Tell Me Again, My Love
129 Do you want him alive or...
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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129 Do you want him alive or...

They went to the hospital and Jeremy helped arranging everything. He could not depend on Mika who was still unable to be calm. Mei Li had to lie on the bed to receive drip. It seemed like she was still exhausted from all the work, the stress she received from work and now this, her body could not take it anymore.

Ryn, on the other hand, followed the nurse to have a full body check-up.  She even let one of the staff taking pictures of all the wounds and bruises, for evidence when the man caught by the police. 

She believed he would be caught because the friend she called earlier, the one during the time she was kidnapped was someone who was capable to catch him. 

None of her friends and polices knew about the man. She even knew about him through her parents. He helped them when they were tricked by a man. That was how she knew him and even after a year, they both were still friends. He even told her to contact him if she needed help.

She was finally done with her check-up when her phone rang. She excused herself and walked slightly away from everyone.

"Hello, Andy?"

"We've got him. Do you want him alive or..." the almost familiar voice was so calm, it actually made the fear that was hiding deep inside her heart disappeared. She sniffed, wiping the tears that she did not notice she had been holding.

"I... I really don't care. I just want him to not be able to do that thing... ever again..." she choked out.

"Understood. Will we be able to meet next month?"


She shared more about her latest news and what she wanted to do when they met. It took her several minutes before she ended the call. She returned back to where Jeremy and Mika were. Mei Li, on the other hand, would stay there for a night. Jeremy booked a VIP room for Mei Li. He tried to do the same with Ryn but Ryn refused to stay in the hospital.

She hated the antiseptic smell surrounding the hospital.

"So you're staying at our place?" Mika asked hopingly.

Ryn looked at her best friend, then at Jeremy. She wanted to stay at home, hiding herself in her room but she knew it would only make her emotion worst. She also did not want to repeat back what she did that two years ago. So, when Jeremy and Mika were trying to coax her to stay at least a night in the hospital, she told them she would rather stay with them.


Mika quickly hugged her. Jeremy, on the other hand, called someone. Then, he went to settle the bill. Instead of going back to the women, Jeremy went to get the car. The women would wait for him at the entrance.

"How do you feel now?" Mika asked as they walked toward the entrance. They had said goodbye at Mei Li and even reminded her just to rest and don't worry about anything else.

This time, when Jeremy came with the car, Ryn decided to sit with Mika at the back. She noticed Mika was still struggling to calm down and she needed more hugs and strokes to ease the worry.

"This is not the way to the apartment," Ryn broke the silence when she noticed the car was not heading toward the apartment where Jeremy and Mika shared.

"We're going home," Jeremy replied.

"The big house?" Ryn could barely remember the way to their parents' house. Jeremy and Mika used to bring her there especially when Jeremy and her in a relationship. Even though she came from a hippy family and their social status was so far apart, their parents just accepted her for who she was. They even welcomed her with open arms and always asked her to stay the night, which she always declined. Her parents would not allow her to stay the night outside, even when both Mika's parents called and asked permission.


Ryn wanted to ask him to turn around but looking at Mika's worried face, she stopped and sighed. They were just looking for her safety and comfort. At the mansion, with more than ten bedrooms, Ryn could choose whichever room she wanted and stayed there quietly to gather her spirit. With many maids there, they also would not feel worried if they had to leave for work. The maids would watch over Ryn and helped taking care of Ryn.

The car moved slowly toward the mansion. Ryn watched in silence as they getting closer. How long had it been? Almost two years?

The butler was already waiting for them at the front. He was already informed of what happened and already prepared a room for Ryn, overlooking the apple and orange orchard. Even from the balcony, she could see the small pond where ducks love playing around.

Ryn did not have to buy clothes or bring anything. The butler already prepared everything accordingly.

Mika followed Ryn as the butler, after greeting them, leading the way to her room. Mika was a bit frustrated seeing their room was quite far apart but then again, they were under one roof. She could see her anytime she wanted.

Jeremy went to his room, not following Mika and Ryn. He was busy on the phone.

"Make sure there are no news about this," he reminded.

"We're working on it, boss," Jacob Lee, his personal assistant said. He was already with the public relation team, busy working on the network. There was already news about Ryn's almost been kidnapped and pictures of her at the crime scene and even when walking out of the police station with Jeremy and Mika. They even caught a few pictures of the unconscious Mei Li in Jeremy's arms!

Today's paparazzi were scary!

Jeremy threw the phone on his bed and rubbed his head. She was lucky. She was truly lucky. From what he learned from the police, the man not only raped women but also killed them cruelly. He did not even bother to bury them anywhere, just leaving the bodies at the place where he raped and killed. The reason why it was hard for the police to catch him because he did not leave any evidence. Just the way the women were raped and killed so similar to one another made the police concluded it was done by the same person.

And now, with Ryn's case, the police believed they could finally catch him and bring him to justice.

 And it better for the policemen to do their job properly, in Jeremy's opinion. They better do their job and not let his Catherine under danger ever again. Heck, if they did their job properly on the first place, his Ryn would not experience this frightening day.

He gripped his fists, trying to erase the memory of seeing her hands wrapped in that bloody cloth. Even her face got scratches and wounds. He hated seeing her in pain. She was supposed to be loved and pampered, not in this situation.

Once he managed to control his emotion, again he reached for his phone and called someone. This time he would not allow Ryn to be her lazy self and depend on others to bring her around. He would make sure there would be no second time of this day.

"Hello." His expression was cold but the voice that came out from his lips was quite... friendly?

He spent a few minutes talking with that person and decided the time to go. Then, he put down the phone and went to Ryn's room to check on her.

Mika was still in Ryn's room, still hugging her tightly as the two women sleeping on the bed. He guessed the stress had overcome them and they needed to rest. He pulled the blanket for them, even drew the curtain to block the light. Then, he checked on the time and decided he would wake them up for dinner, not before. Both the women deserved to sleep after what happened today.

He went downstairs and called all the maids and the butler. He again told them what happened and what he wanted them to do. All the maids gasped in shock when they heard Ryn was almost kidnapped, raped and killed. They felt relieved when Ryn managed to escape from that evil man. 

"Don't worry, Young Master. I will make nutritious chicken porridge for Young Mistress Catherine," the cook announced loudly.

"But she loves steaks," one of the maids pointed out.

"Eating steak after that?" the cook glared, her hands on her hips. 

"I'm... sorry?" the maid who spoke just now quickly hid behind an older maid.

"Think before you speak. Are you the cook or am I the cook?" the cook's nose flared as she felt her authority being challenged by a kid (the young maid).

"Do not argue. I do not call all of you here so you can argue. Ryn and Mika are sleeping upstairs so behave," Jeremy finally spoke when he saw the maids were starting to throw in their own opinion of what Ryn should eat for dinner. Half of the maids agreed with the cook while another half agreed with what the young maid said. The butler was stuck in the middle as he tried unsuccessfully to stop them from arguing.


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