Tell Me Again, My Love
158 I want to move out 4
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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158 I want to move out 4

"So painful... My head... So painful..." Ryn cried. Tears were wetting her face as she tried to look at Jeremy but the pain was too much. Her eyes shut tight as she struggled to make the pain away.

"Shh... I know... hold on..." Jeremy soothed but his worried eyes looked at the nurse, wanting her to help Ryn to make the pain away.

Soon enough, a doctor with a group of people entered the room. He looked at Ryn for a second before told the man beside him. Two of them quickly helped holding onto the still struggling Ryn.

The man came holding something and handed it to the doctor. The doctor quickly injected Ryn on her arm.

Everyone let out a sigh of relieved when Ryn stopped struggling and fell asleep. They wiped the sweat on their face.

The doctor looked at Jeremy, gulping.

"Right now Miss Catherine's condition is stable," he started.

Jeremy crossed his arms and cocked an eyebrow.

"It is normal for her to be..." the doctor paused. He was trying to make it light but it seemed like it was the wrong move.

"Jeremy," an elderly woman entered the room hurriedly, followed by an elderly man.

"Father? Mother?" Jeremy looked at the couple in shock. Shouldn't they be on their vacation?

"What exactly happened? The old man said Mika had an accident? Is that Ryn? Why is she there?" Mrs Long quickly approached the bed and looked at the unconscious woman worriedly.

"What's going on, Jeremy?" his father asked.

"I'm not sure, father. Mika was hit by a car yesterday and Ryn, well, she's like that," Jeremy was helpless as he watched his mother fussing over Ryn.

"How is Mika?" his father asked. They just arrived home from the airport and quickly rushed to the hospital when they learned about the accident. They heard Jeremy was already here, in the building, and went to ask where he was. But the person they were expecting to see was not there. It was Ryn.

What exactly was going on?

Jeremy sighed. He looked at the floor where the flowers were scattering messily. Those bouquets were ruined now.

"The operation was a success. I was about to visit her next after putting the flowers at Ryn's desk," Jeremy explained. He planned to stop for a while to check on Ryn before go to wait at Mika's side. 

He came to Ryn first to give some space for Jason, knowing his sister's fiance was already there with his own's bouquet of flowers. Let the man spent precious time with his fiancee before Jeremy came.

Well, now more like before Jeremy and his parents came to visit Mika. 

Three of them walked slowly to Mika's room. It took them no time to her room as it was in the same floor. The elders did not say anything. They just shared a look and held hands tightly.

They only left for their second honeymoon for a few months and this happened. Clearly they could not leave the kids without an elder watching over them. Jeremy, the eldest could not even win over Catherine's heart! And Mika, their youngest could not make up her mind when her wedding date should be! 

They arrived at Mika's room and saw Jason was already there, holding onto Mika's hand. The beeping of her heart from the machine filling the quiet room.

Mrs Long covered her mouth as she gasped. Her youngest looked so fragile and so small lying on the bed with wires around her body. Even the machines looked so big! Her poor little baby.

Jason quickly stood up when he noticed someone entered the room. His face changed to see the elders but he quickly approached them.

"Oh, my poor little Jason," Mrs Long cried as she hugged Jason. Then, she went to her baby little girl, crying.

The men did not approach the bed, letting Mrs Long fussing over her baby daughter. 

"She's already stable?" Mr Long asked quietly.

"According to the doctor, yes. However, we need to wait until she wakes up to be sure," Jeremy replied.

"What did the police say?" Mr Long asked. He watched his wife sobbing next to his unconscious daughter.

"They are still looking about it," Jeremy replied, rubbing his head in frustration.

The news came out last night and reporters were waiting outside the hospital's entrance. Luckily there was an underground entrance so they could come without being blocked by the reporters. All the meetings were postponed until Mika getting better. But now, with his parents returned, he could focus on his work while his mother taking care of Mika.

Jason just kept quiet. He kept looking at his beloved Mika. His heart hurt seeing how much Mika suffered. Silently, he blamed himself. He usually would pick her up for lunch or when office hour ended. But yesterday he had to attend a lunch meeting and Mika, his sweet Mika had to have lunch alone. If only he refused to have a lunch meeting and stick to a real meeting... or he just bring Mika along. Screw confidential matter. Everything he had belonged to Mika and she could even help him if he missed any information.

He should bring Mika along!

Jeremy brought his father to meet the doctor in charge of Mika, the director of the hospital, so his father could get clear information about Mika's condition. They left Mrs Long with Jason, not wanting to affect the already bad emotion of the elder woman.

The director was already told about the Long's arrival and he and the other management personals waited for the family at the entrance of his office. They welcomed the father-son duo and the director led them into his office. He was already being briefed ith both Mika's and Ryn's latest state so it was easy for him to explain.

The duo did not ask much except when both Mika and Ryn would get better and discharged from the hospital. That was the only question the director had trouble to answer.


Ryn woke up the second time and found everything black. She looked around weakly before closed her eyes. Even though it was dark but she could guess where she was. The smell of antiseptic could still overwhelm the room despite the flowers.

She sighed.

She tried to move her hand but the pain stopped her from doing that.  She winced and cancelled her plan. But her throat was so dry. She wanted to drink so much, so-so much.

She lifted her arms high up, well, as high as she could to reach for the headboard. There should be a switch or button or something to call the nurse or someone... anyone. She spent minutes just looking for it before she could finally find it. She pressed it as hard as she could... repeatedly.

A nurse quickly rushed in, holding her yawn by covering her mouth. She quickly smiled cheerfully as she switched on the light.

"Yes, Miss Catherine? You have awakened? Do you need anything?"

Question after question actually stunned Ryn for a while. Then, she snapped out of it and pointed to a glass. "Water... please..." her voice was hoarse but still audible.

The nurse quickly poured a glass of water for Ryn and helped Ryn by holding the glass carefully. Then, she poured another glass when Ryn asked for more.

"A doctor will come to check on you. Do you need something else?" the nurse asked once Ryn was done with the second glass.

"No..." Ryn shook her head. Her body felt so tired and her head so heavy. She just wanted to close her eyes, pretending that she could run from everything just by hiding in the dreamland.

A doctor came in with the same nurse who helped her with her drink. He smiled despite the huge bag eyes underneath his eyes and there was even a trace of sleep on his cheek. 

Ryn glanced at the clock on the cupboard and saw it was already 3 in the morning. No wonder.

But... how long had she been sleeping?

She let the doctor doing his checking and tried to answer the questions he asked. All she wanted was going back to sleep but... there was something more important. She just could not remember what it was but her heart was pounding when she tried to remember. It was just at the tip of her tongue...

"Congratulations, Miss Catherine. Everything is good and normal. You can be discharged by today," the doctor said cheerfully. Then, after a slight pause, he added, "You can visit Miss Long tomorrow. A nurse will help bringing you to Miss Long's room, just right at the corner."

Mika. Ryn's eyes widened. She forgot about Mika, her best friend. How could she even forget about her when the reason she fainted because of her.

"How... how is she, doctor? How is Mika?" Ryn asked worriedly.

"The operation is a success. Her condition is stable. However, we can only determine everything once she wakes up," the doctor explained.

Ryn did not ask more. Tomorrow... tomorrow she would go to Mika and look for herself. She waited until the doctor and his entourage left the room before she closed her eyes. She would sleep for a few hours, just a few hours before she go and check on Mika.


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