Tell Me Again, My Love
154 Did he remember what happened last night?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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154 Did he remember what happened last night?

Ryn's face turned paler as they got closer to the mansion. She was not ready yet. She was not ready to go to that mansion and meet everyone. She was not ready to face him!

"Ryn?" Mei Li was worried seeing her weird behaviour. 

Even though Ryn could be so quiet at a time but today she was way too weird, even to her normal self.

Ryn took a deep breath to calm herself. Then, she grabbed her bag and opened the door. Whether she liked it or not, she had to face them... one day.

Better now than later.

The butler quickly welcomed her home. He was worried sick when even after sunset Miss Catherine had not returned home. Young Master Jeremy just murmured "she must be busy with something" when he reported fretfully.

Could Miss Catherine run away?

The household was in a panic when Ryn did not return before dinner. They had prepared a lot for the second night of consummation. With Young Master Jeremy's young body, they had no doubt they would be able to take care of a fat baby in nine months time. Master and Madam were on the way home, to arrange and renovate a room for a perfect nursery.

Elder Madam would only return next month. She had to settle something first or she would return after the call from the butler.

Now, once they saw her return safely, all of them let out a relieved sigh. They were all so scared to lose their future little Young Master or Young Mistress. The Old Madam would blame them if they lost the child!

Ryn, unaware of how they felt when she went 'missing', simply entered the building. She did not ask whether Jeremy or even Mika had returned home. Her destination was her room. She must get into her room as quickly as possible before she bumped into Jeremy.

She must walk quickly.

The old butler did not manage to catch up with her. With a wave of his hand, another maid quickly took over and followed behind Ryn. They were a bit worried she would get lost.... again.

They really need to bring Miss Catherine to tour the whole place in order for Miss Catherine to get familiar with this place and fell in love with this house just like they do. They worked hard to make this place as homely as possible despite all the antique furniture and decorations. They managed just barely but it brought so much proud in their ego as the best team of the Long's servants.

Ryn, already used with one of the maids following her around just to ensure her safety, just ignore the girl's appearance and focus on reaching her room as quickly as possible without being obvious. She could not run around the house. It would make her seem childish or... too eager.

She must maintain her image as a model even among the household. 


She froze.

The voice she dreaded so much hit her from the back. 

She swallowed her saliva nervously.

Could she just ignore it, acting as if she did not hear him?

"Ryn, wait," maybe sensing her plan, Jeremy used his long legs to get closer to her in no time.

"What is it? I'm tired," she asked, pretending to be so exhausted even though she was not that tired. She just wanted to hide in the safe place known as her room until tomorrow morning she could go out and 'run away' for the whole day.

He looked at her with tender eyes. She should not be working too hard. He could support her in luxury life... if she let him too.

But she would not.

She was too independent even to herself!

"Are you alright?" he asked gently. He wished he could stroke her arm or her hair or better, pull her into his arms, to comfort her and to give her strength. But he could not do it. He had no right to do what he had in mind.

Until she accept him back, he could not do what a lover could do.

"I am okay. Why?" she really did not want to prolong this discomfort. She just wanted to get into her room and hide in there the whole night.

"I didn't know you have a job today. I thought you're still on leave," he spoke, trying to understand why she was giving a weird vibe right now. "Why are you running away from me?"

She almost fell down at the question. Did he guess it? Did he remember what happened last night? What should she do now?

Oh no... this is so embarrassing...

How she wished a huge hole would appear right in front of her right now so she could just jump in. 

And why was the maid was still here? Hadn't she already reached right in front of her room? She should just leave now, the maid, she meant.

Jeremy waved his hand, signalling the maid to leave them alone. The maid compiled. She bobbed her head politely at both of them before she left.

Jeremy took another step closer to her.

"Catherine? Love?" his eyes watched her as her face turned paler and paler.

What had happened to her? Why was she looking so uncomfortable and worried?

Was it him? Had he done something wrong... again?

What did he do to make her so uncomfortable to be close to him?

"Have I done something wrong?" he asked carefully.

She quickly shook her head.

It was clear he did not remember what happened last night. If he did, he would try to bring her into his arms and forced her to accept him by using the last night's incident as a blackmail.

"Can you just tell me honestly what I did wrong? Nothing can be solved if you keep everything in your mind," he begged.

She wrapped her arms around herself, refused to open her mouth.

"Ryn, please," he begged. Now, he threw away his caution and pulled her into his arms.

"Why are you torturing me like this?" he choked out.

Her body was so stiff in his arms, he felt like he would break her if he used too much strength. He reluctantly released her. He took two steps back and looked at her sadly.

"Is it impossible for you to forgive me?"

She sniffed. Was it hard for him to understand it? She was starting to like her new life without him but he suddenly appeared back and demanded her to accept him back. It was as if all her misery and tears meant nothing to him.

"Please tell me what I should do to make you agree me back," he begged but this time did not try to touch her.

He did not want to hurt her more. More than he had last time.

"I just..." she paused, swallowed hard to calm herself. "Just..."


"I am tired. I need to rest," she finally said. She pushed the door open and shut it quietly, ignoring the hurt look from Jeremy. She was hurting too!

Jeremy dropped hos shoulders sadly. It seemed like the pain he caused her still hurting her until now. He thought when she agreed to stay here, she started to open up her heart for him but it seemed he was wrong.

Slowly he pushed himself to walk to his room.

A maid who was peeping from the other side gasped and hurriedly ran to get the butler. Oh no... What should they do now? Young Master Jeremy and Miss Catherine was having a fight and it seemed so serious.

They havebto do something before the situation worsen.

Mika who was just finished watching the movie in the theatre room was puzzled when she reached upstairs. Why was the atmosphere here so weird and the temperature so cold?

She shivered unconsciously.

"Are you cold?" a pair of big hands quickly reached hers to warm her hands a bit. He even blew out his warm breath to help her feel better.

"Jason, don't you think it's too cold here?" she shivered.

"Is it?" he asked worriedly. 

He looked around but nothing seemed broken. He did not feel that cold. So why would his love shivering in cold now?

"I'll stay with you tonight," he finally decided, not wanting to leave her in her uncomfortable condition, "If the heat warmer broke down, I will warm you up."

"Jason," Mika's eyes widened into big saucers and her cheeks turned red.

Jason never spoke like this loudly. He was a romantic person and pamper her like his own princess but saying this out loud outside of their bedroom?

Scandalous... And so manly.

Her eyes blinked adoringly at him, which make him unconsciously stood up straighter and opened his chest even wider to show how manly he was. Who would not be proud when his beloved looked at him with adoring eyes?

"Come, let's go to bed," even his voice was a bit deep, a bit manly.

She sighed and allowed him to steer her to her bedroom.


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