Tell Me Again, My Love
133 How to escape?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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133 How to escape?

Jeremy was still stunned from receiving the news when his phone rang. At first, he did not notice it. He let it went unanswered. His mind was actually blank except for the news of a body that they thought was the kidnapper but with missing limbs.

The phone went quiet before it rang again. Again, he ignored it but the caller was persisted. The caller called twice more before Jeremy finally noticed the sound and answered the call.

"Jeremy~" the first thing he heard when he answered the call was his little sister's cry.

Ryn! His heart whispered worriedly. Something bad must happen to Ryn for Mika to call him so suddenly and desperately.

"What's wrong? What happen to Ryn?" Forgetting about the kidnapper that might already be dead, his focus was on Ryn's condition. His priority was always Ryn.

"Ryn is angry at me. I don't know what to do. Please, Jeremy, please come back and make Ryn forgive me back," Mika wailed sadly.

"What did you do? Why did Ryn suddenly get angry at you? Did you do something wrong? Mika? Did you say something wrong? What did you do?"

"I... I just... she asked me about the time and... I don't know. I was thinking whether I should tell her the time or not. I'm worried that she will ask more and what if I can't answer it properly. I don't know why she suddenly so angry at me. Please, Jeremy, please come back quickly~"

Jeremy rubbed between his brows. He was getting a huge headache with the shriek and cry coming from Mika. Why can't his little sister do something so simple? Her task was only to accompany Ryn and made her forget about what happened yesterday. So simple.

Why must he do everything by himself?

"What is she doing right now?"

"I don't know~"

He frowned. "What do you mean you don't know? Where is she right now?"

"She's locking herself in her room. It has been almost half an hour now. I tried to talk with her a few times but she refused to speak with me. Jeremy, please come back. I can't take this anymore."

He took a deep breath to calm down. 

"Fine. Stay where you are. Don't go to her or you will make her angrier. I'll go home," he decided. Ryn was more important than anything else. He did not want his Ryn to get worst. Better he go home and make everything alright back. The things here he could leave to the others to handle.

He quickly headed toward the lift, only to bump into a very paled Mei Li. Jacob, his assistant, was following not too far behind Mei Li, and honestly, he looked even worst than Mei Li. Jeremy never thought this personal assistant of his could be so timid. It was not as if they saw the body. They only heard the description from the police, not looking at the real body.

"Mei Li, follow me. Jacob, you handle here. Arrange with the police to do a press conference once they confirm the body belongs to the kidnapper."

"Excuse me?" Mei Li was still weak and weary from vomiting and swore she just heard something and something that was ordered for her before Jeremy left her. What did Jeremy just say?

"Mei Li, follow me," Jeremy repeated, waving his hand to call her closer.

Jacob automatically followed behind Mei Li. He too did not hear Jeremy's words clearly just now. He thought Jeremy wanted him to follow along. He almost staggered on his way into the elevator. 

He was still weak after vomiting everything he ate yesterday and this morning!

"Jacob, why are you doing here?" Jeremy asked when he saw Jacob squeezing his body to get into the elevator.

"Boss, you said to follow you," Jacob asked back in puzzle. He looked at Mei Li who was leaning weakly against the wall. Did his boss not say that just now?

"No. Only Mei Li follows me. You stay here and take control," Jeremy punched the button to keep the door from closing. He stared coldly at his personal assistant who looked like he was still in confusion. "Just stay here and control the situation."

Jacob finally understood what was requested of him. He nodded, apologized for his 'silly behaviour' and went back into the PR department office, well, more like pushing himself to walk into the office. The others had not returned yet from their 'vomiting' session. They probably still vomiting in the toilet.

He grabbed a water bottle, sat down, uncapped it, and slowly sipped it. He dared not to drink too quickly. He was afraid to vomit again. He had nothing more to vomit. His stomach was totally empty.

And he did not think he would be able to eat... not while still picturing the body of that kidnapper in his mind.

Oh no... Jacob quickly stood up and rushed back to the bathroom to vomit again.


In the elevator...

"Are you okay, Mei Li?" Jeremy asked Ryn's manager.

