Tell Me Again, My Love
144 Where is Ryn?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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144 Where is Ryn?

Jeremy parked the car at the entrance of the mansion that evening. Without a word, he handed the car key to the butler who was waiting with patience at the door.

It was a usual sight for the siblings when they stayed there. Every time they reached home, the elder man would be waiting for them with a polite smile on his face.

Mika was not with him even though they went to work together this morning. Jason actually brought Mika out for romantic dinner together. 

Jeremy was happy with it, actually. He liked it when the little lampost was pulled away by her fiance. Without Mika, he could do whatever he wanted to Ryn. No one dared to say no in the mansion, except that little troublemaker.

Do the girls need to have a pyjama party every single night?

He did not know and honestly did not want to know Mika's definition of a pyjama party. All he could see was the girls wearing pyjama, which was not weird as it was already night and they should wear night attire, and a lot of deserts entering either Mika's or Ryn's room.

"Is Ryn here?" he asked as he handed his bag and coat to the elder man.

"She is not back yet, Young Master. She went out with her manager this morning," the butler informed, holding onto his coat, bag and keys. Then, he handed the coat to a maid, before followed Jeremy upstairs. 

The maid quickly brought the coat to the laundry room.

"Does she have class today?" As far as Jeremy knew, Ryn had no class today. She also had no work commitment. The doctor made her rest for one more week. She would not go against the doctor's instruction, would she?

He walked straight to her room but did not enter it. He looked at the closed door and sighed. Then, he walked into his room. He needed to fresh himself first after the long hour of meetings. He had meetings back to back, either in a big group of by department.

Tomorrow he had to check the site. Maybe four sites? He told Jacob to arrange it and inform the driver with the locations. His assistant could arrange everything despite the short notice.

Tomorrow would be another long day.

He needed to catch up with all the works but at the same time, he had to juggle it with his singing career and wooing Ryn.

Speaking of Ryn, it made his expression softened. He guessed the only one who could make him feel better since young was her. The moment Ryn entered his life, he used her to calm him down, even when he was exhausted or under stress. Just looking at her sweet face made his tiredness gone. 

That last month before the darkest day of his life was the only month he thought she was the one bringing him stress. It was a huge mistake and after they broke up, he realized it. He regretted so much but his ego stopped him from going after her immediately. He refused to admit his fault and actually waited for her to crawl back and beg him to accept her back.

Yes, he was that stupid that time.

Being famous made him forgot who he was. Being popular with so many girls throwing themselves at him made he felt lkkd a King and refused to let his weakness showed.

No matter, he shook his head. This was a new beginning. They would start back.

Everything would be okay.

He quickly took a shower and then, when he was done putting on his clothes, he went to her room.

It was quiet. 

He frowned. He checked on the time.

It was late. 

She would be late for dinner.

And tonight, he already told the Cook to make her favourite steaks. She would not miss it, would she? She would not not eating her favourite steaks, would she?

He quickly took out his phone and checked her IG account. Hopefully, that manager of Ryn's posted something regarding Ryn's activity today.


The last post was from Mei Li, informing her fans that Ryn would be resting for two weeks and wished for everyone to pray for Ryn. 

It was posted a week before, right after the check up at the hospital. And the picture attached to the post was not Ryn's injury nor the hospital. It was a picture of a small kitten looking so adorable. Who knew where Mei Li got it... Or maybe it was taken by Ryn. Who knew... 

Jeremy sighed heavily. It seemed that his lazy Ryn was too lazy to inform any of them her activity today.

"Young Master, do you want us to prepare the dinner now?" the butler asked politely when he met with his young master.

"Mika is having dinner with Jason tonight. You just prepare for two. Ryn will return before dinner," Jeremy decided. 

Hopefully, she would return quickly.

Jeremy went to the study room. While waiting for dinner to be served, it was better for him to check the reports so he would be ready for the site checking tomorrow.

He sat on the comfy leather chair and took a deep breath. Then, he started to read a file.

He had no doubt before long the butler would announce Ryn's arrival and they would have dinner together, just the two of them.


Ryn frowned as she checked the rooms. Sugar and Mei Li followed behind quietly.

Even Sugar did not dare to say anything after the second house Ryn told her to keep quiet and let Ryn checked it on her own. Sugar only needed to answer questions when Ryn asked.

Besides, according to Ryn, as she pointed at the documents both she and Mika received, all the information was provided earlier and the info here was so detailed, she could understand it immediately.

It was awkward, actually, not able to promote the house with her mouth, but customers are always right. What the customer wants, Sugar would deliver with a huge smile.

And she did hear Miss Catherine wanted to buy the house she interested in immediately despite her manager kept telling her to think about this again.

Ryn finally looked at them, crossing her arms with her right brow lifted.

"Is this the last house?" she asked.

"Erm... But if you want, tomorrow we can check more houses. Maybe you can list your specific type so I can narrow down the houses," Sugar choked out.

"Mei Li, do we have any appointment tomorrow?" Ryn turned to look at her manager.

"As far as I know, you are clear tomorrow," without checking the planner, Mei Li answered.

"Good. Sugar, we will see you tomorrow. Arrange it with Mei Li the time and place," once she said that, Ryn walked toward the door.

Of all five houses, she checked today, none actually interest her. If she liked the house's layout, the safety management was too... Loose. But if the safety management was good,  she did not like the house's layout. 

Even this one, she did not like how small the main bedroom was and the kitchen, too small for her even though it was rare for her to cook recently, too busy with her class and work. But, regardless of how busy she was, she still wanted a big comfortable kitchen.

Ryn got into Mei Li's car and pulled the safety belt. She waited for Mei Li to start the car and sighed a bit.

"How are you right now? Tired?" Mei Li asked when she noticed how pale Ryn was.

"Hmm...? It's okay."

Mei Li glanced at her.

"The doctor told you not to stress yourself so much. Even this checking houses is quite tiring," Mei Li commented.


"It's okay if you said you need a rest. We won't blame you."

Ryn just looked outside quietly.

"Why don't... Why don't we postpone this to the day after? Tomorrow you rest the whole day and then, the next day, we will meet Sugar back to check other properties," Mei Li suggested.

"Tomorrow," Ryn decided.

"Ryn, please. Don't push yourself. We have a lot of time. You did say you want to move in one more week. If we don't have time, we can push to two more weeks. I don't want you to make a hasty decision just to follow your 'one week must move' plan," Mei Li coaxed gently.

"No matter what, I still want to sell the house," Ryn murmured slowly.

Mei Li sighed. She still thought Ryn was making a hasty decision when the trauma was still strong in her mind. But what else could she do when Ryn persisted to sell the house.

And if the house was sold, of course, rationally, a new house would be needed.

So, whether Mei Li agreed with the plan or against it, Ryn would still be buying a new house for her and her parents.

"Stop trying to change my mind, Mei Li. I won't."


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