Tell Me Again, My Love
160 I want to move out 6
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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160 I want to move out 6

Ryn stroke Mika's hand, weeping. She let go of her mask right there and then, showing the vulnerable side of hers despite the Long family and even Jason there. She could no longer pretend to be tough and cold-hearted. Mika was her best friend, her other half. She could not picture her life without Mika in it.

Jeremy wanted to touch her, to pull her in his arms. Somehow he felt like Ryn was blaming herself for this.

Ryn wiped the tears from her face and looked at the sobbing Mrs Long. Her eyes went wet again and another fresh tears ran down her cheeks.

Jeremy, Jason and Mr Long shared a desperate look. When would the women stop crying? Would the cry wake Mika up from her 'slumber'?

None even noticed the slight movement coming from Mika. It was a slight movement of her eyelids.

It took the women half an hour before the tears finally stopped. The men let out a sigh of relieved. Finally. Finally, they did not have to watch the waterpot.

Mr Long quickly pulled his wife into his arms, not wanting another round of tears if his wife touched their daughters (Ryn and Mika). Yes, the Long couple had decided to take Ryn as their daughter-in-law without even asking the opinion of Ryn. Only Ryn was suitable to marry into their family.

Jeremy helped holding Ryn's shoulders as he led the way to the door. However, as they just reached the door, someone called for Ryn.

"R... Ryn...?"

Everyone turned around and gasped at the bed. Was that just an illusion? They looked at each other. Everyone heard the same thing, right? Wasn't that Mika's voice, albeit weak and slow?

They quickly rushed toward the bed. Jason was the first to arrive and quickly took hold of Mika's hand.

"Love? Are you awake, Love?" he asked desperately.

Mika struggled to open her eyes and blinked. It was too bright. Too bright for her eyes.

Sensing the discomfort, Ryn quickly blocked the light without saying a word.

Mika tried again when she felt something blocking the light. Again she blinked her eyes, trying to focus her sight and the first face she saw actually was Ryn. She opened her mouth to call Ryn's name.


Her concentration was turned toward Jason who quickly pushed his face toward her sight.

"Ja... Jason?" she choked out weakly.

"Yes, Love. It's me. You have finally awakened," Jason choked out. He did not even realize his eyes were wet with tears. Finally, she has awakened!

Jeremy and Mr Long watched from the back while Jason, Ryn and Mrs Long surrounded the bed. Then, Jeremy snapped from his happy thought and walked out of the room to call for a doctor to check on Mika.

The director came in with his entourage and asked politely for the family to give them some space. Mika tried to say something but seeing the family really was worried about her health, she kept quiet. 

Ryn, Jason, Jeremy, Mr and Mrs Long waited outside nervously. Finally, Mika had woke up. She was no longer under danger.


Everyone looked at Jason when he suddenly spoke up.

Jason glanced at the closed door and took a deep breath to calm himself. Then, he opened his mouth back, "I've decided to marry Mika once she get discharged from the hospital."


Everyone was shocked with the announcement. The loudest was Mrs Long and Ryn. Had Jason lost his mind for worrying about Mika's health?

"I'm serious," Jason nodded his head firmly. "Instead of waiting for the right date, I want to marry her as quick as possible."

He looked at Jeremy, "You said you want her to move out of the house quickly. Once she married me, she has to move into my house."

"Jeremy?" Mrs Long looked at her eldest, her cheeks red holding her temper desperately. Had Jeremy lost his mind wanting to kick his little sister out of the house?

"Explain," Mr Long boomed at his useless son.

"I..." Jeremy was taken back when Jason simply sold him to the family's wrath. He did not mean that the couple should marry now. He just wanted Mika to live with Jason so he could live together with Ryn without the gooseberry aka Mika.

"Jeremy?" Mrs Long muttered, staring at her son angrily. 

"I..." Jeremy looked at Jason but this stupid man was standing so straight like a plank, like a soldier waiting for his superior to give order.

