Tell Me Again, My Love
164 I want to move out 10
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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164 I want to move out 10

Ryn stopped at the florist on the way to the hospital. She bought a bouquet of Mika's favourite flowers and then finally headed toward the hospital. Mika probably was waiting for her worriedly.

She stopped when she entered the huge white building. She hated the smell of antiseptics so much. It reminded her of being sick. Even when Jeremy put her in the second-best room, it still could not cover the smell of medicine and antiseptics. 

She continued her walk, rather heavily, and looked for the elevator. She pushed the button for the highest floor.

"Wait for me," someone cried just before the door closed.

Ryn pushed the button to keep the door opened. A woman rushed into the small elevator breathlessly.

"Thank... you?!?"

Ryn blinked her eyes when the woman shrieked a bit. Who was this woman? Did she know her?

The woman unfolded the sleeves of her blazer and glared at Ryn.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded angrily.

"Do I have to tell you? Who are you?" Ryn replied back.

Shivering in anger, the woman stepped forward, preparing to slap Ryn's face for being so rude at her, but before her hand touched Ryn's cheek, Ryn's hand already caught her.

"I don't think it is proper for a stranger to hit someone else without a reason. You shouldn't do what you don't want others to do," saying that, using another hand, Ryn slapped the woman.

The woman fell down with a cry.

Ryn rubbed her hands with a frown.

"No wonder my left lid kept twitching today. It was a sign I would bump into a crazy woman," Ryn muttered to herself but the woman heard her every words.

"Crazy woman?" the woman shrieked loudly.

Ryn ignored her. She waited for the door to open and quickly walked out, leaving the shrieking woman behind. It was just a waste of time dealing with that woman. Surely, if she waited there to deal with that crazy woman, she would lose all her composure and temper. Just a waste of time.

Luckily the flower was safe even though she had to release it when she was attacked by the crazy woman. She checked the bouquet carefully, still a bit worried. When she was satisfied with the condition, she let out a sigh of relieve. 

Jason was already there when she arrived. She smiled seeing the besotted man was cooing at Mika lovingly. Hopefully, he did not inform Mika about his crazy idea.

"I've told Mom and Grandma to prepare our room."

Ryn's brows lifted up when she caught the words. Oh my God... please tell her he did not say what she thought he was saying...

"Tomorrow I will bring the albums. You can choose the dress you want to wear for our wedding," Jason said cheerfully.

Oh dear... he was talking about what she afraid he would be talking. Didn't Mr and Mrs Long told him to be more patient? Why was he rushing about? Mika would not run away from him. She was as crazy in love as him. 

Both of them were clearly made for each other.

"Wedding?" Mika's voice was soft and gentle. It made anyone who heard her felt his/her fluttered and happy.

"Hmm... haven't I told you? We're getting married on the day you get discharged," Jason announced happily. He tried to lean down to press a kiss on her lips but she was too stunned to even close her mouth for her to do so.

"Ehem..." Ryn cleared her throat to announce her arrival and to stop from witnessing this cringed moment. Why couldn't Jason understand that? Couldn't he see how shock Mika was to receive his 'happy' news?

"You're here, Ryn?" Jason asked with a chuckle, rubbing his neck sheepishly, as he stood up and looked at Ryn.

Ryn simply smiled at him and approached the bed.

Mika was smiling happily to see her despite still being confined on the bed with so many wires.

"I'm here, Mika. How are you today?" Ryn asked as she took the chair Jason was sitting just now. She showed the flowers to Mika then handed them to Jason who was still hovering behind.

Jason quickly took the bouquet and placed it into a vase. Then, after showing his work to his love, he placed the vase on the cupboard not too far from the bed so Mika could still look at it from her bed.

"I feel better," Mika choked out breathlessly.

"Good. You look even better than yesterday," Ryn smiled tenderly and even touched Mika's cheek gently. 

