Tell Me Again, My Love
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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159 I want to move out 5

A few hours turned into another day when she woke up back. This time, when Ryn woke up, she was taken back seeing a couple looking at her apart from Jeremy. Unconsciously, she tried to lean back, trying to get away from the couple.

"You've wakened up, dear?" Mrs Long looked at her and smiled between the tears.

"Aun... aunty?" Ryn choked out. Then, she automatically looked at Jeremy, wanting to ask him what was going on.

Jeremy smiled at her tenderly.

"We heard you're awakened. That's why we come here to visit you," Mr Long explained before shrugged, "Well, of course, we also want to give some time for Jason to spend with Mika."

"Mika? How... how is she?" Ryn choked out despite her dry throat. Even her stomach was growling in hunger.

"You must be hungry. The cook made porridge for you. Jeremy, pour into the bowl," Mrs Long ordered.

"Mika?" Ryn tried to reach for a glass to drink but the elder woman quickly took it and poured some water before handed it to her. 

Ryn thanked her and tried to finish everything quickly. She was so thirsty, she could drink the whole bottle of water in no time.

"Slow down. Don't worry," Mrs Long reminded.

"Mika, aunty? How is Mika?" Ryn asked once she quenched her thirst. She looked at the older woman worriedly. 

"Mika is still unconscious," Mr Long replied as he took a step back to give way for his son to prepare food for Ryn.

A few more minutes spending with Ryn gave more time for Jason. Well, at least as a father, he did not have to hear all those mushy words Jason told his daughter. And although he knew his daughter has spent the night with her fiance, he still refused to accept it and pretended his daughter was still innocent and pure... well, as naive as her five years old self years and years ago. In his mind, both Mika and Catherine were still kids, young innocent kids.

Jeremy wanted to feed Ryn but his mother took over. She held the spoon tightly, refusing to hand it to Ryn. For her, Ryn was a patient and as a patient, she should just relax and let everyone else pamper her.

Ryn could only manage to finish half of the bowl before she shook her head, refusing more. Mrs Long tried to coax more but Ryn just patted her stomach with the hand not attached to the drip.

"Just one more spoon," Mrs Long said.

"I'm already full, aunty," Ryn choked out, rubbing her stomach. It was less, way less than her usual portion but truthfully, she was too full to even drink. She could not add more food or drink into her stomach.

Jeremy took the bowl from his mother silently. He would not argue with Ryn in front of his parents. He needed them to coax Ryn to accept him.

Luckily for him, his family believed in love. There was no such thing as match-making and they only married for love. The family also would not look at status or even wealth. All that cared was love. If the child loves a person and they found the partner please to their eyes; kind-hearted, honest and love their child and not the wealth, they would accept the choice with open arms. They were this simple.

"Can I see Mika now, please," Ryn begged. 

Jeremy looked at his mother. Right now, his mother was the 'leader' of the family and would decide whether Ryn could go see Mika now or has to wait more. 

"How are you going to the bathroom to fresh yourself with this drip?" Mrs Long pressed the button to call the nurse.

A nurse quickly came as if she was already standing by outside the room. She greeted them politely and asked what was expected of her. 

"My daughter wants to fresh herself. Can she take off the  drip?" Mrs Long asked, looking at the nurse with a smile.

The nurse excused herself and went out to find a doctor. She could not make a decision easily. Mrs Long just told her to take off the drip and she was not the person to decide on that.

A doctor came in. Actually, the person who came in was the director of the hospital. Obviously he took care of these two VIPs. He must take care of these patients.

"Good afternoon, Mr Long, Mrs Long, Young Master Long," the director greeted politely. He called Jeremy as Young Master with his father's appearance in the same room. Usually, he would call Jeremy as Mr Long.

"My daughter, how is she right now?" Mrs Long asked him, gesturing toward Ryn.

Ryn's cheeks turned red. She never thought Mrs Long would introduce her as the daughter. The Longs really took her into their family. They treated her as their own, despite her being an outsider.

"She can be discharged anytime, Madam," the director said with a smile.

"Then discharge her now. J, go handle the paperwork," the Madam of the house aka Mrs Long quickly ordered her son to settle the bill.

Jeremy obeyed.

The director ordered his assistant to help Jeremy. He did not want to leave the couple. He wanted the chance to bootlicking the powerful couple. Maybe if they liked his service, he... no... the hospital would get a sponsor from the family. He would not waste any chance.

The couple watched at the side while the director ordered the nurse to take off the drip needle off Ryn's hand. Then, Mrs Long stepped forward and helped Ryn to walk to the ensuite bathroom. 

She wanted to get inside as well but Ryn gave her an apologetic look and closed the door. Ryn was not ready to share the bathroom with Jeremy's mother. She was still uncomfortable with them being so familiar to her.

This was so weird even if Jeremy used to be her boyfriend and Mika is her best friend.

Maybe this was just a dream... or just a hallucination. She must be on high from all the medicine and drugs they put into her body when she was unconscious.

It took her no time to get out of the bathroom. After emptying her bladder, brushing her teeth with the new toothbrush and toothpaste, and even wet her face with the cold water, she felt like she was ready to meet Mika.

She did not want to waste any more time. She wanted to see her best friend desperately. How was she right now?

Mrs Long quickly wrapped her hand around Ryn's arm, helping her just in case the younger woman stumbled and lose her conscious again. This Ryn was such a dear. Despite just being declared healthy by the director, Mrs Long knew Ryn was still weak but this younger woman was so determined to see Mika. Of course, she was thankful for her daughter to find such a precious girl to be her best friend, and she knew Ryn decided to be with her oblivious and stupid son because of his own personality, not because of the family's status.

This child was too innocent to even fall for the greedy devil.

Mrs Long knew during her son's relationship with Ryn, Ryn would prefer to cook for them, rather than eating outside. Ryn even learned to make Jeremy's favourite. Oh, how Mrs Long wished she could taste Ryn's cooking.

If only his stupid son would just give in and apologize quickly after they broke up, Jeremy and Ryn might be married by now and she could already hold her first grandchild.

This was all Jeremy's fault!

Mr Long followed behind the woman as they walked slowly to Mika's room. He felt like the time they took at Ryn's room was enough for Jason. 

When they reached Mika's room, they found Jason was busy adjusting the flowers in the vase. Mr Long frowned but shrugged it off.  He coughed loudly to announce their arrival.

Jason turned his head and nodded his head politely. Then, he quickly put the vase down and went to the couple and Ryn.

"Are you alright already, Ryn? You gave us quite a scare that day," Jason asked as he helped to bring another chair next to Mika's bed.

"I think so. I'm discharged today," Ryn replied as she tried to help Mrs Long to sit but ended up sitting first. She automatically reached for Mika's hand. Her face a bit paled seeing Mika did not even stir even though Ryn accidentally touched a wire from her body.

"Mika, please wake up," Ryn choked out, started to cry. She did not want to see kind of situation for Mika. Her best friend, Mika, should just smile brightly and mischievously, not lying unresponsive like this. Only the beating of her heart from the machine the evidence of her still alive.


Mrs Long was already being hugged by her husband, crying seeing how heartbroken Ryn was. How helpless Ryn must be feeling during the operation until it overwhelmed her so much to be hospitalized.

"Mika, it's not funny anymore. Open your eyes quickly and smile," Ryn begged but there was no response from Mika.

"Child..." Mrs Long choked out but could not continue her words.

It was a heartbreaking moment for all of them.


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