Tell Me Again, My Love
157 I want to move out 3
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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157 I want to move out 3

After the late lunch...

Mei Li, already full and happy, started chattering as they walked along the shops, heading toward the parking lot. Ryn just kept quiet. She glanced at the shops, at what the sellers offer, but did not take notice of any of it. Nothing caught her interest.

Mei Li, even though her eyes were looking at the items displayed with bright eyes, also did not take much notice. Mei Li's mind was full of the thought of her finally able to pay off her loan. She could not wait to settle everything. Once she was done with her education loan, she would look for a cute little house to live. 

Ryn waited as Mei Li paid the fare for the parking at the vending machine near the entrance door. Ryn crossed her arms and frowned. Why her heart suddenly pounded so hard, as if something bad would happen?

"Ryn?" Mei Li looked at Ryn worriedly.

Why was Ryn's face suddenly turned pale? Had she fell sick again?

Ryn touched her heart and lifted her head slowly. "Mei Li..."


"Let's go back to the mansion," Ryn choked out. Without waiting for Mei Li, Ryn rushed toward the car. Something bad was happening but Ryn did not know what it was. Somehow... it related to the mansion.

Although she was confused, Mei Li did drive faster than usual to the mansion. She glanced a few times at Ryn and saw how nervous Ryn was.

"Are you okay, Ryn?" Mei Li asked.

"I.. I am not sure..." Ryn choked out. She was scared of calling to ask. She did not want to know now. She was not ready to hear the bad news.

Then her phone rang...

Gulping, she looked at the display screen and saw Jeremy's name.

Was her bad feeling right? Had something bad happened?

Slowly she slid the screen to answer the call. Her shaking right hand brought the phone closer to her right ear.


"Ryn, where are you right now?"


"Mika is in the hospital right now," Jeremy quickly told her the address of the hospital and ended his call with, "she's still in the emergency."

Ryn dropped the phone. Her bad feeling was right. 

She turned and tried to speak but nothing came out. She gulped and tried again opening her mouth.

"What's wrong, Ryn?" Mei Li did not hear what Jeremy told her. Ryn did not put the conversation in speaker. Ryn also did not repeat back whatever Jeremy said during the conversation like any normal person would. She just gasped and her face turned paler until she dropped the phone.

"Mei Li..." Ryn's eyes went wet.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Mei Li panicked with Ryn started to cry.

Choking between her tears, Ryn told Mei Li which hospital to go... well, mumbling the name and Mei Li had to type the hospital's name into the GPS system.

They reached the hospital in no time. Mei Li stopped at the emergency entrance and let Ryn got out of the car before she drove away, looking for a parking lot to park. Without waiting for her manager, Ryn rushed into the emergency and looked around.

She saw Jeremy leaning against the wall, staring at a door. She quickly rushed to him, her heart pounding even harder seeing how pale his face was.

"How is she? What happened?" she asked breathlessly, managed to say it clear despite the tears.

"She was hit by a car when crossing the road. I don't know the whole story," his voice was slow and his eyes never left the light on top of the door of the operation room.


"He went to pick up his parents. They're on their way," he replied.

Ryn no longer had the mood to ask anything. She stood next to Jeremy and stared at the light.

They did not even notice Mei Li who approached them breathlessly. Mei Li wanted to ask what happened but looking at their paled face, Mei Li changed her mind. She went to sit on a chair and waited along.

Moments turned into minutes. Minutes turned into hours. Still, the light never shut off.

Ryn's heart getting heavier and heavier. Her mind started to think things negatively. She could not take it anymore. What if... What if...

Her eyes, which she hardly blink, seemed unable to focus before everything turned black. She fainted.

"Ryn!" Jeremy shouted as he quickly caught the fainting Ryn into his arms. His heart caught seeing how pale Ryn was. 

Jason, who came with his parents, quickly rushed to call a nurse or a doctor to help. His mother clutched her hands onto her husband, too shocked to say anything.

Mei Li had to leave earlier, right after Jason and his parents arrived. She had something to do and believed in Jeremy to send Ryn home safely. With heavy heart, Mei Li reminded Ryn to tell her Mika's condition whether good or bad. Although they were not close but Mei Li still respected Mika as being a good friend to Ryn.

Jeremy arranged for the best doctor... Well... second best doctor to treat Ryn. The best doctor was inside, treating Mika. He also arranged for the best room for Ryn.

Now, his focus was split into two. One on Mika, his little sister and another on Ryn, his love. Oh God, don't let anything bad happen to both of them, I'm begging you.

Jason's mother decided she would go to a temple to pray and Jason quickly handed his keys to his father. He did not want to leave before he knew Mika's condition.

The two men did not speak. Their heart and mind were fully focussed on the light.

A nurse came and told Jeremy that Ryn fainted because of her being overwhelming with stress and exhaustion. Her body could not take the pressure anymore and shut off. Right now she was given a drip in the suite and might need to stay for several days.

Jeremy nodded and thanked her. He did not move from where he stood. Ryn was safe and that was the important part. However, he still needed to know about Mika and could not leave to visit Ryn. Not yet.

The time ticked so slow. It was getting dark outside. But none of the men felt tired or sleepy. Their eyes were still on the light, never move.

Finally, after hours in the operation room, a doctor walked out with several people. He quickly approached Jeremy and Jason.

"How is she, doctor?" Jason asked hurriedly before Jeremy could open his mouth.

"Miss Long is no longer under danger. However, she is under observation to ensure there is no effect after the operation. Please follow me into my office so I can explain her condition clearly," the doctor invited them politely. He was the director of the hospital and recognized these two men immediately.

Luckily he managed to stop the bleeding and sew everything. If not... He could not picture what would happen to him if the operation failed.

He could lose his job and his reputation!


When Ryn opened her eyes, she found herself in a white room. She tried to move but something held onto his right arm. Her bleary eyes saw it was attached to a drip.

What exactly happened?

She rubbed her head. The headache came fast and furious until she cried loudly, holding onto her head.

So painful. Her head felt like it would crack into tiny pieces.

She cried again. She struggled to fight against the pain and her hand unconsciously hit the button for emergency on the headboard when her body moved around violently.

"Are you alright, Miss?" a nurse came in hurriedly when she heard the call and was shocked to see Ryn crying while holding her head. Her body was shaking violently, even almost dislodging the drip on her arm.

"Doctor!" the nurse cried while rushing to hold onto Ryn so the drip would not dislodge from her arm.

She was a petite nurse and could not compare to Ryn who was in so much pain, she forgot everything else around her. All she could think of was making the pain go away.

Ryn did not notice she pushed the nurse to the floor during her struggle.

Jeremy who just entered the room dropped the two bouquets he brought when he saw Ryn's condition. Without think, he rushed and helped the nurse holding onto Ryn firmly as the nurse called for the doctor repeatedly.

The drip fell off her arm and blood started to leak out from the point where the needle was inserted.

"Shhh... It's okay... It's okay... I am here..." Jeremy whispered, trying to calm Ryn down. He thought Ryn was scared waking up alone in a strange room.

"So painful... My head... So painful..." Ryn cried. Tears were wetting her face as she tried to look at Jeremy but the pain was too much. Her eyes shut tight as she struggled to make the pain away.


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