Tell Me Again, My Love
147 A new neighbour?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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147 A new neighbour?

Harry was still frustrated with his inability to contact with Ryn when his phone rang.

He quickly checked the caller on the display, hoping it was the person he was missing so much.

But to his disappointment, the call was actually from one of his friends.

"Hey, Harry. What's up?" Kenny asked cheerfully when Harry finally answered the call.


"We're going to play a game and need one more player. Come on, join us," Kenny said and Harry even heard more sound from Kenny's side, cheering him to come.

Harry frowned. He wanted to decline, wanting to look for Ryn but... where could he find her? He had no idea where she could be. Even if she stayed at that man's house, he had no idea where the address was.

"Fine. Send me the address."

His reply was answered with a loud cheer coming from Kenny's side.

He quickly locked the door and went into his car. He waited for the address from Kenny and quickly set it on his GPS. It took only twenty minutes for him to arrive, using the shortcut he remembered from memory.

He told the guard at the security post and handed his driving licence. Then, he looked for the empty parking lot for guest, humming to himself. Apparently, the game Kenny was talking about was e-games, not a real game.

He parked the car and walked toward the elevator, sending a message to Kenny about his arrival.

When he reached the floor of Kenny's apartment, he saw three women in front of a house. His eyes widened seeing a familiar back.

"Ryn..." he choked out but before he could call out her name loudly, the three women entered the house.

"Hey, Harry, you're here," the door he was standing in front of opened and Kenny appeared. 

"You're finally here. We've been waiting for hours," One groaned, flapping his hands lazily.

Harry took a seat next to One and reached for the game console. Without even talking, he already knew he was in a group with One.

They started to play but soon enough they groaned at Harry. He could not stay focus and turned the game into a one-sided play.

"Harry, what is wrong with you today?" One groaned, staring at Harry.

"Sorry," Harry dropped the game console and headed straight to the door.

He wanted to see Ryn.

He opened the door and went to the house Ryn entered earlier. However, he found the house already locked.

His shoulders dropped unhappily.

Where did Ryn go?


Ryn crossed her arms and frowned. They were now on their way to the third house.

"So none still interest you?" Mei Li asked.

"Not sure about that..." Ryn muttered. She was comparing between the two houses she say today mentally, looking at each pros and cons. Which one was the best?

In order for her to make a decision quickly, she would just drop the one she did not like, just comparing two at one time. Quicker and less hassle. 

Once she chose the one she liked, she opened the file for the third house to check the info. 

"We're here," Mei Li announced dryly.

Ryn looked around. It seemed like Mei Li was right.

Again this house has a security system. Mei Li settled the entry requirement before parked the car next to Sugar's. 

Ryn ticked on the security system in the list of house requirement in her mind. But she still needed to look at the other security measures in order to tick the second box of the security system.

Mei Li grabbed her bag. She locked the door and followed behind Ryn. Honestly, she was getting tired.

Managing Ryn's workload was not as tiring as this!

Only two days... no... one and a half-day and she felt like her legs turning into jelly. Her body all in pain. She had to sleep hugging an ice bag.

She was so pitiful, she cried for herself. Poor her.

Sugar checked the floor and number again before the door of the elevator open. She closed the file and led the women into the lift and confidently pressed the fourteenth floor.

The third house was on the fourteenth floor.

The highest floor of the building.

When the lift door opened, they found that only two units were there.

"Wait. Will the guard do a perimeter check here?" Ryn suddenly asked when they reached the unit for sale.

"Of course," Sugar replied, choosing the correct key this time to unlock the door.

Ryn frowned. Her eyes looked at all two units suspiciously. Would the guard came here checking the perimeter? This was the highest floor with only two units. 

Somehow she had doubt about it.


"Yes?" Sugar popped out her head from inside the house.

"Let's go to the fourth house," Ryn announced and made and U-turn toward the lift.

"Wh... what?" both Mei Li and Sugar choked out in shock.

"What are you two doing? Let's go," Ryn called when she realized both Mei Li and Sugar had not snapped back from their shock.

Ryn immediately crossed out the third choice from the list.

She did not wait for the women anymore. Once the door was opened, she stepped into the elevator and crossed her arms. She waited, tapping her right heel to the floor.

Mei Li and Sugar quickly rushed into the elevator when it was slowly closing. They were breathless but managed to squeeze into the same elevator as Ryn.

"Is there a reason why we are here?" Mei Li asked, almost whining. She thought she could lean against the wall in that third house while Ryn and Sugar walking around.

Now she has to walk more~

Ryn just gritted her teeth and punched the button for the ground floor.

Sugar was flustered. Did she do something wrong? What did she do wrong?


Mika's eyes twinkled happily at the sight of a young man bringing two bouquet of roses into her room. She rubbed her hands excitedly.

Jason did remember.

She quickly took a bouquet and sniffed the fragrant flowers happily. Then, she took another one and did the same.

The young man waited rather patiently. To be truth, he was already used with this customer. Every month he would come to deliver flowers to this woman and each time he would have to wait for about ten minutes before he could get the signature.

He sighed a bit. What else could he do than wait?

Once Mika was satisfied hugging and sniffing and squalling, she finally managed to get her composure and put down her signature. Then, as the door for her room being closed, she hugged the bouquets again.

Jason remembered their anniversary. 

She guessed she had to clear her day today just in case her beloved fiance would want to bring her out.

Romantic candlelit dinner?

She squalled at the thought. She could not wait to have dinner with him.

"Stephanie, bring two more vases please," she told her personal assistant, trying to sound stern but could not hide her real feeling.

"Yes, boss."

She put down the phone and skipped to the sofa. She was so excited today.

Stephanie came in bringing two crystal vases. With Young Master Jason's habit of pampering their boss, Stephanie always prepared at least 3 additional vases just in case Young Master Jason gave more than a bouquet. So far, his present was never more than two bouquets of flowers at the same time.

The one extra vase was for just in case situation.

Better be prepared for anything in any situation.

No one wanted the Lolita Witch to appear in the office.

Stephanie helped moving the flowers into the vases. She waited until Mika was satisfied with the arranging before placing the vases according to Mika's order. Then, she excused herself politely.

Mika skipped to the flowers, happy seeing them so pretty. Then, she took pictures of them, to show to Jason.

Her phone rang almost immediately.

With a big smile on her face, she quickly answered the call.


"Do you love them, love?"

"Of course I do."

"Great. So, lunch with me today?"

"Of course," she answered without thinking.

"Good. You are mine today. Prepare to be pampered to the fullest."

Mika giggled, blushing madly at the thought.

"And inform your big brother you're spending the night with me," Jason reminded.

"Jason~" Mika whined shyly.

He laughed. He could picture her reddened face holding her shyness.

So adorable. So beautiful.

He could not wait to see her. And pamper her like a princess she truly is in his heart.

They shared sweet words and promises, already forgetting about their work. Both could not wait to see each other for lunch and continued their loving conversation.

Two women wanted to see Mika to do their report but Stephanie quickly stopped them. Were they looking to be slaughtered?

"Are you crazy? She's talking with Young Master Jason right now and you want to ask for more budget?" Stephanie hissed.

"But... but..."

"Tomorrow. You had better come tomorrow. Today boss will only care about her date and any of you dare to distract her..." Stephanie did not have to continue.

Both women gulped nervously. They thanked Stephanie and quickly went back to their place. They would come back to try their luck tomorrow.


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