over the limit permitted. He glanced at Ryn a few times worriedly, but he did not know what to say. He knew if he started to fuss around Ryn, she would start hiding behind the wall and treated him like a stranger. Until she accepted him back, he could not show his emotion and tried to control it as the best as she could. 

But it did not stop him from trying to touch her thigh, just once and lightly, mind you, because her hands were bloody and only her thigh seemed to be free from any wound. To his relief, she let him. She even patted his hand back without a word. Maybe she thought he needed to be coaxed too and tried to do that to calm him. In fact, she even gave him a slight smile, as if telling him everything would be alright. Everything would be okay.

He let out a sigh, frustrated to the end. If only he could do what a boyfriend could do; holding her and soothe her after the frightening experience. He should be the one coaxing her, soothing her, not the other way around!

He knew she was scared and still in shock. She was a young woman after all. But she hid her feeling behind the calm mask so perfectly none actually noticed it was just a facade. Only the slight shiver in her hands the evidence for her true feeling. She was scared!

But first thing first, they needed to see the doctor for her wounds and also for Mei Li. He glanced at Mei Li through the rear mirror and shook his head slightly. 

Mei Li would be alright. She was just in shock.

Ryn was the only person that was making him worried right now. He could not calm down until the doctor announced she (Ryn) was alright. Maybe he could call for a psychologist to interview Ryn, to help Ryn forgetting the dark experience.

He would do anything to make Ryn forget what just happened. He did not want Ryn to remember this painful experience.


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