Tell Me Again, My Love
163 I want to move out 9
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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163 I want to move out 9

Ryn looked at her breathless manager and smiled. Truthfully she was grateful with Mei Li. Mei Li did not even need to help her with all these but this manager of hers accompany her from the start till now. Even though Mei Li grumbled a lot but she still came every single day. That was why she wanted to give half of her payment for next week's work to Mei Li as a thank you.

"Let's go out for lunch. My treat," she said.

"I'm too tired to move," Mei Li groaned. 

"Then?" Ryn cocked an eyebrow. Wasn't Mei Li the one grumbling about being hungry just a few minutes ago?

"Can we just order a delivery?"

"Is there any here?" Ryn was not sure about it but her manager was already on her phone, checking.

"Yes, there is. What do you want to eat?" Mei Li asked excitedly, scrolling the pages upon pages of food options.

"Something quick and hearty obviously," Ryn replied.

"Rice? Noodle? Pasta?" Mei Li listed, licking her lips hungrily.

"Steaks~ A lot of steaks~" Ryn sighed happily at the thought of her favourite steaks.

"Steaks are fattening. No steak," Mei Li denied immediately.

"But I want to eat steaks. Do you know what I've had for dinner and breakfast? Porridge. Not even the smallest piece of meat in it. They all turned me into a vegetarian if I spend more time there~" Ryn cried sadly.

"Of course they will feed you with porridge. You just got discharged," Mei Li pointed out.

"You are just like them," Ryn accused, pointing a trembling finger at Mei Li.

"What? Care about you? Of course, I care about you. They also care about you," Mei Li replied back without waiting for her to continue her accusation.

Ryn stuck her tongue out childishly and Mei Li laughed at her.

They finally decided what they wanted to eat. Despite the persuasion from Mei Li, Ryn still wanted to eat meat. But none of the shop offered steak at this time so she ended up ordering burgers. Two sets of burgers complete with fries and cola. Mei Li, on the other hand, wanted to eat fried rice and some sweet and sour fish. 

"I think this weekend I will move into this house officially. You just discuss with that producer the best day for the filming," Ryn said suddenly as they waited for the food.

"I'll arrange for it later," Mei Li tapped her phone.

Ryn stood up and went to the kitchen. She checked the empty refrigerator. Before she moved in officially, she should start her grocery list so she would not get starving on Sunday and days after.

The first thing she listed was steak. A lot of steak, worth for a week. She opened a box and smiled seeing the spices. Of course, she would not be able to do the cooking today with no fresh meat or anything except for a couple packets of instant noodles.

And those weird things her mother left months and months ago.

Ryn sighed as she checked what her mom left. Was she brave enough to cook it?

It took her five seconds to decide. No. She was not ready to cook these 'healthy' ingredients. Just give her meat; either red or white meat but not these 'healthy' food.

"Maybe I could use them if someone, especially other models drop by," she mused and chuckled at the thought. They would all think she always eat this kind of thing every single time, which was nonsense.

She returned back to the living room when she heard the bell rang. Ahh... the food was finally here.

Mei Li was already bringing the first food to the living room. The dining table was full of boxes so they decided to have it on the floor facing the huge window. At least they could enjoy the greenery while eating.

"Ooohhh..." Ryn smiled happily at the sight of her burgers. Without waiting to reach the space for eating, she jammed a handful of french fries into her mouth and moaned happily.

"This is a good place to stay. So peaceful," Mei Li commented as she chewed her fried rice.

"It's a pity this is a temporary house," Ryn added. "Hopefully I have the time to enjoy this place."

Mei Li just looked away, pretending she did not hear the murmur.

They ate their lunch now quietly. Then, while Ryn continued arranging things in her bedroom, Mei Li tidied up the food packaging and went out to the grocery shop downstairs to get some drinks.

Ryn stepped back once she was done arranging the clothes in the wardrobe. She pursed her lips and stepped forward to change the arrangement. She needed to ensure the placing of her clothes would make it easier for her to grab in the morning when she was rushing. She could not waste time just to look for suitable clothes especially when she was late to class.

So, of course, her sweaters, denim jackets and sweatshirt at the outer part of her wardrobe, easy to grab. Her fancier clothes were dumped into the box still, too much to even fit the wardrobe. She would just arrange these fancier and branded clothes when she moved into her new house, her real new house. 

The only thing she did not bring to the house was the jewellery. The boxes of jewellery were in the mansion. She was scared of leaving it in unattended house, easy to grab the attention of a thief.

Even now she was still undecided to bring the jewellery along when she moved in or just asked Mika to watch over it.

She was just done with the arrangement when the door of the house being opened and closed again. She was about to approach Mei Li when her phone rang. The name on display was Jeremy.

Ryn frowned.

Why was he calling her at the time like this? She checked the time again. Wasn't at this time he should be busy with his work or busy visiting Mika?


"Hello, Ryn. Are you busy?" he asked.

Ryn looked around and decided she would take this call privately. She locked the door and went to sit on the bed.

"Not really. Why?"

"What time are you coming home today?" he asked again.

"Before dinner?" she was uncertain the exact time she would be back. All she had in mind was how to avoid meeting him until she was ready to tell she wanted to move out. It would be a crazy moment and she had no doubt he would try to stop her from moving out of the house.

She tried to postpone the moment as late as possible. She was so not ready for that.

"So late again?"

She did not comment to hear his sad response.

"Where are you right now? Are you working? You're still under medical leave, aren't you? Are you going to visit Mika? What are you doing now?" the questions came so quick she could not catch up what the first question was.

"Wh... excuse me?" she choked out.

"Where are you right now?" he repeated back his first question, realizing it was wrong for him to kept shooting so many questions at the same time.

"Errr..." her eyes looked around in panic. She would not tell him her current location. He would know her plan once he learned where she was.

"Where are you?" he pressed, having a bad feeling about this when she refused to answer. Were the servants right and she was in her new place?

"Wh... why do you want to know?" she choked out.


"I'm busy. Bye," without waiting for his reply, she quickly disconnected the call. She did not dare to spend more time in the conversation, scared that she would slip up and told him everything.

She quickly put her phone in the bag, trying to ignore the ringing from it. No doubt Jeremy was calling for her. No. If she acted stupid and deaf, she could pretend the call was just an illusion.

She cleared her throat, coughed for a couple of times, then she walked out from the room, acting like nothing happened.

Mei Li was busy arranging the drinks and snacks on the coffee table when she reached the living room. She lifted her head and frowned seeing the weird expression on Ryn's face.

"What's wrong?" Mei Li asked, handed a bottle of cola to Ryn.

"Nothing," Ryn just drank the cola and sat on the couch. Instead of staring at where she should based on where the couch was facing, Ryn sat down leaning her right side to the couch and looked outside the window. "I think I love this place."

"Me too," Mei Li took another bottle to drink and sat on another couch. She, like Ryn, looked outside the window.

"How did we find this place?" Mei Li suddenly asked.

"You're the one found it," Ryn pointed out dryly.

"Ah... yes... well, I found the agent and she brought us to this house," Mei Li could not believe the hours she spent since last week to find two houses for Ryn. "We are Superwomen, aren't we?"

"Hmm... we are," Ryn agreed and closed her eyes. They were Superwomen for managing to endure this phase in life.


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