Tell Me Again, My Love
137 Who dared disturbing her sleep?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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137 Who dared disturbing her sleep?

It took Jeremy almost two days before his fever broke. And no one even realized when he started to wake up. Either they were too tired after working their hardest to take care of him and the house, or still in the office, taking over the business while praying hard for him to get well soon so he could handle his own work (Mika). Mei Li, on the other hand, went back to the agency to help with Ryn's matter. Even Jacob, Jeremy's assistant joined her to solve Ryn's problem as Ryn's focus was on him 100%.

Nothing else is important except his health. Not even her reputation as a model!

During these two days, Ryn barely ate her meal. She just forced herself a spoon or two of porridge and a glass of milk before told everyone to continue their work while she took care of Jeremy.

It was almost 10.00 am when his fingers started to move, his eyeballs started to move beneath his closed lids. 

Slowly he started to gain his consciousness. His eyes opened slowly but quickly closed them back. His head felt so heavy. His entire body was in pain and at the same time, he felt so weak, weaker than a baby.

The second time he opened back his eyes, he was still feeling weak but he forced himself to stay awake. At first, everything was blurry but soon enough he managed to see clearly. It seemed like he was lying on his bed. 

But he clearly... well... he remembered he was standing in front of Ryn's room before everything turned black. Had the servants brought him to his room?


He finally remembered the most important thing. Ryn. His Ryn. Was Ryn still angry at them? Was she still locking herself in the room? What time is it now? Had Ryn have her meals yet?

He started to move, planning to go check on Ryn in her room before he finally noticed something.

Someone was lying next to him on the bed!

Slowly, he turned his head and his trembling hand lifted the blanket off the person's face. He could not smell at all so he could not guess who the person was without looking at the face.

Please don't let it be anyone else except Ryn...

Before his eyes landed on the face, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He even prayed loudly in his heart. Please let it be Ryn. He just wanted to sleep next to Ryn. Not anyone else but Ryn. Please let it be Ryn.

Gulping hard, his eyes finally looked at the person's face. He almost lost a life right there and then. Despite still weak and in pain, he managed to smile. His prayer was answered. The person lying beside him, sleeping so deeply she did not even stir despite his movement, was Ryn. His Ryn.

His hand caressed her face. His brows almost touched each other in a frown seeing the darkness under her eyes. Was she so busy until she did not have enough sleep? He could even see her eyebags so big there.

"My love, sleep more," he whispered. 

Carefully, he adjusted her body so she would drab on him. Once he felt her familiar warmth close to his own body, he closed his eyes and fell asleep. He felt peaceful now. Nothing else matter.

The third time he woke from his deep peaceful sleep was because of the disturbance outside. He opened his eyes irritatingly, growling deep from his chest when the sound getting louder and louder. 

Didn't they know better than disturbing Ryn in sleep?

He looked at the door but it was tightly closed. He was too weak to lift his body and his throat too painful to speak. He opened his mouth to speak but he ended up coughing instead.


His worried eyes travelled back to Ryn who was stirring, slowly waking up. 

He was right. She was awakened because of that noise! He would see who dared making that noise and would reduce their salary. How dared they disturbing his Ryn's sleep!

"Hmm... J? Are you awakened?" she asked sleepily. 

He did not answer, just looking at her quietly. But the quietness was ruined by his coughs.

"You must be thirsty," she rubbed the sleepy away from her eyes and reached for a glass of water on the nightstands. She always made sure there was a glass of water prepared on the nightstands for him when he wakes up. 

He took the glass from her and drank everything quickly. His throat felt better now but he was still feeling weak and hurt all over his body. He kept quiet about the pain, not wanting to worry her. All he wanted was gazing at her the whole time, holding her close to him. Nothing else was important. Not even his health.

Once he handed back the glass and she returned it back onto the nightstands, she placed a hand on his forehead and another on her own forehead. She frowned as she compared their temperature.

"You don't feel hot anymore. Your fever has finally broken but it doesn't mean you don't have to stop eating your medicine," she told him seriously.

He just smiled, enjoying the feel of her small hand on his forehead. It felt so nice.

"Jeremy, are you listening to me?" she asked when she saw him not even replying her. She looked at him before shrugged it off. "Your body is still weak. Your throat must be so painful right now."

She made a move to get off the bed, which he noticed immediately. His face changed. His hand quickly caught hers.

"Where... where are you going?" he crooked.

She stopped and looked at him weirdly. But seeing his worried look only made her smile tenderly. "You just woke up after two days and during your fever, you couldn't eat much before vomiting everything back."

His pale face turned paler. Had he given so much trouble to her during his sickness? 

"I'll ask them to bring you some porridge. You can only eat plain porridge for now and then eat your medicine," she also noted it was time for him to eat his medicine. 

"Do you have to leave?" he choked out tiredly.

She gave him a weird look but somehow understood what he meant. Shaking her head, she called loudly, "Is anyone outside?"

"Yes, Miss Catherine?" a maid opened the door and asked politely. She was on the way to change bedcover and pillowcases for the room next door when she heard the call. Her hands were full with clean fresh bedcover and pillowcases.

"Am I disturbing your work?" Ryn asked, eyeing the clothes in the maid's arms.

"Oh no... no-no-no-no. You are not disturbing my work, Miss Catherine. Never." the maid's eyes went round before her eyes widened, even more, seeing a man sitting up weakly beside Miss Ryn.

Young... Young Master has awakened? Has he broken his fever? 

Her eyes lit up but they were full with wetness. 

Ryn did not know whether this maid was happy or going to cry. Her eyes changed as quickly as the blinking of the Christmas lights hanging on the tree.

"Can you ask the kitchen to bring Jeremy a bowl of porridge? He can't eat anything hard right now. Porridge is just nice. Also, bring a lot of water and his medicine," Ryn listed what she wanted the maid to do.

"Certainly, Miss. I will go now, Miss," the maid could not help from bowing a few times, not sure because of habit or gratitude, but Jeremy was getting a headache seeing her head kept bobbing up and down, up and down. 

He closed his eyes and leaned back against the headboard. If this made him get sick back, he would cut down the girl's salary and even switched her to another 'department'. Hmm... he would order the butler to switch the girl to a job she hated so much she would cry every single day.

"Are you feeling alright? Headache? Pain anywhere?" Without thinking, her hands reached to him and gently massaged his head. Her lips pursed disapprovingly when she could feel the tense and throbbing vein. "You should have told me if you're not feeling alright. Lie down."

She pulled him to lie back on the bed. 

He obeyed. Anything for her. Even if she told him to jump into an active volcano, he would gladly do it. All for her.

"Stop making us worry. You should focus on recuperating."

He smiled.

"Stop smiling so much. Don't you know how worried we were when your fever was so high?" she started to nag.

"Are you worried about me?" he asked hopingly.

"Of course we're all worried about you," she answered back without thinking.

She did not notice that his face fell a bit. She was too busy pulling the blanket to cover him and then fretting over why the food was still not there yet. Where the heck was the porridge? Did the cook forgot to make a batch today so she had to cook new one?


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