Tell Me Again, My Love
138 I wish I could kill you
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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138 I wish I could kill you

Jeremy watched in bemused as Mika paced around the room, fretting. He just smiled, leaning his body comfortably against the headboard. It had been days for him lying on this bed doing nothing but opening his mouth each time he was fed food and medicine. Other than that, he did nothing else except checking his phone and watching Ryn.

And now, his activity was watching his little sister pacing the room agitatedly.

Ryn was not there with them. She had a class today and she refused to skip any class.

"Can't you stop being so... So..." Mika pointed an angry finger at him.

"Being what?" he asked innocently.

"I know you're happy Ryn is willing to stay here but it doesn't mean you can just ignore everything else."

"You can handle it," he looked at his phone.

"Jeremy, you are the boss. You can't just leave everything to me. I do want Ryn to be with us but it doesn't mean you can leave everything on my shoulders. I am the baby!" she cried loudly. It has been four days after he broke his fever but until now he refused to go to work. It was not right, right?

"Ryn told me to rest."

"But you are not sick anymore!"

"But I need to rest. Ryn said so," Jeremy replied stubbornly.

Mika growled, just plain growling at her brother, angrily. Her brother was so... So... Annoying! How could he behave this way? He's the CEO of the company and will even inherit their father's company!

"Stop being so childish, Mika. I am giving you training to take care of the business. See, I did not comment anything about how you manage it," he shrugged.

Without thinking, she grabbed whatever she could grab on the antique cabinet at the wall and threw to him before storming out. She was so pissed off, she did not dare to promise she would not kill him if she stayed another moment longer.

The maids quickly planted themselves close to the wall, to avoid being hit by their young mistress. It seemed like young master was making her angry again. 

Mika stormed into her room and growled again. She paced around the room, trying to calm down, but the memory of the smirk on his face really boiled her blood. He dared to say her being childish when he himself was the childish one right now.

Who was the matured one now?

"I wish I could kill you," she hit the pillow hard, imagining that the pillow was her own brother. She punched it so many times until she grabbed it and threw it to the wall. She was so mad, she even felt like crying. How could Jeremy be so irresponsible?


Ryn was walking toward a big tree to have her lunch when she heard her name being called. She turned and smiled at Harry. It had been days she last met him and was a bit glad seeing him still wanting to speak with her.

Today she was being ignored by almost everyone. If only that, she did not care. But this time, they even stared at her, pointing their fingers at her without a care whether she could see it or not, then talked to each other rather loudly, as if they deliberately raised their voice so she could hear them clearly.

Did it hurt her feeling?

Truthfully it did. But she tried to ignore it. She should be used with this. She should be used with others gossiping about her because of her job. Yes, she should be used of it but this time, the words they used really hurt her. They accused her of being the perpetrator of the kidnapping, of trying to create news to make everyone in the country knew her, to make her popular. They even dared to say the wounds all over her body was created deliberately to make it looked real.

Hence, instead of going to the cafe, she went to a secluded area to have her lunch before going to the next class. She wanted to be alone from others, to avoid them so she could avoid listening to their accusation and jeer.

She was after all a human being, having feeling. She still could feel hurt by others' poisonous words. She was not a doll or a robot.

"Hey, Ryn," Harry greeted breathlessly. He was, in fact, running all the way from the building two blocks away, wanting to see her so much. He missed her so much.

"Hey, Harry. How are you doing?" she asked, smiling at him. She was so happy to see a friendly face, she was actually grinning from ear to ear.

He was taken back seeing her cheerful expression but quickly composed himself. He smiled back and took a seat beside her. He looked at the food container in her hand, "Are you having your lunch here?"

"Hmm... hmm..." she nodded, opening the container to show the food she brought. The cook actually prepared the bento for her.

He looked. It was actually colourful and beautiful. It was complete with rice, meat cooked in soy sauce with some peas and a mixture of vegetables fried with some prawns and squids. There was also soup but he could not recognize what soup it was.

"Do you want a taste?" she asked, rather unwillingly. She did not want to share her food, as it was quite limited, just two containers, just barely enough for her.

He looked at her face when she asked that and chuckled. He could guess what was inside her mind. Being in love with her, he could understand her emotion clearly even when only her eyes were talking. They already had this mental connection.

"It's okay. I am still full."

She tried not to show her relief. Then, she felt uneasy back. She was going to eat her lunch but he was without food. It would look rude if she the only one who was eating while he just sat there watching her.


"You can eat. I don't mind if you don't mind us chatting here," he said.

"Err... okay..." if he said so. She quickly reached for the spoon and began to eat happily.

He rested his chin on one of his knees and watched her eating happily. 

"Are your hands okay?" he looked at the bandages still on her hands. 

"I'm feeling better, actually. They are not hurting that much," she replied. The doctor did give her a lot of painkillers under Jeremy's order. So she never skipped eating them on time, and the pain was not that bad and still could be managed.

"You should take a few days off," he commented.

"They did not hurt that much and I can still write," she shrugged.

His eyes landed on her face next. Something squeezed his heart seeing the small bandages all over her face. He could not picture how she felt that time but now, looking at her, he was a bit shocked seeing how relax she was. Was she not worried they would leave scar on her face? Wasn't it every girl's nightmare to have scar on their face, of ruining their beauty? And Ryn was a model, using her whole face and body to survive in the industry.

So why was Ryn looking so... unworried?

"Is there anything you want to ask of me?" Ryn asked suddenly but her focus was on her food. She did not even look at him, not even once, once she started digging into her food. So delicious!

"I... err... I... just want to know how you're doing... after... after... you know..." he stuttered, a bit worried his question would bring pain to her.

"After the kidnapping attempt?" she asked back, the spoon she was holding dropped into the container. She went quiet.

"It's okay if you don't want to tell me. I don't want to make you worried or sad or..."

She did not answer. Instead, she started to pack the containers and put them back into the bag the Cook gave.

"Ryn?" His eyes widened seeing her hurriedly packing everything and standing up.

"I have something to do. Excuse me," without waiting for his reply, she quickly walked away.

"Ryn, wait for me," he tried to follow her but her walking was quite fast.

The fact that her legs were quite long, it was quite hard even for him to catch up with her. And his run was even blocked when she entered the ladies room. He could do nothing except waiting outside.

But she did not even walk out from the room despite he has been waiting more than ten minutes. He checked his watch quite a few times but did not dare to call out her name loudly. He did try to call her through phone but it never connected. 

Oh no, he just made her mad at him and it was because of his own stupidity. What should he do now?


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