Tell Me Again, My Love
150 What could go wrong in this household?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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150 What could go wrong in this household?

Ryn walked out of the bathroom only wrapped in towel. Her hair was semi-wet. She tried hard not to make her hair wet but once the showerhead raining down the water, her body (and head) automatically went underneath the water.

Ahhh... So refreshing...

But wait. Her eyes popped open as she remembered her idea of not wetting her hair tonight. She thought she wanted to go to sleep once she was done with her dinner and in order for her to do everything quickly, she did not want to waste the time to dry her hair. So troublesome with long hair.

So when she was done with her shower, her hair, unfortunately, was a bit wet.

Instead of wearing some clothes first, she went to the dressing table first to use the hairdryer. She wanted to dry the hair first before she do anything else.

So troublesome.

Wasting so much time.

A maid was waiting for her outside when she finally opened the door of her bedroom. Although she had a feeling something was off, but because she was starving, she shook the uneasiness away.

What could go wrong in this household?

She followed the cheerful maid toward the dining room. Her long hair, now already dry, was clipped with a red flower claw in a messy bun. Her body was wrapped with a plain tracksuit and shirt. She actually ignored the red pyjama laid on the bed, preferring to wear her everyday clothes tonight.

When she entered the dining room, she saw him at his usual place, standing in front of the huge window and looked out of it.

It was dark outside so what was he looking at interestingly she had no idea.

And she did not care.

All she could think of was what the dinner for tonight was.

She could not stop from salivating at the thought of delicious food filling her stomach.

And her stomach growled again at the thought.

Jeremy turned around when he heard the door being opened. He smiled seeing how pretty Ryn looked despite in such simple garments. She looked so homely he wanted to squeeze and kiss her breathlessly.

But no, he had to control himself.

"Mika?" Ryn looked around for her best friend. Usually, Mika would jump into her arms if she was there first.

"Jason brought her out. Their anniversary," Jeremy explained.

"Oh..." Ryn nodded dumbly.

Jeremy walked toward the chair and pulled it for her.

Without a word, she sank her bottom on it, murmuring her thanks.

He smiled and took his seat at her left side, at the head of the table. He gave a slight nod at the butler to start serving the dinner.

With a huge grin, the butler clapped his hands three times and just a few moments later, an army of maids came in bringing the appetizer and glasses.

Ryn's brows raised seeing so many food were brought in just for two people. She looked at Jeremy and found him sharing the same expression as hers.

They did not say anything. Once the first appetizer was placed in front of them, they ate without a word. The butler smiled, pouring just a splash of red wine into their glasses.

Ryn glanced at the flowers on the dining table as she chewed thoughtfully. The flowers' arrangement was beautiful as usual but something was off.

The smell?

The colour?

The size?

Ryn had no idea what brought uneasiness in her heart but nothing came into her mind.

Was it only her feeling?

There was a second serving of the appetizer. Ryn was a bit surprised but she shrugged it off. She reached for her fork and knife again to devour the asparagus frittata.

Once they were done with the three... not only two but three appetizers... the maids came in to clear the table. Then, another group of maids came in with the main course.

"It seems like tonight we're having western food," Jeremy commented dryly as he watched the maid placed his food in front of him.

The butler did not say anything. He simply refilled the wine. He refused to leave these two alone. He must make sure these two finished everything.

And these two did just that.

His grin went so huge, it almost broke his own face.

The butler did not stop refilling the wine again and again. 

"The Cook is not feeling well today, is she?" Jeremy commented, his brows furrowed a bit.

Despite the comment, Jeremy dutifully ate everything. He was trained since young to finish whatever the Cook made, regardless of how it tasted, or he would have to stand facing the wall for an hour or two under the watchful watch of his mother. Well, it was twice or three times he had to accept the punishment but the experience actually made him automatically finished everything.

The Long siblings were trained very well.

Soon enough both of them were having their desert. Despite the aircon, both faces were red from the wine.

And something else...

Jeremy unbuttoned a few buttons of his pyjama. The robe already untied long ago. His fingers gripped the glass of wine and gulped everything at once. 

Ryn, although feeling uncomfortable as well, did not undo anything. She still could control herself. And she had no buttons to unbutton. What could she do to ease the uneasiness? Taking off her shirt, leaving her in her underwear?

She was not that crazy.

Jeremy could not stop looking at Ryn. Heck, he had been looking at her, even by the corner of his eyes. 

He licked his lips without thinking.

The butler saw their behaviour and grinned to himself. Now, he finally made his way to the radio and switched the song to a romantic music. He then refilled the wine for each other before he went to the door.

"Where do you think he is going?" Ryn asked when she noticed the butler disappeared from the room. She just realized, through her hazy mind, that the music changed into something else.

"Hmm..." he mumbled but truthfully nothing entered his mind except her.

Catherine looked so beautiful tonight. 

So beautiful and delicious.

He licked his lips again.

Ryn sipped the wine slowly.

A little bit of the red wine slipped from her mouth and slid down to her neck.

Jeremy gulped.

Ryn spooned another spoonful of chocolate pudding and sighed happily.

Regardless of how exhausted she felt right now, eating delicious food was still the best feeling in the whole world. 


She turned to her left and looked at him. Her eyes were drooped a bit.

She was getting drunk on top of being sleepy.

And something else.


"I love you," he confessed.

She turned her attention on her chocolate pudding, uninterested with his words.

"Catherine," he called her again, this time urgently.

"Hmm..." she pulled her attention from the food to him, cocking an eyebrow.

Without warning, his hand went around her neck as he leaned down to kiss her.

It was not even a light kiss but a real kiss.

Her eyes widened before they slowly closed as she replied to his kiss.

"Alright, people, clear the way. Quick. Quick. Quick," the butler clapped his hands as he herded everyone to clear the hallway without ruining the rose petals scattering on the floor.

"How's the music and scent in both their rooms?" the butler asked Lela and Lily who were in charge of setting the mood for both rooms. 

They were not sure which room the couple would use so the Butler decided to set both rooms in the correct atmosphere. Once the couple chose a room to conceive their future little heir or heiress, the servants would quickly cleared the other room from any accident (fire).

And they did not have to wait long for that.

They waited from their hiding place before the sound of door being slammed close filling the hallway.

"Which room?" the butler asked, trying to recognize which room their Young Master chose.

"It's from Young Master's room," Lily whispered.

"Wait for ten seconds first," the butler raised up his hand and counted silently.

The other servants rubbed their hands and calm their pounding heart. Their future heir or heiress was being conceived right now. It would be better if they could get both at the same time. Looking at Miss Catherine's hips, they might have the chance. Despite being a model, Miss Catherine has a hip that mothers look for, good for bearing child... a lot of children.

Take that London team. 

"Alright, move now," the butler ordered, pointing at Miss Catherine's room.

The team quickly headed toward Ryn's room. They quickly cleared the rose petals on top of the bed, blew off the candles and vacuumed all the small pieces of glitters and petals on the floor. They also retrieved back the 'conceiving' cloth underneath the bed cover. Luckily Elder Madam prepared quite a lot of this 'conceiving' cloth she got from the temple.

The only thing they left from the room was their 'manipulated' birth prevention kit. They were not worried at all because each piece of the condoms was pierced a few times with a small needle.

Ahh... the thought of spoiling a little prince or princess in nine more months made them all so happy. Tomorrow they would start planning the nursery. Of course, the butler would ask permission from Elder Madam of the best room to convert into a cute nursery.


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