"I will tell my parents today. Tomorrow my parents will come to discuss the dowry," Jason said confidently.

Ryn facepalmed herself listening to Jason. What had gone wrong with Jason's brain today? Had the worry of Mika's health shocked him too much to lose quite a lot of wire in his brain?

Before Jeremy could hit Jason to stop him from making things worse, the door was flung opened and the Director came out with a huge smile.

The family immediately dump the matter regarding Jason and Mika's marriage and approached him eagerly.

"Miss Long is no longer under danger. However, we will keep her under observation until her body getting better," the director announced after he greeted each one of them politely.

Ryn blew out a sigh of relief, stumbling back to lean against Jeremy's hard chest. She was happy to see her best friend was okay now.

Once the director told them they could go to Mika, none even wasted any time. They quickly rushed into the room. Even when the Director invited them to his room so he could explain Mika's condition clearly, none actually accepted the invitation. They just wanted to see Mika.

Mika was pushing herself to stay awake and smiled weakly seeing the people she loved approaching her. She wanted to lift her hand and take Ryn's hand but both arms were attached to wires. She could only wait for once of them to touch her hand.

"How do you feel now, dear?" Mrs Long asked worriedly seeing her daughter's face still pale. She swore Mika lost quite a lot of weight. Without thinking, she glared at her useless son for daring to make her daughter suffered.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Jeremy asked without thinking when he noticed the glare. What had he done wrong to receive that kind of look from his own mother?

Mrs Long did not say. Instead, she cooed and fussed over Mika. 

Jason was fussing over Mika too, ignoring the signal from Ryn not to act rushingly. He should realize right now it was time for the mother-daughter to spend more time. He could always spend more time with Mika once Mrs Long was done. Why couldn't he just be a little bit of patience?

"Jason, why don't you inform your parents about Mika's?" Mr Long noticed the displeasure on his wife's face and told Jason to step back. 

But Jason was a bit slow today. He did not understand Mr Long's purpose to help him. His focus was totally on Mika. Nothing could stop him from talking and holding Mika. He missed her so much.

Ryn could only shake her head. No wonder Mika was head over heels with Jason. Both of them were crazy of each other, well, Jason was crazy in love with Mika. Nothing could stop his love and she wondered what would happen if that day, when Mika suspected she was pregnant, that the result was positive. Would Jason be happy or get jealous of the baby?


"It's getting late. I should leave now. Tomorrow I will come to visit you," she cleared her throat and told Mika. Ryn did not want to 'fight' with Jason and Mrs Long for Mika's attention. Let the poor girl rest a bit.

"Ryn..." Mika's choked out, a bit unwilling.

"I'll come tomorrow. You should rest," Ryn smiled, patting her hand gently. Then, she bowed at both Mr and Mrs Long before nodded slightly at Jason.

Of course, Jason did not even look at her. His focus was entirely on Mika.

"I'll send you," Jeremy quickly spoke. He tried to follow Ryn but the woman simply shook her head.

"No need to trouble you. I can take a cab," Ryn said.

"It's okay, dear. Let Jeremy send you. I won't get worried with your safety," Mrs Long said quickly, stopping Ryn's protesting. Despite being mad at her son for making her youngest suffer, she still wanted Ryn to join the family. She had to help her useless son to create chance to woo Ryn's heart.

Besides, if she let her son does everything, it would be years before she could hold her chubby grandson or granddaughter. 

She glanced at Ryn's hips and nodded her approval. Being a model did not 'affect' her hips. Totally suitable for childbirth.

Ryn sighed heavily. Unwillingly she nodded and let Jeremy held her arm, leading her toward the door. She tried to break free from him once the door was closed but he did not let her. He kept holding her hand as they walked toward the elevator, while in the elevator, and when heading toward the parking lot. He kept holding her hand as if they were in a relationship.

"Aren't you worried someone saw us?" she muttered.

"Should I?" he asked her back, smiling.



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