Tell Me Again, My Love
156 I want to move out 2
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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156 I want to move out 2

Instead of taking days for Ryn to choose, she only needed half a day to decide which house she wanted to rent.

It was an apartment, the closest apartment to her campus. It was smaller than the house she bought. But it was enough for her to live for several months, while waiting for her real house to finish its renovation. There was enough security measure to bring ease to her heart and even a small shopping mart and a gym not far from the apartment, just in case she needed to buy grocery or too lazy to exercise in the university's gym. All in all, the apartment had almost all of her requirements compared to the others.

Mei Li quickly settled the documentation with the landlord. Then, they received the house key.

"What do you want to do now?" Mei Li asked when she noticed Ryn kept looking blankly at the keys in her hand.

"Hmm...? Oh. We should find a company to move the furnitures first. I can't move into an empty house. Then, once everything is clear, you can choose a day for the tv show to record my day," Ryn said as she put the keys into her bag.

"About the contractor?" Mei Li was a bit worried with the time limit. So many things to do in so little time. Would Ryn be able to move next week?

"I've decided," Ryn said, "moving out as quickly as possible is more important than the renovation. We go find a suitable company first."

"As you wish," what else could Mei Li say? At least Ryn did not say anything about the money.

Mei Li quickly googled a company that specialized in moving furnitures. They found one that Ryn satisfied of and decided to start moving the furnitures in two days, enough time for Ryn to pack her belonging.

"When are you going to tell them?" Mei Li asked as they walked toward her car in the parking lot from the moving company.

"I'm not sure yet." Ryn's voice was quite low. Mei Li had to put her ear closer to hear each word. 

It seemed like Ryn still had some thought about moving out. Would she change her mind suddenly?

No. Mei Li had doubt about it. Despite not admitting it, Ryn was a hippy in her heart. She hated being 'chain down' and loved being free to do whatever she wanted. Of course, compared to her parents, Ryn was much more composed. Hence, when she had to live with so many pair of eyes watching her every single move at home, she felt suffocated and restrained. She was too used of living alone and taking care of herself in every single thing. Of course she would look forward to move into her own space. She would not change her mind.

They had their late lunch in the restaurant in the shopping mall, the usual place Mei Li would go when she went shopping. Ryn chose to eat soup noddle as her first meal while Mei Li who was so hungry, she ordered fried rice with sweet and sour fish.

Mei Li was still enjoying her meal when Ryn raised up jer hand to call the waiter and started to list several dishes. Mei Li's eyes widened.

"I'm still hungry," Ryn shrugged her shoulders.

Mei Li felt like palming her own face but she did not want to do it in public and especially in front of food. She thought Ryn had changed a bit, no longer a foodie but... Sigh...

Ryn ignored how Mei Li was feeling. Her eyes were on her phone. Her eyes narrowed.

Unknown to Mei Li, because Ryn had silent her phone, Ryn had quite a lot of missed calls and messages. It had been days and she, honestly, was getting annoyed.

Why was he kept calling and messaging her as if he had the 'power' to do that? They were just friends and not even that close!

Her thought was then turned to something else when the food she ordered start coming. She put the phone back into her bag, just like the irritation she felt toward him was pushed to the back of her mind.

She enjoyed her late lunch. Later, she still had so many things to do, especially regarding the packing of her belonging.


Jeremy was tired. He had no mood to work. He pushed himself to go to work, even forcing the lovebirds, Mika and Jason, to go to work too.

He could still see her expression last night. It broke his heart and he was helpless. How could he make her accept him back? How could he cure the wound he himself caused deep in her heart? No wonder, even when they spent more time together, he could feel the distance she made emotionally. It was like she was so close, so mear to him but he felt she was so far from his grasp.

He sighed, rubbing his face with his hands in frustration. 

with the thought of Ryn filling his mind the whole day, honestly he had no idea how he worked today. He just signed the document without reading carefully. He just stared blankly at the computer. He even looked at the file without seeing while Jacob, his personal assistant babbling about a project. He could not understand a word Jacob said.

What should he do now? He really needed Ryn in his life but he knew if he forced her to accept him, he would lose her forever.

And he did not want that to happen.

He sighed again and walked to the window to look outside. The reason why he chose this building for his company was because of the scenery from his office room. It felt so peaceful with dots of green scattering down there in betweek buildings and the busy road. But now, the scenery he lobed so much felt bleak and blank.

Thinking that it was no used to stay here when his heart was not in it, he grabbed his coat and walked outside.

"Sir," Jacob greeted politely as he hurriedly stood up.

"I'm going out. If there is any appointment, reschedule it back," Jeremy ordered while walking toward the elevator.

"But... But..." Jacob was flustered when his boss suddenly went away. There were two meetings after lunch but... Well, he guessed he had to reschedule them back.

His shoulders dropped down in exhausted.

As long as Miss Catherine did not accept thr boss, all of them would suffer.

Although he was unwilling, Jacob did take the phone and started to call to rechedule everything. Boss did not care if it would cause them millions of dollars. All he could think of was Miss Catherine and how to win her back. 

Jacob took a deep breath and pasted a smile when the call connected. Being professional was not allowing others to see anything but calm.

Jeremy reached his car at the parking lot and quickly oushed a button to unlock it. When he got into the car then he realized he had no destination to go. He dropped his face against the steering wheel and groaned loudly. What was wrong with him today?

It took him about five minutes in that position before he decided to drive. He started the engine and kept it glid smoothly toward the exit.

But he still had no particular destination in his mind.

The car ran into the busy road and blended with the other vehicles. He ignored the horn coming from the cars and mostly from the motor, his mind was busy thinking about Ryn.

What did he do wrong to make her suddenly angry at him?

He tried to remember what he did wrong but nothing came to mind. After his fever, she took good care of him. He did not mention about their relationship, just enjoying her care. She also did not say anything that could be the reason behind her frustration.

It was a puzzle he could not solve. And it brought so much frustration for him.

The car finally stopped in the empty parking lot near a lake. He got out from the car and looked at the sparkling water. He could even see birds flying not far from where he was standing.

Ryn would love to sse this. She would love to come here and enjoy the nature.

But would she accept his invitation to come here? Just the two of them... Alone?

He had doubt about it.

He took a deep breath, hoping this place could bring peace for him. Then, he started to walk along the pedestration road. No one else was there except him... And the birds... 

Somehow his heart was pounding hard. Something would happen that he would not like it. Was it related to Ryn? No, he shook his head.

Ryn was no longer in danger. The kidnapper was dead. And Ryn would not allow herself being alone outside. Mei Li would accompany her.

So, why did it feel like he would receive bad news soon?

Then, his phone rang.


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