Tell Me Again, My Love
148 The emergency meeting
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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148 The emergency meeting

The butler took his seat at the head of the table. The rest of the servants found their own seat around the table. Their face was grim.

"Quiet," the butler ordered.

The chattering and whispering ceased. Everyone looked at him worriedly.

He sighed. 

"What should we do now?" Lela asked agitatedly. She could not believe what her brother just told her.

In fact, this emergency meeting, one after years last held was held just after they received the news of what Miss Catherine had been doing outside these past two days.

How could Miss Catherine do this to them?

"Stay calm. If we are too nervous and impatience, nothing can be done," the Cook said suddenly. She took her seat on the right side of the butler being the vice president of the Long servants union.

The Long family actually created the union for them and they could discuss whatever their problem is with their president, the butler and their vice-president, the cook. And both would either solve it for them or bring it to the Long's family's attention. 

And it had been years they had this emergency meeting. The last, if they were not mistaken, when Young Master Long broke up and Young Mistress under depression. Their meeting was even joined by the Long elders, on how to help the siblings getting better.

Right now, the meeting was only among the servants and their most important mission; how to stop Miss Catherine from moving out!

"Has she chosen the house yet?" the butler looked at the siblings.

"I'm not sure. Big brother only said she kept going from one house to another. He is trying to get more information from the agent company," Lily said with her twin sister, Lela nodded.

Their big brother was actually working outside, being the runner of the elder's company. The twins worked in the house. The arrangement was quite nice for the siblings because Eric had become the servants' eyes and ears outside, investigating whatever they needed when they felt the siblings were having obstacle but too prideful to share with their parents. Being the servants of the Longs, it was their job to help the family lessen their trouble.

And they took pride in it.

"Should we inform the elders?" one of the maids asked. She was in charge of the kitchen, helping the Cook with washing the dishes and preparing the ingredients. The Cook put a lot of emphasize on her, preparing to teach her more recipes.

"No need. We don't have to involve the elders... yet. We also won't tell the Young Master and Young Mistress," the butler said firmly.

"Then, how can we help them?"

"Let me think. Cook, think of something," the butler stood up and paced around the room. 

The other maids followed suit, pacing around the room.

Only the Cook stayed on her chair, watching them quietly.

"I can't think of anything," the butler groaned loudly.

What could they do to stop Miss Catherine from moving out of this mansion? Young Master and Young Mistress would not like it... and they would not like it too. 

"Why don't..."

Everyone looked at the Cook when she started to speak.


"Why don't we put her in the same bed as Young Master. They were after all ex-lovers so they used to sleep together, right?" the Cook suggested.

"But they did not get married the last time," Lily cried unhappily.

"Well..." the butler pursed his lips a bit, "It is a good idea..."

"Of course," the Cook stuck up her nose proudly. "Now with their age, if Madam and Elder Madam knew they shared the same bed together..."

The servants' eyes widened. Their eyes turned into stars as their brain comprehended what the Cook meant.

Madam and Elder Madam always complained Young Master Jeremy deliberately trying to push them to an ly grave with his refusal to find a new girlfriend. Of course, they all knew, even their Madam and Elder Madam knew why. But the Madam and Elder Madam could not help from wishing a baby's cry would filling the huge mansion.

They did not think much about Mika's marriage, knowing their in-laws would 'conquer' their grandchild's time. One thing they were happy about Jason was that his family still accepted her with open arms despite Mika's being diagnosed with depression. Jason's family even pampered Mika so much that sometimes they could not see their own daughter during holiday, as Jason's family brought her along during their holiday trip, much to their own distress. 

"I'll prepare the food," the Cook announced loudly and called for her minion to follow her to the kitchen.

"Two of you are in charge of turning the dining room into a romantic place. Look for information in the internet," the butler appointed two girls. Then, he turned to the gardener, "Find something to create the atmosphere."

The gardener team nodded. They would have their own small meeting to decide what to bring in.

"Ben, you will follow me outside. We will go buy something for the 'drink'."

The butler paused and looked at everyone. Then, his eyes caught a man, "Gim, destroy everything that prevent birth in Young Master's room."

"Is there any?" Lily whispered at Lela.

"Of course there is. Miss Catherine is here," Lela whispered back.


"I know a tonic recipe to make someone's conceive quickly," an elder maid raised up her hand.

"Then, you should go and tell the Cook to prepare one," the butler nodded.

"The rest of you, remember you didn't see or hear anything," the butler reminded.

"Yes, president," all of the servants cried loudly.

"Okay... move before one of them return," the butler ordered.

"We will show the London team we are better than them," the butler rubbed his hands anticipatingly. He actually discarded the Bali and the Switzerland team. They were useless. Not able to do anything more than expectation. They had no motivation and no eagerness to improve their Masters' life. Hmph, nothing to be proud of. 


Ryn looked out of the window as she waited for Mei Li to bring their lunch to the table. She did not say a word of what she was truly feeling. After saying goodbye to Sugar and promising to meet again and this time at the office, Ryn told Mei Li she was hungry and wanted to eat.

Her finger tapped on the table, following the beat of her heartbeat. 

Her eyes landed on a file, with all the information about the houses she saw since yesterday inside. She already put aside all the houses she rejected. Obviously the first team would be the houses from yesterday. The top of the pile was the house she chose. 

Actually she was stuck between house number two and three but finally, she made up her mind. Tomorrow, she would go and sign the agreement.

"Oh my God, you won't believe how long the queue just now," Mei Li cried as she place the tray full of food onto the table.

Ryn glanced at the counter. The queue was still long. No wonder Mei Li took quite some time to return.

"Have you settled with cancelling the contracts?" Ryn suddenly asked as she took her food closer.

"Hmm... but three of them would wait for you," Mei Li replied, frowning, "Only one asked for reimburse for cancelling the contract."

"I'll follow their schedule then. Next week is okay," unconsciously Ryn rubbed the scar on her hands. 

Thanks to Mika for the creams she bought, the scars were disappearing slowly. They were no longer hurt. The pain, Ryn knew, was all in her mind. It was the psychology scar.

And because of this psychology scar, Ryn decided to have a new beginning by living in a new house.

"Later are you going to the company?" Ryn asked.

"Hmm..." Mei Li still had a few documents to settle. She also needed to check some opportunities for Harry.

"I'll follow you," Ryn had something do to at the office too. 

"Okay," although she was curious, Mei Li did not ask much. Ryn must have something to do in the office. 

They no longer chatted while they were having their lunch. Mei Li was planning silently which documents she would 'attack' after this. Ryn, on the other hand, was looking outside the window while chewing her food thoughtfully.

They were on their way to the agency office just half an hour later. They did make a detour to a drive-through of a coffee shop. Ryn sipped her hot chocolate silently as she watched Mei Li looking for an empty parking lot.

The receptionist of the agency quickly stood up and approached Ryn when she saw her coming. She clucked her tongue sympathetically seeing the scars on Ryn's body and face. Being the lazy Ryn, she did not bother to wear make-up to cover anything so everyone could see what happened that day.

"I'm okay already," Ryn told her with a smile.

"You should take another day off," the receptionist said and glared at Mei Li. 

"She is but she wants to come," Mei Li replied, glaring back at the receptionist.

"Enough. I'm going to the studio," Ryn shook her head in bemused and headed toward the studio. She wanted to practice her walk, just in case, she forgot how to...


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