Tell Me Again, My Love
141 I love her the mos
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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141 I love her the mos

Mika pulled herself up and groaned tiredly. She then adjusted the dress she was wearing but took a few seconds to glare at the elder woman wearing expensive pink Chanel business suit.

Each time it made her so exhausted.

Dr Xena Wong, a psychiatrist Jeremy chose for Mika, just ignored the glare and walked slowly toward her desk. She sat on her chair and wrote something down in her book.

"How long more do I have to come here?" Mika muttered hatefully.

"As long as needed," the woman answered absentmindedly. Her focus was fully on the report she was writing. Then, once she was done, she looked up and smiled at Mika.

"Well...?" Dr Xena asked innocently.

Mika crossed her arms and glared.

Chuckling, Dr Xena pulled a drawer and took out something.

Mika's eyes lit up even though she tried hard to maintain her sulking manner. She could no longer hide excitement when the psychiatrist opened her palm to reveal a handful of strawberry candies. 

Although she could buy anything she wanted in the whole world, or if she couldn't, her fiance, Jason would buy it if she desired it, the strawberry candies Dr Xena had were different. In fact, these candies were homemade by Dr Xena's husband!

She tried to buy a few tubs of the said candies but each time she opened her mouth, Dr Xena would reduce the number of candies she could consume. So she had to swallow her resentment and held her tongue. That was also why, even though she hated coming here, she still came. All because of the delicious candies Dr Xena provide for her patients if they wanted to.

She took the candies from Dr Xena and chewed one slowly, carefully, savouring the sweet candy.

The psychiatrist just smiled watching Mika's childish expression. She continued her writing and then stopped.

"Miss Long."

The blessed look on Mika's face froze.

"How long are you going to depend on someone else?"

Mika stiffed.

"What would you do if she chooses someone else? Will you let it consumes you again?"

"Ryn will be with my brother. She will choose to be with Jeremy!" Mika cried.

"She is her own person. You keep claiming she is the person you love the most."

"Yes. I love her the most."

"Then, if you love her, why do you want to control her life? Shouldn't you let her choose her own happiness?"

Mika's face turned red. Her emotion was getting unstable at the thought of Ryn away from her.

No... No... No... Ryn cannot leave her again!

"Miss Long, please take a seat," Dr Xena pointed at the chair Mika sat just now.

"The session has ended," Mika said stubbornly, gritting her teeth angrily.

"It only ends when I say so. Do have a seat."

Mika crossed her arms stubbornly. She refused to have another session. Once a month was too much for her.

Dr Xena smiled and walked to an antique cabinet. She opened it and took out a jar of something green. She closed it back and turned around. Without even saying a word, she opened the jar and took out something.

Mika's eyes widened. Was that... that...

Dr Xena suddenly gasped.

Mika gulped. What was it? What was it?

"It seems like we only have about.... five more?"

"Fi... five?" Mika gulped nervously. Only five left? 

Dr Xena hid a grin. She pretended to ponder about it while unwrapped one chocolate filled with orange jelly. It was the speciality of her husband and Mika's favourite.

"I... I will do another session," Mika finally decided.

She looked at the chocolates longingly. Having decided not to give up on the chocolate, she quickly lied back on the chaise lounge chair. Her right hand reached for it, waving impatiently.

Chuckling, Dr Xena handed the chocolates to Mika. She then took her seat on a single cushion not far from where Mika was. She poured two cups of hot tea and sipped a cup slowly, savouring the taste of the hot tea in her mouth. It was truly weird how her husband managed to make this sort of tea when he was actually a chocolatier. The tea was so refreshing~

"Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath to calm down. You can take how many deep breaths you want until you are really calm," Dr Xena's soothing voice filled the room, mingled with the smell of tea and chocolate.

Mika's eyes were getting heavier and heavier. Her mind was finally calm and peaceful, no longer the worry about Ryn left her for someone else lingered in her mind.

"Picture yourself on the day you first met Catherine...."

Mika smiled. Right now in her mind, she was back to the time when she first met her best friend. It was at school. She still remembered the day as if it happened just yesterday.

It was Tuesday. A very sunny Tuesday. She was walking toward the teachers' room, bringing a new set of questions to ask when she noticed a young girl standing awkwardly outside. Although the girl was wearing the school uniform, she still gave a different aura than the rest.

Without thinking, Mika approached the girl. She smiled widely, holding out her hand toward the girl.

"Hello, my name is Mika Long. What is yours?"

The girl finally lifted up her head and looked at her. Her height actually reminded Mika of her stupid brother, Jeremy.

"Catherine," the girl replied slowly.

"I think you're in my class, right?" Mika beamed.

Ryn was taken back seeing the young girl smiling and talking with her. Others were ignoring her, even the teachers. They even jeered at her for having hippy parents. 

But this girl...

"What are you doing here?" Mika looked around in wonder.


"Do you want to accompany me to the teachers' room?" Mika suddenly asked. Her pigtails swayed happily at the thought of having this girl with her.

She did not know why she was attracted to Catherine. Maybe because she noticed how this girl the only one who did not come trying to be her friends once they knew who her family was. She rejected all these hypocrites firmly, not even worried she had no friend in the school. 

Quality was better than quantity.

Her mama and papa said so.

And she decided she would make Catherine her friend... Starting now.

"I'm sorry. I have another... Matter..." Catherine's rejection shocked Mika who was used with being spoiled by everyone.

Mika could only watch of Catherine rushed quickly along the hallway, heading toward the big door. Her lips pursed a bit.

Then, she shrugged it off and walked toward the teachers' room. She needed to know the answer to all the questions she had or she would not be able to sleep tonight. And she hated not being able to sleep the most!

The second time she met her, was in the class. Catherine was sitting quietly at her seat, looking out of the window. No one was trying to chat with her. In fact, the chair next to her was empty. 

Mika quickly gathered her things and skipped to the back. Without warning, she plopped her bottom on the empty chair and placed her bag on the desk. Then, she looked at Catherine, hoping her presence was acknowledged by her.

But, to her disappointment, Catherine did not seem to notice her.

"Mika, what are you doing back here? Your seat is in front," a group of girls approached her and one of them said gently while glaring at Ryn, blaming her for making Miss Mika Long to sit at the back of the class.

Catherine finally turned her head and looked at them quietly. She cocked an eyebrow.

"It's okay. I find here is good too. I can do my revision without anyone looking," Mika shrugged. She wished for the girls to leave her alone so she could start making friends with Catherine. 

"But... you can see better in front. Why do you want to sit next to this weirdo?"

"Weirdo..." Mika heard the murmur coming from Catherine. Her face changed.

She opened her mouth to scold the girls but before she could do that, Catherine stood up with her bag and walked to the door. Again, Mika could only watch her leaving.

"Hmph... see how she knows her own status," another girl commented hatefully.

Mika's cold eyes looked at the girls but they were too stupid to notice. They were laughing and giggling, jeering at Catherine for being weird and the daughter of hippy parents.

Mika's nails almost wound her own hands as she gripped them tightly, holding onto her temper desperately.

But she could not hold it anymore and instead of shouting at them, she grabbed her bag and stormed out, leaving the whole class in shock. She never skipped her class before and never been in this temper. She was actually a cheerful happy-go-lucky girl even though she refused to get too close with the girls, just smiling and answering their questions politely.

Mika looked around, searching for Ryn. She spent a few minutes walking here and there before she saw a silhouette near a tall tree. She smiled happily. 

That must be her!


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