"Hmm... but still..." Mika paused and looked at her hovering fiance worriedly. Although she was spoiled by her fiance especially, Mika did not want to make Jason even more worried by saying she was still in pain. She could feel Jason was blaming himself for the accident. And she did not want him to blame himself more.

"You don't have to say it. I understand," Ryn patted Mika's hand assuringly. Just looking at how Mika was eyeing Jason, Ryn could guess that Mika was unwilling to say she was still in pain, worried it would make Jason even more worried.

"Miss Long, I come to visit you."

Both Jason and Ryn turned around to see a woman walking into the room. Ryn frowned, finding the woman familiar but she could not remember where she met the woman.

"You!" the woman pointed at her angrily when she noticed Ryn sitting beside Mika.

"Me?" Ryn pointed at herself in puzzle, "have we met before?"

Hearing the question made the woman stopped and threw glares angrily at Ryn. She ignored Harry and Mika who were watching her every move, puzzle seeing her here. What was she doing here?

"What are you doing here?" Jason asked after Mika poked his back, telling him to ask her the reason why this hypocrite came.

"Of course I come to visit you, Miss Long. I've heard about the accident and heard that you just woke up." The woman came closer to the bed and went to another side of it to smile at Mika.

Mika just gave her a slight nod and turned her head back to face Ryn. Her eyes shone brightly despite her face still a bit pale.

"What you've been doing today?" 

Ryn pursed her lips thoughtfully. Should she tell the truth about her moving out of the house or lie saying she was busy with work? It took her just seconds to decide. Besides, Mika's health was most important right now.

"I was busy with work."

"Tomorrow are you coming at this hour or earlier? Please come earlier and accompany me," Mika requested.

"Hmm... Okay. I'll come earlier," Ryn replied with a chuckle as she patted Ryn's hand.

"Promise?" Mika showed her pinky to Ryn.

"I promise," Ryn touched Mika's pinky with her own, making a pinky promise like they used to when they were still children.

The woman was shaking in anger when she saw everyone was ignoring her. She came to visit Miss Long so shouldn't she be treated with respect? Miss Long should be grateful for her appearance. She was the number one singer in the country. Everyone loved her. And now she was 'degrading' herself by coming here to see her 'future' sister-in-law who was pitifully in the hospital.

Hmph... Wait until Jeremy came here and Miss Long would have to respect her as the elder sister-in-law. Of course, Mr Jason has to respect her as well.

Speak of the devil.

She smiled widely when she heard the door being opened and a familiar voice greeting loudly. She turned around to greet Jeremy happily when she saw an elder couple leading Jeremy inside. Weren't those Jeremy's parents?

"You're already here, Ryn?" Mrs Long asked as she approached Ryn and Mika. She still did not notice the woman who was standing on the other side of the bed.

"Hmm... Hello, aunty," Ryn greeted, rather half-heartedly.

No one noticed her reluctance except for Jeremy and Mika. Both frowned.

"How are you feeling now, dear? Still in pain?" Mrs Long asked her daughter worriedly.

"I feel better now, mother. I miss you," Mika moaned sadly.

"I miss you too, my silly girl. Stop worrying your mother like this. I don't think my heart can take it anymore," Mrs Long nagged.

"Oh... okay, mother. I promise I won't do it again," Mika said slowly, pursing her lips a bit sulkily.

"Silly girl, stop sulking. You are no longer a little girl," Mr Long pointed out with a laugh.

Ryn quickly stood up to give the chair to Mrs Long. She tried to excuse herself but failed. The couple did not let her. Even Mika and Jason did not let her. Jeremy, well, he tried to paste himself close to her.


"Uncle, aunty, my name is Jennifer Lin. I am... err..." she glanced at Jeremy bashfully. 

Mr and Mrs Long shared an awkward smile. Jason just shook his head in bemused, stepped back so not to be involved in this matter. Ryn, on the other hand, turned her attention on Mika. She was too lazy to even speak with anyone here except for Mika.

Jeremy? Well, the man himself just ignored Jennifer. His focus was on the woman who kept ignoring him since the moment he entered the room.


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