Tell Me Again, My Love
142 Still living in a dream
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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142 Still living in a dream

Mika parked the car in front of the mansion. Her body felt so weak but the thought of meeting her Ryn boosted her energy. She handed the car key to the butler and skipped into the building.

She did not bother to go to the living room or the outdoor swimming pool. She straight went to the stairs to go upstairs. 

She needed to talk with Ryn. She wanted to discuss what that stinky doctor told her. She needed comfort and soothing.

She bumped into Jeremy on the way to upstairs. She frowned seeing him already willing to get out of his room.

"Ryn is still in her room?" Mika asked.

"She seems tired. Don't bother her tonight," Jeremy grabbed Mika's hand and pulled her downstairs.

"But I need to talk with her," Mika begged.

"She is resting. Stop bothering her with silly reason," Jeremy was firmed with his words and pulled her with him toward the dining room.

The butler was watching how the maids were arranging the dishes. Then, he and the maids gave a bow at the Long siblings before excused themselves from them.

Jeremy and Mika took their seats. Despite not wanting to follow Jeremy downstairs to eat, seeing how much food the Cook prepared for them, her stomach growled.

"Ryn is not feeling well. You shouldn't bother her too much. Let her rest."


"Tomorrow I will go back to the company."

Mika nodded dumbly. Her mouth was full with food as she chewed happily.

"How's your session today?" Jeremy asked absentmindedly. His attention was too at the food. He wanted to finish his meal quickly.

Mika stiffed.


Mika refused to answer.

Jeremy put down his chopsticks and looked at his little sister, cocking an eyebrow, "Do you want me to call Dr Xena Wong instead?"

Mika's eyes widened. She quickly shook her head.

No. Don't ask that crazy doctor.


Mika chewed her bottom lip sadly before opened her mouth wide, well, not really.

"Just like usual..." she murmured weakly.

"Are you sure?"

Her lips trembled. Without another moment she opened her mouth wide and wailed, "Dr Xena bullied me again. She forced me so much until I get so tired and exhausted and... and..."

"How much chocolate did you get this time?" Jeremy asked, cutting her off. 

"Not much..." Mika wiped the tears off her cheeks.

Her big brother was so evil. He did not even feel pity over her misery. 

Mika wanted Ryn to soothe her. Surely Mika would understand her sadness.


Ryn woke up with a grumble, scratching her arm. The mosquitos here were quite hungry tonight. Her arms were so itchy, it woke her up from her sleep.

So miserable!

She finally stood up and walked into her room, closing the sliding door carefully. No mosquitos should enter her room, especially when she was sleeping.

Her hand rubbed her stomach absentmindedly. It was growling in hunger but she had no mood to eat.

Actually, although she was hungry, the thought of facing everyone made her losing her appetite. She was not ready to receive those sympathising look from everyone, especially from Jeremy and Mika.

She sighed and sat at the edge of the bed. Even though her mother did not say anything about it, but she knew her mother was reluctant when she knew Ryn was staying at Jeremy and Mika's place.

They were from two different worlds but she was acting as if she was from the same world as theirs.

The incident was not an excuse for her to forget who she really was. 

She had been living in a dream. A dream where economy status was not important.

She stood up and walked to the wardrobe. The wardrobe was full of branded and expensive clothes, which none was bought by her. It was all gifts from Jeremy... and even Mika. They were not who she really was.

She closed her eyes and tried to stay calm.

Maybe this incident was God will to make her realize she needed to wake up. 

And she was.

She remembered the question her mother once asked. When would she return to be herself?

"A week from now."

A week. She set herself a week from now she would leave. She would find herself a new place to live.

And until that time, she would use the remaining moments she had to be with the person she loved the most... him.


The media gathered at the hall, chatting loudly while holding onto their phone and laptop. They were waiting for the press conference to start. They could not wait for it to start.

So many rumours flying around and the management informed them this press conference would clear all the misunderstandings.

Well, for the reporters, it did not matter whether this press conference would clear the rumours or pour more oil in it. As long as there were news, they would go and grab for it.

Just a minute before the time the press conference should start, several men and women took their seats at the front. All of them were wearing uniforms.

"Thank you for coming. We will start out conference now," a man acting as the emcee announced loudly. 

The reporters eagerly held out their mobile phone to record. Some used their cameras to take photos.

The man at the centre of the big table stood up and cleared his throat. 

The reporters eagerly held out their phone even closer toward him.

"We are here regarding the case of-"

Jeremy who just arrived with his personal assistant watching from the side as the person in charge of the case explaining their finding and even showing evidence. Of course, there was another mystery of who killed the man, but the police did not comment upon that. In fact, instead of telling them the mystery surrounding the dead killer, they simply told the media that the man died when trying to run away. 

Nothing about how he was found with wounds in her body or the missing body parts.

Not one word.

Although the media knew about the missing body parts, they were unable to ask loudly. Who dared to speculate anything when the polices look so fierce and cold-faced.

Where was their favourite baby-faced policeman? The one who was always in charge of informing them about any cases. Where was Inspector Kimmy?

Especially the female reporters. They were unhappy to see no sign of their Inspector Kimmy anywhere. At least let their eye-candy sat at the side to decorate the perfect photo.

Jeremy walked out of the hall with his assistant, happy to see Ryn's name being cleared. He did not care how that man died as long as that man did not give risque to his Ryn.

He returned to his office with a happy mind. 

He did not stop at Mika's office when he reached there. Instead, he went straight to his room. He needed to continue his work.

"I want all the reports ready. The management meeting in half an hour," Jeremy ordered as he walked into his room.

"Yes, sir," Jacob replied, quickly heading toward his own desk to gather all the files. He also sent messages to other managers to submit their reports.

Jeremy leaned on his chair and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath.

She would get better. She would forget the bad experience.

And she would be ready to open up her heart to accept him.

Nothing would go wrong this time. 

Later after work, he would go buy flowers for her. She would love it and she would love him back.

He grinned at the thought.

Exactly half an hour later, Jacob came into his room to inform everyone was ready for the meeting. 

Jeremy adjusted his clothes and drank a glass of water. Then, he walked toward the meeting room with Jacob following behind. He needed to know the latest news of everyone's project.

Everyone kept quiet when he entered the room. Even Mika was silent. 

Jeremy cocked an eyebrow and went to his seat at the head of the table. He put on his glasses and looked at the monitor that showed the presentation from each department.

"Is everyone here?" he asked.

"Yes, boss," Jacob replied once he checked.

"We can start now." Jeremy looked at each one of them with no smile on his face. "Who is first?"

They looked at each other, except for Mika, and pulled back into their chair, trying to be invisible. Please don't let them start first.

Jacob cleared his throat. Then, he looked at the files he had and looked at his colleague.

"We will start with the finance department," he said.

The finance manager glared at Jacob for a second and quickly stood up at attention. He then cleared his throat. He waited until the person in charge of handling the meeting found his slides and started the first page.

Jeremy stared at the monitor closely as the man stumbled with his presentation. He frowned and lifted his head to look at the finance manager. "What are you mumbling about? I can't hear your voice. Speak clearly."

The man gulped. Why did it feel like Mr Long was in a bad mood today?


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