Tell Me Again, My Love
151 What have we done?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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151 What have we done?

Ryn woke up with a groan. Her body was... undescribable. She moaned and rubbed her head.

Then, she froze.

Why did she feel something warm... something quite familiar... next to her own body.

She closed her eyes, trying to calm her pounding heart. Maybe this was another dream.

After all, she had no reason to wake up with an ached body with the part between her legs the worst.

This condition was like when she was on her first time.

But... it was impossible, right?

She was still fretting without opening her eyes even once when something warm wrapped around her stomach.

She froze.

This was not happening. This was just a dream. Just a dream.

"Hmm..." a husky manly voice reached into her ear as the person who was holding her tightened his grip.

This was not a dream, her heart and brain screamed.

This was not a dream.

This was real.

She did sleep with... someone... a man...

Oh my God...

She started to get panic.

No. Don't panic, Ryn. Stop panicking. This is not the end of the world. And you were not even a virgin... no... no... no... it had been years for her to be a virgin. 

Ryn, stick to the important thing. You slept with a man last night. You slept with...

"J?" she squeaked when she finally opened her eyes and looked at the owner of the warm body next to her.

Jeremy was sleeping peacefully next to her!


She just spent the night with Jeremy.

She had intercourse with Jeremy.

Oh my God! 

Ohhhh myyyy Godddd...

Without thinking, she pushed his hand away and scrambled to the edge of the bed. She stood up and found herself in her birthing suit. But, instead of pulling the blanket to cover her modesty, she scrambled for her own clothes. 

This was a nightmare, her mind cried. A nightmare.

Once she was done putting on her clothes (luckily all were scattered on the floor without she needed to look for any of them) she rushed to the door and opened it hurriedly. 

A maid blinked her eyes at her but Ryn was too nervous and panic to care. She quickly went to the room she was sleeping for the past few days. Her mind was busy with what happened last night and how did this happen.

Ryn did not even notice the grin on the maid's face.

She was too shocked to even care what others think or do. What she had in mind was trying to forget everything...

"Nothing happened. It was just a dream... a bad dream..." she told herself as she rushed into the bathroom. She needed to get ready before Mei Li picked her up.

The hickeys and some new bruises were all over her body. The hickeys were even on her snowy white breasts and neck. Oh my God, her neck.

Well, instead of worrying over the bruises and hickeys on other body parts (especially her breasts), she was worried more on the hickeys on her neck.

She had to wear something to cover it!

Calm down, Ryn. Calm down.

Take a shower and try to relax. If you're too nervous and worried, nothing could be done. 

She did what she told herself. A quick shower with time more focussed on trying to erase those 'evidence'.

And she failed miserably... trying to erase the evidence, to be specific.

When she walked out of the bathroom, her shoulders dropped down and her walking was slow and heavy. What should she do now?

She did not find any turtleneck shirt. All she could do was using a scarf to cover the hickeys. Hence, her outfit of the day was quite formal than usual.

"Hopefully, Mei Li would not ask," she murmured to herself hopingly, but she was not that optimistic, though.

When she entered the dining room, Jeremy was not there but she finally noticed something.

Everyone was grinning at her, so cheerful it even hurt her eyes.

Something smelled fishy.

But, as Mei Li would arrive in a few more minutes, Ryn shrugged the thought away and concentrated on having her breakfast. Instead of a hearty breakfast she usually had, she only ate two slices of toasts and a cup of hot cocoa.

Then, she waited at the living room for Mei Li to pick her up.

She did not wait long before her manager arrived. She murmured her goodbye at everyone and rushed outside.

"Did they..." one of the maids asked.

"Of course. I have no doubt about it," the old butler declared with satisfaction.

No wonder they all loved Young Master so much. He was such an obedient child, just do whatever he needed to do. And the young man was so exhausted from his hard work, he was still sleeping on his bed.

"Tell the Cook to make something hearty for Young Master. He still needed to work hard for our future little heir or heiress," the butler ordered one of the maids.

The girl quickly rushed toward the kitchen. The Cook did say she needed to buy a few things to nurture Young Master's 'energy'.


Ryn pulled the safety belt hurriedly. Then, she waved for Mei Li to drive quickly.

"Are you alright, Ryn?" Mei Li asked, cocking an eyebrow, but did what she was told.

The car moved out of the residence area. It headed toward the property agency office.

"Hmm..." Ryn sighed before opened her mouth, "I had a nightmare."

"A nightmare?" Mei Li was curious with the dream Ryn had. Was it that bad for this woman looked so weird today? "Was it that bad?"

"Hmm..." Ryn nodded. She refused to tell what happened last night.

Let the memory being buried deep inside and never uncovered.

"Well..." Mei Li cleared her throat. "Well..."

"What are you trying to say, Mei Li?" Ryn finally snapped. What was Mei Li trying to say?

Mei Li glanced at her, still unsure how to tackle this topic. Then, she took a deep breath to calm herself.

"Mei Li?" Ryn pressed.

"Has something happened last night?" Mei Li finally asked, rather carefully.

"What do you mean?" Ryn frowned, but could not stop her heart from pounding so hard. Had Mei Li guessed it? How did she guess it?

"Well..." Mei Li paused to look left and right before she turned the car to the right before continued, "You don't like wearing this kind of outfit and that scarf..."

The words trailed off but it made the blood on Ryn's face drained.


Ryn quickly looked outside the window, trying to pretend nothing was wrong, trying to pretend she did not hear anything about it.

Mei Li pursed her lips a bit. Something hit her mind but she quickly shook it away. No way. Ryn would not do that.

The driving was an awkward silence. None of them opened their mouth to break it. Each had their own thought they entertained.

They finally arrived at the building. The property agency was on the second floor at the end of the building. Mei Li could not find an empty parking lot there so she had to do a u-turn to find one. It took her two times to finally find one. She blew out a sigh and shut down the engine.

"I saw a cafe," Ryn murmured.

"Can we settle this one first before we eat or something?" Mei Li replied, looking if they need to pay for the parking. It seemed like she needed to buy a card for it. Groaning to herself, she searched for a shop selling the parking card.

Ryn waited patiently. Then, she walked with Mei Li toward the stairs to go upstairs.

Sugar was waiting for them nervously. She had no idea which house Miss Catherine would choose. There was also a possibility for Miss Catherine to reject all the houses as well. Oh God, she was having stomachache just fretting over it.

She drank a lot of water to calm herself. And she had to go to the bathroom a few times to relieve all the extra water she had.

Sugar unknowingly let out a sigh of relieved when she saw Miss Catherine and Miss Mei Li walking into the office. She quickly stood up and welcomed them in.

"Welcome, Miss Catherine. Welcome Miss Mei Li," Sugar greeted, shaking their hands enthusiastically.

Mei Li smiled charmingly at the nervous agent. Ryn, on the other hand, was giving Sugar her slight smile aka poker face no 2. 

"So..." Sugar was flustered. What should she say? She was not like this before. She was a talkative person. She talked so much the other agents even said her clients bought her house because they could not take it anymore with her chatter.

But with Miss Catherine, Sugar was so quiet, if anyone who knew her saw her, they would take a second take and even on the second take, they would still think Sugar was not Sugar. She was someone else.

"So... about the house..." Sugar gave Mei Li a 'help me' look but Mei Li simply shook her head apologizingly.

Sugar gulped nervously. She had a bad feeling about this...


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