Tell Me Again, My Love
152 Signing the contrac
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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152 Signing the contrac

Sugar looked a bit pale as she watched Ryn taking her time sipping the drinking water she prepared earlier. No word came from Ryn.

Ryn did not even comment when Sugar said she made green tea for them. 

Not a word.

Even Mei Li was quiet.

It made Sugar getting more nervous. She tried not to show her feeling but she guessed it shows clearly when Mei Li gave her a reassuring smile. She took deep breaths to calm herself without showing it.

"Have you prepared the contract?" Ryn asked finally after she finished the whole bottle. 

"Yes... But... I am not sure which one you want..." Sugar's voice was a bit small, still nervous.

"Which house do you want?" Mei Li asked, wondering which house Ryn took interest in. Even during the journey these days Ryn never said anything about the house. She just kept quiet about her thought of the houses. So now, finally, she finally would know what Ryn chose.

"The second one of the second day," Ryn replied simply.

Sugar quickly took the said file and showed it to the both of them.

"How much is the downpayment?" Mei Li asked, taking over the discussion once they knew what the chosen was.

Sugar named the amount, grinning happily. In fact, the second house was on the pricier side compared to other apartments so the commission she would receive would be quite a lot. 

Ryn simply sipped her drink, watching Mei Li managing everything. She let out a slight sigh. The problem right now was on how to break the news to the siblings without hurting Mika's feeling.

She knew Mika was ecstatic when she 'moved into' the mansion but it was after all not a place she could call home. It was Jeremy and Mika's home, not hers.

And now she finally had a place she could firmly say her own, her home.

They said goodbye to Sugar when everything was done and headed to the cafe Ryn saw earlier.

Ryn ordered tiramisu and fresh watermelon. Mei Li, on the other hand, chose pumpkin soup and green tea.

Ryn frowned at Mei Li's choice.

"We will eat more later," Mei Li shrugged.

Ryn stood up and went to the counter. Mei Li watched her ordering more food.

"We are eating more after this, right?" Mei Li murmured worriedly. 


Harry drove the car happily. He was heading toward the university. Although today he had no class but he was hoping to see her.

Surely she would go to class, right?

He parked the car at his usual place and waved and smiled... and greeted at those he knew, and kind of ignored those girls he had no clue who approached him with a shriek or acting coyly, which was his pet peeve.

He bumped into a friend of his who invited him to join them for a picnic this weekend. He could only say 'maybe' and said goodbye. He could not wait to see her. Other people were not important to him.

He also planned to ask her whether she was the woman he saw yesterday.

Was she?

If she was, what was she doing there?

He finally reached a room where she usually had her class. 

But she was not there.

In fact, it was not even her class. Another class was using the room.

He gave a sheepish smile and quickly closed the door, ignoring the scream coming from the girls. Well, it seemed like he had to look around the campus for her.

But where could she be?

"Hey, Harry."

He turned around and waved at a group of men and waited for them to get closer.

"What are you doing here? You don't have a class today," one of them asked.

Harry scratched his head sheepishly. 

All of his friends had extra class today. All except him. 

He had done all his assignments and the test results was quite good, so he did not have to attend the extra classes like his friends. And he usually did not come to the campus when he had no class or basketball practice.

And today they had no basketball practice.

No wonder his friends were quite taken back when they saw him.

"What are you doing here? Do we have practice today?"

"No. We don't have any practice today," Harry denied. His eyes were looking around wildly, busily thinking of an excuse that would not expose him but at the same time would work with his friends.

"Hey, we're almost late for class," one of them reminded when he saw the time.

They gasped and quickly rushed toward the class.

Harry took out his phone and checked the class's group in the social media. 

No wonder everyone was scared to be late. 

Today's lecturer was Ms Magnolia Lee.

He kept back his phone and looked around. Where should he go now?

He walked to the library, then the cafetaria, even the park, just in case Ryn went there.

Still, he faced disappointment when there was not even her hair or shadow anywhere. 

It seemed like he came here for nothing.

He sighed heavily. Where could she be? He really missed her. He wanted to see her.

Oh Ryn. Where are you?

Why did you never answer my calls or my messages? Are you avoiding me? What have I done wrong? Harry fretted.

Harry started to think Ryn was avoiding him after that day he asked her about her feeling. 

No. She must be busy. That was why she did not have the time to reply to my calls and messages. He told himself firmly. He would not believe Ryn was giving him a cold shoulder. 

Why wouldn't Ryn like him? Both of them not only having junior-senior relationship on top of them being friends, they also were under the same agency.

So it was normal for them to have romantic relationship, right?

Having finally cheer himself with the thought, Harry decided to return home. What else could he do here? There was no basketball practice today and he did not have to submit any assignment.

Harry went towards the parking lot to drive home.

He did not think the journey home was long as he listened to the radio. Coincidentally, the song which was played was his current favourite.

It made him having good mood.

Everything would be alright. 

He had no doubt about it.

When he reached home, he was still smiling. He greeted Mia's friends who were on the way to the theatre room to watch the latest movie and went straight to his room, leaving the moonstruck girls almost fainted with excitement. 

Who would think Handsome Harry would smile and talk with them. He even helped holding onto a girl's hand when she almost fell down the stairs for being too stunned to see Harry up close.

Today was the luckiest day of their life.

"Please pinch me," one girl murmured. Her cheeks already turned into two red tomatoes. 

Her friend quickly did just that.

The girl did not cry from the pain, in fact, she even sighed dreamily. "This is not a dream..."

Mia watched her friends acting like little kids speechlessly. Why were they acting this way? Her big brother was not that handsome.

Being blessed with beautiful face, and being surrounded by beautiful people in the family thanks to their family's good gene, made Mia did not understand the fascinating feeling her friends has about Harry. What was so good with Harry?

Mia quickly herded the lovesick girls toward the theatre room. After this, they would spend the day at the swimming pool and maybe, having a little picnic there.

All of the girls brought their swimsuits and another set of outfit. If their 'little party' ended late, the girls would spend the night here and go home tomorrow.

The mansion has a lot of rooms anyway.

A man wearing the uniform of the house was already waiting there. Once he saw the girls entering the theatre two by two or one by one, he quickly stood at the light switch so once everyone took their seat, he would dim the light slowly before turned the room completely black after his colleagues sent the popcorns and soda they prepared earlier. Once everything was ready, he would start playing the movie.

The girls kept chatting cheerfully despite the light getting dim. Their topic? Of course it was about their encounter with Handsome Harry and how excited they were to receive his smile.

Mia was speechless the whole time. In fact, she signalled the man to quickly turn the light off and play the movie, just to stop the girls from mooning over her stupid brother.

One of the girls with her big brother?

Only in their dream.

None of her friends was actually her brother's type. If they were, her brother would try to get info about the girl or try to get closer.

But Harry never did that!

In fact, he always grumbled her friends were so noisy and annoying and told her to control them a bit especially during his exam.

And they thought they have the chance to be her sister-in-law?


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