Tell Me Again, My Love
153 The most satisfying wet dream
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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153 The most satisfying wet dream

Jeremy put down the pen he used to sign the documents and used his feet to push himself slightly away from the desk. He stretched his arms and yawned tiredly. He even popped his neck and arched his back to ease the ache for sitting for too long.

Then he stood up and walked to the huge window. He looked outside while stretching his arms.

The moment he arrived at the office, Jacob, his evil personal assistant, was already waiting with piles of documents for him to check and approve. And it was a lot.

Luckily he already had his breakfast or he would faint from hunger and overwork his brain.

Mentioning about this morning, he was a bit puzzled. He woke up feeling so fresh and relax eventhough he had a wet dream. It was so vivid he felt like he was doing it with his beloved Ryn. It felt so real he woke up with a huge smile.

Even when he was having breakfast, he could not stop his smile despite Ryn was already out and the servants all were having weird grin, even the butlar.

He ignored their peculiar behaviour, too happy and satisfied with his wet dream. 

Hopefully tonight he would have the chance to experience the same satisfying wet dream again.

Little did he know the wet dream was actually a real experience with Ryn, thanks to the hard work of all the servants of the house.

And who would even guess the proper and serious old butler of the house was on the phone right now with the Old Madam, seeking for compliment. If he was to have a tail, his tail would be wagging right now as he report their success and even their future plan of matchmaking both kids again.

Of course, once the Elder Madam heard about her only grandson sleeping with another woman, she was ecstatic. She reminded the butler to inform others to take good care of her future great grandson. Nothing must go wrong. Bless the servants for not forgetting the important consumate cloth to place on the bed before the kids sleep.

Once she ended the conversation with her loyal butler, she dialled her daughter-in-law to order her to return quickly. 

The family should prepare the wedding for both grandchildren!

If they just waited for the two kids to decide when to get married, she, the elder madam, would be unable to hold onto her great grandchildren before she closed her eyes forever and met with her late husband. At least in nine months time she could see and hold a chubby great grandson first.

No. She must force her son and daughter-in-law to stop their travelling around the world and focus on her future great-grandchildren.

The whole family, except from Jeremy, Mika and Ryn turned havoc because of this!


Ryn stood in front of the house silently. Mei Li was standing beside her.

"Are you sure?" Mei Li asked, watching Ryn worriedly.


"Why don't you stay first at their place while the renovation going on? Once everything is ready, you can move into your new home," Mei Li suggested.

"Where can I get boxes to pack my things?" Ryn asked, obviously ignoring Mei Li's suggestion.

Mei Li sighed. Her shoulders dropped in surrender. Ryn, when she had made up her mind, nothing could change it. She was that decisive and stubborn!

"I'll check and get back to you. By the way, where do you plan to live in the meantime?" Mei Li asked, now following Ryn into the house. She kept watching over Ryn worriedly.

"Somewhere near the campus. I don't want to take a lot of time traveling to and fron campus," Ryn decided. "Renting an apartment for two months or I just take a hotel."

It would not take more than two months for the renovation to finish, would it? 

Her requirement was not even that hard. She just wanted a build-in closet for her room and her parents'. Also another room for all the clothes and items she received, complete with the wardrobe and place to keep everything tidily and safely. 

Also the kitchen. She needed to renovate everything to fit the furnitures and appliances of her old home.

Tomorrow Mei Li and her would look for a good contractor to do just that.


"No more but. Once we deal with the renovation, I need to look for a place to stay. Next week I will start back my work and classes so we have to settle these within this week."

Mei Li looked pained at the thought of rushing here and there to search for another house for Ryn. Her feet would blame her when they needed to cut off her body. Even her aching bosy would complain.

"Stop grumbling. Everything will be okay," Ryn said, walking into her room and sat on the edge of the bed. Her body could not stop from trembling, still traumatic from that day but she forced herself to not show it.

Mei Li tried to stop her selfishness when she realized just being in this house brought so much pain in Ryn. She should be more understanding.

"I will bring everything important. The rest we can donate," Ryn decided. She took her notebook and started to write down things she wanted to bring along her to the new house and those she wanted to let go.

Mei Li followed behind Ryn and helped suggesting what to bring along and what to donate.

It took them almost two hours to finish listing everything. Mei Li even groaned in pain when they were done, sitting listlessly on the couch. Her hands were pounding onto her legs, trying to ease the ache and the pain. So painful~

Who could have guessed Ryn's parents collected so many weird things and Ryn grumbled all of these have to bring along. Nothing could be left out.

"Or I would not get the end of it... of mom's nagging..." Ryn murmured sadly.

They had some rest for half an hour with Ryn brewing coffee to recharge their energy. None actually finished the drink, too exhausted to do even a simple task as drinking.

"Where should we have our dinner?" Ryn asked casually once they entered the car. Once they felt better, they worked together checking whether the switch and any electrical appliance being turned off before they could leave the place.

"You're not eating dinner at the mansion?" Mei Li asked, frowning.

The question reminded Ryn of what happened last night. Her cheeks went red like two huge round tomatoes. 

She was not ready to go back to that mansion.

She was not ready to face everyone there, especially not Jeremy.

Were they too drunk last night until they did that? And the thing that made her so frustrated was she could remember nothing from it. All that was left was her aches and love bites all over her body.

She swore sometimes she could feel the ache between her legs. Had he gotten bigger there?


Mei Li's voice broke her from her thought. She gulped and tried to act normal.

"What... What did you ask? What was the question again?" 

Mei Li looked at her weirdly. 

"Where should we go for dinner?" Ryn asked again, trying to change the topic, forgetting that the very same question brought the question from Mei Li.

Mei Li cleared her throat. She opened her mouth but quickly closed it back. 

Maybe she should refrain from asking anything related to that mansion. It was quite clear the struggled Ryn was having coming from that mansion, most specifically the family.

So what actually happened that brought this much reaction to Ryn?

Mei Li eyed Ryn but this woman did not say anything. In fact, once she was done buckling her seat belt, she crossed her arms and looked at Mei Li expectingly.

Mei Li sighed, waving a white flag of surrender at Ryn. This poker face of Ryn was too thick to see underneath it.

"Why don't we go to the one near the Green Grass mall?" Mei Li suggested. The restaurant was a frequent for them by the way so they knew the quality and taste of the food.

"It's ok. Let's go then," Ryn nodded her approval and urged Mei Li to drive there.

She was already hungry and planned to eat a lot so she would not look for food in the middle of the night.

And she did just that. Eating. She ate a lot. More than usual. Even the other customers' jaw dropped whenever she finished a plate of food and asked for more to be delivered.

Mei Li did not know where to hide herself from all the look coming from everyone. Even the waiter kept throwing a begging look at her to bring Ryn away or there would be not enough ingredients to naje food for other customers.

And Mei Li had the weird feeling the both of them would be blacklisted by the manager of the restaurant.

Oh my God, this is so embarrassing...


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