Tell Me Again, My Love
161 I want to move out 7
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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161 I want to move out 7

Jeremy finally let her hand go when they got into the car. She quickly pulled the safety belt before he could help her.

He sighed. He could sense her uneasiness having to spend more time with him alone. He walked to the driver seat and started the engine. He adjusted the temperature and glanced at her.

She was staring outside the window silently, ignoring him.

He sighed again. With a flick of a finger, he chose a CD and pushed it into the CD slot for the radio. Soon enough a ballad love song filling the whole car. 

He reversed the car and then changed the gear to head toward the exit. He glanced again at Ryn. Again, she did not bestow him with a look. It seemed like she was determined to treat him like a stranger, just a plain driver.

It took them almost an hour to reach the mansion and along the way only the music filling the surrounding. It was, truthfully, an hour full of awkwardness.

And he was miserable inside.

She did not even wait for him to open the door for her when the car stopped. She opened the door and got out without help. 

The butler smiled widely seeing her already returned. He greeted loudly, to announce her arrival to the others.

They all were so relieved and happy to see her finally came back. Only God knew how worried they all were when they heard her fainted that day and even being hospitalized. They all wanted to go visit her but they did not want to go overboard. Besides, even their Master and Madam who just returned went to the hospital and spent there for hours, visiting both Young Mistress Mika and Miss Catherine.

The Cook peeked out from her territory and quickly pushed all her minions into the kitchen to finish preparing the special dinner for the family. Although they were still sad with Young Mistress's accident but they wanted to make a special dinner to welcome Ryn back.

It was a simple set of dishes but still special. Not too flavourful and too heavy as Ryn just being discharged. Ryn must still feel weak and uncomfortable, so she could not eat much. But everything she would eat for dinner was good for her health. It would help her getting healthier quickly.

Ryn walked slowly into her room. She locked the door and leaned against it, sighing heavily. 

Once she was able to calm herself, she walked slowly to the nightstand. There, her bag was placed by Jeremy when she was warded. She looked for her phone, expecting it was out of juice.

But the phone was not in the pocket of her bag. She frowned and looked into each pocket and corner of her bag. Still no phone.

Her face turned pale. Had she lost the phone when she fainted or when she was rushing into the hospital that day?

Her head turned when someone knocked on the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me. I forgot to tell you I've already charged your phone and put it in the drawer of the nightstand," Jeremy told her.

She quickly pulled the drawer. There, lying on the bottom of the drawer was her phone. It was switched off and she quickly switched it on. She had to wait for several seconds before it lightened up and ready to be used. 

And notifications over notifications overlapping each other to announce how many missing calls and messages she received. She sighed a bit and quickly checked each one. The one regarding work she immediately replied with an apology and explanation about her being warded. There was a message from her mother, asking about her health. She quickly called her mother to reassure her nothing was wrong. She also told her what happened during her 'missing in action' and also about the rented house.

Others not related to work and her family she just put aside for later action.

Once she was done checking the missed calls and messages, throwing all those scammers and advertisements into the 'rubbish bin', she called her manager, Mei Li, for the latest news.

Mei Li let out a cry when she answered the call. She wanted to visit her but she needed to help with the house. Today was the day the moving company came.

"So, you've settled the house?" Ryn asked.

"Hmm... Everything that you wanted has been moved. I told them to arrange the big furniture first to its place. The smaller ones still in the boxes," Mei Li reported.

"That's good. Thank you."

"I think you don't have to worry about the house. Just take it easy," Mei Li coaxed.

"Can you pick me up tomorrow? I want to check the house."

"Ryn, please. You've just got discharged from the hospital. Even though your mind feel nothing but your body still needs to rest," Mei Li pointed out.

Ryn lied down on the bed with the phone still at her ear. "I feel fine."

"Why don't you rest tomorrow? I will pick you up the next day?" Mei Li suggested.

Ryn sighed. It seemed like Mei Li was determined to make her rest tomorrow.


"Good. By the way, how is Mika?" Mei Li asked. She could not ask about Mika earlier when Ryn asked about the house automatically.

"She just woke up. The doctor said her condition is stable now," Ryn reported, remembering how pale Mika looked among the wires and the big machines.

"Thank God both of you are fine now. Stop worrying about others and go rest. I need to finish some work now," Mei Li told her.

"You're still in the office?" Ryn frowned as she looked at the clock. It was already late.

"Just a couple of contracts I need to update and file," Mei Li replied. The whole day she was busy moving the things in Ryn old house to her new house. Now she finally has the time to do her work.

"Don't work till late. You are a woman, Mei Li," Ryn reminded

Mei Li chuckled. "Yes, I know."

They spent almost half an hour to catch up and to discuss the plan for the other day. Then, Ryn ended the conversation and dropped the phone on the nightstand. She rested her hands under her head, stared at the white ceiling and sighed a bit.

"Have you told them yet you want to move out?" Mei Li's question still ringing in her ears. The same question she was still not ready to face.

Although Ryn wanted to move out and even bought a new house, to tell Jeremy and especially Mika was a bit worrying. Mika just woke up and still weak. It was crazy to drop the news in her condition right now. She might get worst from the worrying!

Ryn groaned, turning around and hugging a bolster. How to break the news without making Mika worry?

She spent the time turning around thinking over this fretfully until a maid knocked on the door and announced politely that dinner was ready.

She went to wash her face first to freshen up before followed the maid into the dining room.

Jeremy was already there, like usual. He smiled seeing her and walked closer.

"How do you feel now?" he put his hand on her arm, leading her to her seat. This time he did not pull her usual chair but another chair next to it.

"Your parents have returned?" Ryn asked when she noticed the arrangement.

"Hmm..." Jeremy took the seat next to her. His mother would take the seat in front of him while his father would take the head. 

He rested his head on his hand and looked at her.

"Why are you looking at me?" she asked, almost choking the water she was drinking.

"You look better now," he replied.

"What do you mean?" she asked nervously.

Jeremy just smiled. He signalled a maid to refill Ryn's glass of water.

Ryn gulped another glass of water to cover her nervousness. Why was Jeremy acting like this? Didn't he see how weird he made her feel?

Soon enough the elder couple entered the dining room. They were still wearing the same clothes they wore earlier and Mrs Long looked exhausted.

Ryn quickly stood up and helped Mrs Long to her seat, oblivious with the smile from Jeremy who was watching her every move.

Only Ryn did not notice how easy and familiar she behave among his family like she was already apart of the family, he thought. She did not seem awkward at all.

Ryn returned to her seat next to Jeremy and waited. It did not take long before Mr Long ordered the maids to send in the food.

The anticipation Ryn felt for the food disappear when she saw what inside the bowl placed in front of her. She glanced at the others and found them receiving rice. She looked at her bowl of porridge, speechless.

Was she still at the hospital?


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