Tell Me Again, My Love
146 The mask to fool others
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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146 The mask to fool others

Ryn unbuckled herself once the car stopped moving. She saw Sugar was already waiting for them at the entrance of the building.

So far she was satisfied with the safety measurement. The guard asked questions and even asked for Mei Li's driving licence.

The first house of the day and she already had a good feeling about it. 

"Good morning, Miss Catherine, Miss Mei Li," Sugar greeted politely.

"Morning," Ryn greeted back.

"Morning," Mei Li took the files from Sugar and handed one to Ryn.

"The first house is on the fifth floor. It is on the main building. The security always patrols the area every few hours," Sugar informed as she led them toward the elevator.

"Oh..." Ryn flipped at the first page, about the house they are going to check. So far she liked the floor layout. However, she still needed to see by herself.

And she still needed to see whether the house could satisfy her hippy parents too.

They arrived in front of the house and Sugar hurriedly unlocked the door. It was weird to see the agent so flustered even though neither Ryn nor Mei Li said anything.

"This is the living room," Sugar showed, almost breathlessly. Why oh why was it so hard to open the door just now? The key kept slipping from the keyhole. It made her so nervous, she felt like she wanted to cry in frustration.

Was this a bad sign?

"The room is quite nice," Mei Li commented. She tried to lighten up the atmosphere but her silly in charge was too serious to even notice how weird Sugar was looking right now.

Could Ryn stop being so serious the whole time? This was not a life or death situation!

"It has a bathtub," Ryn finally commented as she looked into the bathroom of the master bedroom.

"Yes. Yes. And compared to the previous condominium, the bathtub in here is bigger," Sugar said enthusiastically.

"Hmm..." Ryn walked into the second bedroom. 

In her mind, whatever house she chose, the master bedroom would belong to her parents while the second bedroom would belong to her. Another room would be a spare in case they received a guest.

So the second and the third room should be in suitable size too to accommodate both their uses. 

And the second and third room here almost... almost in the size she wanted. 

But she could not make a hasty decision. She still wanted to see the other houses, just in case, there was a better choice.

She did not tell what inside her mind to the women. She just kept it inside, but taking note of this house for the first choice. The ones yesterday... well, none actually grabbed her attention and interest.

"The second house, then?" she asked once they were done walking around the perimeter.

Sugar gulped. She quickly opened the file she had in hand and checked the address. 

"It is not in the city but not too far," she stuttered.

"Sugar, can you be more... calm?" Ryn finally said, cocking an eyebrow, "Or do you need coffee break first?"

"No... no... no... I am good. Let's go to the second house," Sugar said quickly. She walked to the door, trying to calm herself by taking a deep breath a few times. 

"Stop scaring her, Ryn. I don't want us to be the reason she gets into an accident or something," Mei Li hissed.

"Am I?"

"Catherine!" Mei Li growled.

Ryn ignored her. She simply walked toward the door, following behind their flustered agent. It was not her problem if anyone could not stand with her 'serious' side. 

Not her problem at all.

Mei Li dropped her shoulders in defeat. She had no idea what to do with Ryn's bad mood. Since yesterday, Ryn's mood getting worst and worst. It felt like she was with a stranger, compared to the Ryn she knew. 

That incident really gave a huge pang to Ryn's heart. She could not control herself. She could not even put a mask on her face to fool others about her real feeling. Mei Li could even swear she could see dark smoke around Ryn, following her everywhere.

It was frustrating to see her condition like this, but Mei Li had no idea how to help, except giving whatever Ryn wanted while steering her not to do something she would regret in the days after. Well, selling and buying a house would not bring that much bad impact on Ryn, would it?

Hopefully, it would not.

Mei Li got into her car and drove it behind Sugar's car. They stopped to retrieve their driving licence, and with the help of GPS, they headed to the second location.

During the journey, Ryn checked on the file. She read all the information for each house carefully, and at the same time, replying the message from Mika.

Mika asked her about her plan today, and whether they could have lunch together.

Ryn declined, saying she had another plan for today. She did not mention about checking out the properties, just mentioning she had something to do with Mei Li.

It took her several messages for Mika to accept they would not have their lunch date today. 

Ryn sighed a bit. 

She needed to make a little bit of space between both of them. Mika was going to get married soon and so, it would not be appropriate if Mika kept wanting to spend more time with her rather than with Jason. She did not want to be the reason behind if one day Jason and Mika had a huge fight.

But she knew it would be a hard thing to do. Mika would not understand if she was to explain to her. Ryn had to do it slowly, until one day Mika would be able to live even without her by Mika's side.

And she believed, one day, not that soon but it would come, that Mika would be live happily even with Ryn not able to be there. 

Because, whether they liked it or not, both Ryn and Mika came from two different worlds, and not supposed to mix at all.

Just like her and Jeremy.

No matter how deep her love toward Jeremy, they were not belonged together.


Harry changed the gear and sped up a bit. He was getting worried. 

Since that day he made Ryn mad at him, he lost contact with her. All the messages and calls were ignored. He tried to communicate via IG account but he knew Mei Li the one who checked all the direct messages Ryn received there.

Should he ask through Mei Li?

No. He shook his head quickly. 

He did not want Mei Li to know his real feeling. Mei Li did remind him not to be on a relationship when he was starting his step as a model. He needed to stay focus on his work and at the same time not to neglect his study. So having a girlfriend, in Mei Li's opinion, would complicate things around. 

Even Ryn agreed with her when he asked Ryn's opinion when he just signed contract and Mei Li asked that question of whether he has a girlfriend or (gasp) a boyfriend.

Now he was on his way to Ryn's house. Although he had the thought that Ryn might not be there after the incident, but he was being optimistic right now. He was hoping Ryn would return after days living who knew where.

And if Ryn had nowhere to stay, he could let her stay at his place. He had no doubt his parents would allow it. If Mia, his silly little sister could bring her friends home for a sleepover, why couldn't he do the same?

And the fact that Ryn was his future girlfriend should bring more enthusiasm to his mother especially. Didn't she always tell him to find a girlfriend, to marry quickly? And he could picture himself marrying Ryn and creating a family of six with Ryn. Four children would be enough for them; two boys and two girls.

And all four kids should take after Ryn. How cute and adorable their children would be? He sighed happily at the thought.

Soon enough he reached in front of Ryn's house. Well, he parked the car at Angel's place and walked to Ryn's house.

He reached for the lock and frowned. It was still locked tight. He tried to look inside, searching for anything moving, as a sign someone was in there.

It was dark and there was no movement.

He used his key to unlock Angel's house, and, ignoring the thick dust covering everything, he walked to a room and looked out of the window. It was facing Ryn's house, more specifically, her room through the window.

It was dark. The curtain blocked everything. 

He narrowed his eyes and looked harder.

Still no sign of anyone living in that house.

Harry finally let go of the curtain he clutched, the one covering Angel's window and frowned.

Where could Ryn go?


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