Tell Me Again, My Love
165 I want to move out 11
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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165 I want to move out 11

Jennifer tried to grab Jeremy's attention but the man kept ignoring her.

Why did she come here? Wasn't it enough she made Ryn and him broke up that day? What else did she want?

Ryn patted Mika's hand and leaned down to kiss her cheek goodbye. She saw how exhausted Mika was and did not want to keep her from resting.

"I'm going now, uncle, aunty," she told the elder couple.

"Jeremy, send her home," Mr Long ordered without any prompt from his wife. He frowned when he caught the displeasure in the other woman's face.

By the way, who was she?

Mr Long shrugged it off and focussed on stopping all the excuses Ryn tried to give. This silly little girl thought they could not see her real feeling. Why was she trying so hard not to be with his useless son? Everybody could see she still has feeling in Jeremy.

Jeremy coughed a bit to cover his excitement and went to stand next to Ryn when he heard what his father said. He offered his hand but it was ignored by Ryn who was still not giving up with her excuses.

Silly. His silly Ryn was so silly and adorable.

"Jeremy?" Jennifer choked out, trembling angrily when she found him ignoring her for so long. Was he playing hard to get? It was not funny at all. She was not amused.

"Jeremy." She stood in front of him, blocking his way. She ignored the sharp look from his parents, too frustrated and angry to care how his parents see her.

"I can send you home. Besides, I need to take a file," he coaxed Ryn, acting as if Jennifer was not in front of him. 

In fact, everyone was behaving like they could not see Jennifer at all. It was as if Jennifer was in another world than them.

"Jeremy~" Jennifer cooed. 

Jason shivered, hugging himself to get rid of the goosebumps when he heard her voice.

So scary.

"Ryn, you can save time and money if I send you," Jeremy coaxed.

"Just let him send you, dear. It will make aunty's heart better and not worry about your safety," Mrs Long chirped in, coaxing Ryn to let Jeremy send her home. They wanted Jeremy to ask Ryn why exactly she wanted to move out. If it because of privacy, they would ask the servants to give more space to Ryn. They would do anything to keep Ryn in their house.

Finally, after coaxing and persuading her, Ryn agreed to let Jeremy send her home. She again waved goodbye at Mika, her parents and Jason before letting Jeremy leading her out of the room.


No one bothered to even look at her.

Jennifer shook. Her angry eyes stared at each one of them and then stormed out of the room, even pushing Ryn to the side. Luckily Jeremy managed to catch her before she fell down. Jeremy glared at Jennifer but the angry woman was too furious to even care.

Mr and Mrs Long quickly approached Ryn worriedly. Mrs Long muttered under her breath about the rudeness of that woman. This woman dreamt about being her daughter-in-law and already acting like this in front of her?

So shameless!

"Are you alright, dear? Any pain anywhere? Do you need to see the doctor?" Mrs Long asked hurriedly as she checked on Ryn.

"I'm okay. You don't need to call the doctor," Ryn said quickly. Then, she leaned back so Mika could see her from the bed, "I'm okay, Mika. Jeremy caught me just now."

"Really?" Mika asked worriedly.

"Yes. Don't worry. I'm okay. You, dear, have a lot of rest. Don't you want to get out of this place quickly?" Ryn said, waving her hand before she was pulled by Jeremy toward the elevator.

If he let her return back to Mika's side, God knows when Ryn would be able to return home. He had a lot to ask of her and this trip was the best time for him to discuss with her.

Despite the weird look and gasp from others who recognized both of them, Jeremy kept pulling Ryn toward the exit. He even ignored the cry from Jennifer who came running toward them.

"Stop right there!"

Everyone looked at the fuming Jennifer, then, toward the couple. 

Jeremy groaned under his breath and refused to stop. He hated spending time with that crazy woman. He would rather spend more time with Ryn, even when she was giving him a cold shoulder.

"Stop right there. I said stop!" Jennifer screamed loudly, not caring about her image at all. 

