Tell Me Again, My Love
131 The price of becoming a model
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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131 The price of becoming a model

The news of Ryn being almost kidnapped, raped and killed blew out even more the next day despite the public relation department tried to stop it. With pictures of Jeremy and Mika were there too, reporters who could not find Ryn anywhere went to look for the siblings at the office and even the apartment where Mika and Jeremy shared a place to live.

Luckily Jeremy had the sight to bring the trio back to the mansion. No one could get through the guards no matter what. Even the wall surrounding the mansion was so high and made from impermeable stone.

There were even big fierce dogs running around the perimeter, ensuring no stranger could break into the place.

Ryn was not worried about the dogs, though. As long as she was brought in by the siblings, the dogs would find her not threatening.

After the night spending with no dream, Ryn walked slowly along the rocky lane as she looked at the flowers blooming. She did not switch on the phone, as Jeremy reminded her last night. She needed the time to calm and away from all the noise and speculations. She knew even if she was the victim, some of the reporters would spin the story and change everything until it would become her fault to be almost kidnapped. 

That was the price when she decided to get involved in this modelling world.

And she accepted it.

She kept walking slowly, listening to the birds chirping and enjoying the breeze. The stress and pen-up frustration slowly disappeared. She took a deep breath, trying not to think anymore. 

She finally sat on the stone benches and sighed. It was early so not many except for the gardeners were outside. There were a few dogs running passing her on their way checking the perimeter but none even stopped to bark at her. They ignored her.

It did feel like she was alone despite how huge the place was and how many the people there were.

She spent there an hour before she returned to the big house. One of the maids helped to bring her to the dining room, as she got confused again with the way. Who needed three living rooms and two dining rooms in one house?

Only rich people apparently.

Jeremy and Mika were already there, talking furiously. But the conversation stopped immediately when they saw her entering the room. Ryn paused and looked at them.

"You're here? Let's have our breakfast," Jeremy announced after he coughed three times to clear his throat.

Ryn took her seat, not saying a word at all. She knew what they were talking about before she entered the room. It must be the news about her.

The maids started to bring food for them.

Ryn just looked at the food for her without a word. It seemed like the cook still think she was still unwell. She glanced at the food the siblings got. So unfair... especially the mountain of food on Jeremy's plate. She automatically dismissed the minute food on Mika's plate, not worth to be envied of.

Jeremy saw her eyes but he was a bit worried to push his plate closer toward her and shared his food. The Cook's spies were everywhere and the Cook would report directly to his parents if he dared giving the food to anyone else. They must eat whatever the Cook made for them.

They must.

They had their breakfast quietly. Even the chatterbox Mika was quiet as well. 

"When will Mei Li arrived?" Ryn suddenly asked as they were chewing their last bite.

Both siblings froze. They shared a worried look. Mika kicked Jeremy's foot underneath the table, asking him to speak. Jeremy glanced at Ryn uncomfortably. 

"Or is she busy with cancelling the contracts?" Ryn asked.

She knew because of the incident, she had to cancel quite a few works. The doctor told her she had to rest for a few days at least. So, for the time being, she would stay here to recuperate. So she felt sorry for Mei Li who had to face everything alone while she 'hide' here.

"Maybe I should help her too," Ryn murmured, looking for her phone everywhere but she could not find it.

"J, where do you keep my phone?" Ryn asked, finally remembering that last night Jeremy told her to call her parents to inform them what happened, and after that, he said something about not wanting her to be disturbed by all the calls. 

Maybe she was so stressful without she even realized it, she simply handed the phone to him after reassuring her parents about her safety. She even let Jeremy talked with her mother.

"I forgot to recharge it last night," Jeremy lied without batting an eye.

"I don't believe you."

"I can't force you to believe me," he replied shortly. He did not recharge her phone. It was a deliberate act, though. Once he got her phone and entered his own room, he simply put the phone in silence and played songs in loop. Then, he dropped it into the drawer of his nightstand.

So, of course, the phone was out of battery.

He was not feeling guilty for doing it. This was all for her. He did not want her to know what the media talking about her.

It was brutal from what he read just now.

He had no idea how everything turned into her being a villain as if she was planning to get kidnapped just to be famous.

She did not have to stoop that low. She was already famous! 

The one thing that made him so frustrated was most of the accusers were his so-called fans!

He could not accept it at all.

Mika was mad as well but Jeremy told her to let the PR team to do their job. Mei Li was already at the office to help with the rumours.

Right now he was getting updates from the team every half an hour. He was even ready to make a media conference if the rumour getting worst and could not be controlled anymore.


Harry tried again. But again the call would not get through.

He checked the numbers. He got the number right.

But why couldn't he get through to her? Why the call kept going to an operator saying the receiver was unavailable?

Did she switch off the phone?

She must be under a lot of stress with what just happened yesterday and then today...

He checked the media social again. In her IG account, some people leaving furious accusation, saying she paid the man to 'kidnap' her and told her to die alone and not to bother others with her so-called problem. It was vicious.

These people did not know her and left so many disturbing comments like they knew Ryn. This was unacceptable!

"Are you still on the phone?" Mia asked when she entered his room.


"Stop scolding me for no reason. Father calls you," once she was done conveying the message, Mia skipped out of the room happily. Father just got back and bought her a present.

Harry groaned. He dropped the phone on his bed and walked to the study room at the end of the house. Did mother telltale him to father?

"Lock the door," his father ordered when he entered the room.

Harry obeyed. He locked the door, then take a seat facing his father.

"I heard you make your mother sad."

He knew it. His father only cared about their mother. He did not care about the children at all. 

"Why did you do it?" his father stared at Harry coldly.

"I..." Harry did not know how to answer. Why would he be blamed when his mother was the one thinking weirdly? He did not ask his mother to get frustrated over his behaviour. He was just in his own room doing his own thing without interrupting anyone else. Why was he getting the blame?

"How many times do I have to tell you? Your mother is a weak and sensitive woman. It is your job as the eldest child to take care of her, to protect her. I did not go outside the country to find a lot of money for the family to let you bully your mother."

Harry lowered his head. His shoulders dropped down as he listened to his father's nag. Inside, he was blaming his mother for badmouthing him to father. How could she do this to her own son?

He only refused to tell her what she wanted and just raised a bit of his voice at her, and she quickly told her husband he bullied her?

So childish. Their mother was so childish, even worst than Angel, their aunt.

Harry had to listen to the nag for almost an hour. When he finally left the room, he felt like all his energy was drained and he had to force himself to move.

When he entered back his room, the first thing he reached was his phone. He quickly checked what happened since he left just now.


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