He was worried about this woman too. He had no doubt this kind of case was unfamiliar and strange for Mei Li. No doubt this was the first experience for Mei Li, and even for the agency. He never heard a model who was almost being kidnapped and then the media turned it into the model being the perpetrator to get famous easily.

"I think I'm okay," Mei Li murmured weakly.

"I'm bringing you home to where Ryn is. I need your help."

Mei Li straightened her body when she heard Ryn's name. What happened to Ryn? She couldn't contact her since this morning but Jeremy reassured her that Ryn was alright.

According to him, Ryn ate all the meals given to her and she slept peacefully too. Jeremy knew about the sleep because he asked a maid to stand by near her room the whole night, just in case she screamed in the middle of the night and someone could help her (or call him to help soothe her from her nightmares). Thank God Ryn did not have any nightmare. Not once she screamed last night.

Of course, Jeremy would not tell anyone he did not sleep that much last night. He was actually on stand by just in case Ryn needed him to soothe her. To his disappointment, she did not need him, not even once. That was why he kept drinking coffee to stay up. And yes, two cans of Red Bull on the way to work this morning.

Mei Li was relieved when she heard that Ryn was alright. Of course, she would prefer to talk with Ryn personally but Jeremy told her what he did last night with nothing he hid. Although she did not particularly agree with what he did but she knew he did it for Ryn's benefit. None of them wanted Ryn to be consumed with sadness, self-blame and even read all those condemning comments. They all wanted to protect Ryn.

"What is wrong with Ryn? Did she manage to read the comments? Who let her? Oh my God, Catherine..." Mei Li was worried sick about Ryn. Despite the strong and cold persona Ryn always portrayed almost all the time with everyone, deep inside, Mei Li knew, that Ryn was a sensitive person. She took and kept everything inside. She did not let anyone see the real her and even when she was hurt, she kept on smiling or giving her cold poker face. Only when dealing with Jack, she sometimes was unable to hide her feeling. Jack could bring terror to everyone!

"I'm not sure. Mika just called me and said Ryn locked herself in her room," Jeremy was rubbing between his brows again. He was getting a headache from all of these.

Both of them finally got into Jeremy's car. Now, once Jeremy started the engine, they realized another problem to face before they could see Ryn.

"How on earth can we leave with so many reporters blocking the way?" Jeremy asked. He just remembered that some of the reporters and fans of his were waiting outside the parking gate.

Mei Li chewed her bottom lip.

How to escape from those paparazzi?

"Pray," Jeremy muttered finally. He determined nothing could stop him from seeing Ryn.

He changed the gear and drove the car slowly out from the parking lot allocated for him. Soon, the car stopped at the gate and Jeremy had to use his card to make it move upward to let his car through.

True to their thought, a lot of people were gathering there. Most of the people were holding cameras, clicking their cameras non-stop as their partner started to throw questions and questions to Jeremy, blocking the car from moving.

"What do you think about Catherine ordered that man to pretend to kidnap her to grab your attention?"

"Some said the man is actually Catherine's ex whom she dumped for you. What do you say?"

"Is it true she used to be a pole dancer and knew that man from her pole dancing time?"

"Is it true the man met you before and begged you to let both of them together but she refused to go back to him?"

"Is it true she is the reason you broke up with your girlfriend and even tried to hurt your girlfriend?"

Mei Li looked at Jeremy with her paled face. Even she could not take it anymore hearing those accuses. Luckily it was them, not Ryn. She could not imagine how Ryn would feel hurt if she heard this.

"You are not going to answer them?" she asked quietly.

"Do you think they want to listen?" he answered back, gritting his teeth furiously. 

He had already locked the doors and refused to lower down the windows when the reporters asked him to. He pushed the accelerator slowly, moving the car forward a little by little, refusing to let the reporter stop him from moving. No one could stop him from seeing Ryn.

Soon enough, securities came to help control the crowd. They had to warn them to obey their instructions or they would call the police. It took some times but finally, Jeremy and Mei Li managed to leave the place.

Both of them let out a relieved sigh. Now, they just need to focus on trying to help Ryn.


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