Jeremy ignored her. Instead, he quickened his walk, until Ryn had to run a bit to catch up with him or she would fall down. She glanced back over her shoulder, at the screaming woman, frowning. What was wrong with that crazy woman?

"Aren't you going to hear what she wants to say?" Ryn asked when they finally walked out of the building.

Jennifer no longer followed them. She stood there on the floor and screamed loudly while pulling her hair. Her long neat braided ponytail turned messy from the pull. She ignored it, just as she ignored the whisper and weird look from the onlookers. She even ignored when some of them took out their mobile phone to record her.

"That b.itch... I won't let you get away from this, s.lut!" she muttered.

Everyone gasped. Were they seeing the popular singer  Jennifer Lin just cursed someone? The same Jennifer who although always wear sexy clothing but very polite and kind-hearted. The same Jennifer who cried when she visited an orphan house and donated a lot of her personal money? Were they seeing a fake Jennifer right now?

The onlookers who recorded the whole thing could not stop from grinning. They planned to contact a media company and sell this to the highest price offer. 

Imagine, having a video of the kind-hearted but sexy Jennifer Lin acting like a madwoman who cursed like the wife of a fishmonger. People would go crazy over the news.

Jennifer heaved heavily as her eyes glared at everyone. They all gasped seeing her look. 

"Don't you dare sending the pictures or videos to the media," she warned. "Or else..."

Then she stormed away.

The ones who took her video scoffed. She dared to warn them when she was the one acting crazy? She clearly was the crazy one here. Why should they obey her?

Jeremy started the engine after he locked the door. He did not give any chance for Ryn to escape.

"Why didn't you want to listen to that woman?" Ryn asked finally when the car fast sliding into the road in between the other vehicles.

She clutched the safety belt with her whitened hands. Just like Mika, his little sister, Jeremy could be quite a race devil when on the road. But, compared to Mika, Jeremy was a little less reckless when driving. So far both his manager and his personal assistant never complained about his driving skill or vomited when they reached the destination, unlike when some people, other than Ryn, Jason, Jeremy and her parents, who 'accompany' Mika during her drive. No one dared to take another ride when Mika holding the wheel steering.

"Why should I? She's crazy," he replied, narrowing his eyes before making a swift taking over from the car in front.

"You don't have to drive so fast. You're not rushing for a deadline or call time," she pointed out dryly.

He ignored her words. In fact, his right foot pushed the accelerator to make the car faster.


She tried to make him slow down but he ignored her. Her face changed when she realized that they were not heading toward the mansion but somewhere else.

"Where are we going, Jeremy? This is not the way to the mansion," she asked, looking around. 

This was not even the way to either her old house or the apartment he shared with Mika. 

Where is he bringing her to?

They finally reached a park. As the day was weekdays and it was still working hour, not many people were there. Jeremy looked at a secluded place to park his car and decided the end of the parking lot would be the best place for them to have their conversation without any disturbance.

He calmly turned off the car but still refused to unlock the door. He just lowered down all four windows to let the air circulating the area.

"Jeremy, what's going on? Why are you bringing me here?" Ryn asked weirdly. 

And why was he looking at her like that?

"Ryn," he finally opened his mouth and called her name. His face was sober.


"I want you to be honest with me."

"About what?" she asked weirdly, somehow having a weird feeling about this. Had he guessed it? How did he know?

"Where have you been for these past days? You're not working or going to class. You still under medical leave. So what is your secret? What are you doing that you need to hide from all of us, from me?" he asked, shaking her shoulders without realizing it.

"Stop it, Jeremy. You're hurting me," she cried.

He automatically pulled back his hands, but he refused to take back his words. He wanted to hear it from her own mouth.

"Stop hiding from me, Ryn. Just tell me the truth," he begged.

She lowered her head to hide the pale face of hers. This could not be real. He should not know about this.


She took a deep breath to calm herself. Then, she lifted up her head and looked at him calmly. Even if she tried to hide, he would know sooner or later. Better confess about this matter.

"I want to move out."


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