Tell Me Again, My Love
143 Searching for a new house
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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143 Searching for a new house

Ryn took off the bandages and smiled bitterly at the scars. They were barely visible but being a model, somehow Ryn was a bit worried about her own career.

She sighed and shrugged it off. Would it make the scar away if she was fretting over it? 

She did not even put another fresh bandages before she grabbed her cap and bag. She needed to see the house and Mei Li would help her with this. Mei Li also would help searching for a new house for her, somewhere that was safe enough for her to live alone but at the same time easy for her to move around.

The butler was observing the maids when she walked down the stairs. They quickly greeted her politely and she replied with a smile. None actually dared to ask her where she was going, only greeting her politely.

Ryn did not have to wait long. Just as she walked through the door, a car came and stopped right in front of the house. Ryn smiled seeing the familiar vehicle.

"Are you ready?"


"Let's go, then," Mei Li unlocked the door and waited for Ryn to get comfortable in the car, pulling her safety belt, before she locked the door back and drove the car away.

"Are you sure about this?" Mei Li asked again.

She was still shocked when Ryn told her last night. She tried to change Ryn's mind but the girl was firmed with her decision and refused to change it.

Ryn was quite stubborn when she made up her mind.

"We should see what we can pack first and then look for a place to keep everything," Mei Li listed.

"Hmm..." Ryn just looked outside the window. Honestly, she was still uneasy to return to the house she shared with her parents but, after talking with her parents this morning, they all agreed with her decision to see the house and find another one to live in. They cared more about her happiness and safety, rather than the house they bought after years working.

Now, her parents worked solely for their living expense. They have finished paying the house and no longer focussed their attention at how much they earn.

After an hour, they finally reached in front of her house. She looked at the building silently. Instead of feeling safe, she could not help from shivering.

"Are you okay, Ryn? Can you do this?" Mei Li asked when she noticed the shiver.

Ryn took a few deep breaths to calm herself. She could do this. Nothing could stop her from moving forward.

"Yes, I can do this."

Mei Li did not say anything. She just waited for Ryn to gather her courage before got out of the car. Mei Li followed, still silent.

Slowly Ryn unlocked the door. She, with Mei Li following behind quietly, walked slowly into the house. She looked around with her eyes started to get wet.

Had she made a hasty decision?

She spent almost two years here. Albeit her life was a bit boring but these were all her memories with her parents. She felt... sad... to leave this place full of memory.

"Are you sure you want to do this? We can just rent a place until you feel better," Mei Li said carefully.

Even if she was renting out, she had doubt she would still feel safe here. The memory of that man, even though he was no longer in this world, still feel creepy to her.

"Let's check first," Ryn finally said and went into her bedroom.

She looked around silently. Was she ready to move out?

"Just pack your daily clothes first. I have made an appointment with a property agent at 10.00 am," Mei Li said, looking for bags to pack Ryn's belonging.

"How many properties will we check today?" Ryn asked as she took out the clothes from the wardrobe and Mei Li helped folded them into her bags.

"Five for today. If you can't find any you like, we will look more tomorrow," Mei Li explained, struggling with the zip of one of the bags.

Ryn quickly helped her with it. 

Then, they left the bags and went back into Mei Li's car. They did not want to be late for the appointment.

Besides, Ryn too was a bit emotional in the house, which Mei Li noticed it too.

When they stopped at the traffic light, Mei Li checked the address the agent gave and sent it to the GPS. Ryn did not say a word along the way, just looking outside the window.

"I almost forgot to ask you, Ryn," Mei Li spoke suddenly.

Ryn turned to look at Mei Li who was driving, cocking an eyebrow.

"Have you told them?" 


Mei Li glanced and saw Ryn already turning her attention outside. 


"I haven't told them," Ryn spoke slowly.

Mei Li's brows lifted up high to her hairline. Ryn did not tell the siblings about her plan? Was she crazy?

"You haven't?"


"Are you going to tell them?" 

"Maybe... Once I've found a place," Ryn's reply was short but Mei Li could see how unwilling Ryn was talking about this topic.

Mei Li could only shake her head in disbelief, but she respected Ryn's privacy.

It took them quite some times to reach the first house. It was a semi-detach house with quite a small lawn outside. Ryn already had a bad feeling about this. Where was the safety aspect? It looked exactly like her home right now.

Despite her uneasiness, she still followed Mei Li into the house and greeted the woman who introduced herself as Sugar. Sugar would be showing them properties that might interest Ryn.

Sugar only recognized Ryn from watching the news. She was at first taken back seeing how tall Ryn was but the scratches and the scars still on Ryn's face and hands made her feel pity for this young woman. How did she feel during the kidnapping attempt?

She must be so scared and traumatic until she wanted to move away from the house she was living in.

"I hope the houses you want to show us has better safety measurement," Ryn suddenly said as they walked around the house.

Sugar gulped. She thought this house could be the one for the supermodel. It was huge with a lawn and big rooms upstairs. Even the kitchen has a huge island counter. At the back, there was a small space for a little bit of gardening or anything.

"Erm... if that is what your requirement is, the other four is either apartments and condominiums," Sugar said carefully.

"Let's go there," Mei Li decided. She could see clearly how Ryn dislike this place.

"Okay..." Sugar immediately gave up on this house and quickly handed a piece of paper detailing the houses she selected to show today. The paper included the address, the price, and size and everything important to inform the prospective clients.

Ryn entered Mei Li's car and they followed behind Sugar's small car, heading to the second house.

Ryn kept quiet the whole time. It was even awkward for Mei Li even though she was supposed to be used with Ryn's quietness.

"I can't take it anymore," Mei Li suddenly cried.

Ryn looked at Mei Li in puzzled.

"Why... why the sudden move-out? You don't seem to have a problem staying at the mansion recuperating. You can return back to your home once you are ready? Why the sudden decision?"

Ryn kept quiet.

"Ryn, honestly I think you're making a huge mistake. Your emotion is unstable right now. You're making hasty decision because of your emotion. You need more time to think over this," Mei Li coaxed.

Ryn crossed her arms and pondered over it. It took her exactly a minute before she looked at Mei Li, "I still want to move out. I've thought about this the whole night."

"But... but..."

"By the way, Mei Li, you are only my manager, managing my work. Your job doesn't include managing my life," Ryn reminded coldly.

Mei Li gulped. It was hard for Ryn to get angry at her. Uh oh...

"Right now I am asking you to accompany me. But if you think we are not friends, you can stop right here and I will ride the agent's car."

Mei Li gasped.

"No... no... no... I didn't mean that. Don't misunderstand me, Ryn. I am just worried about you. You're still hurt from the experience and I don't want you to regret your decision," Mei Li explained.

"If you still want to help me, don't talk about this matter again," Ryn warned, before adding, "It seems like we have arrived."

Mei Li looked around and realized Ryn was right. She did not even care where she was driving when she was talking with Ryn just now. She automatically followed behind the turtle-like Sugar who drove quite slow. It was easy for her to catch up with Sugar with how slow Sugar was driving. Sugar must have a lot of experience leading when driving.

Mei Li quickly looked for an empty spot to park after she handed her driving licence to the security guard. Then she, along with Ryn, followed Sugar to the elevator. 

It was time to check out the second house.


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