Tell Me Again, My Love
167 A space of her own
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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167 A space of her own

The second time she woke up, it was already morning. She tried to move but her body was restrained with something. 

"Hmm...?" she turned her head slightly and saw the arms wrapping around her.

Her eyes widened. Please don't tell her that she spent the night with him again.

She knew the man holding her would not be anyone else but Jeremy. This was her room and no one else could enter this room except him.

No one else but him.

Oh God, what had she done last night?

She tried to lift the arms carefully so not to wake him up. She must leave this place before he noticed anything!


She froze when he suddenly sighed and tightened his grip. 

Uh oh... 

She blew out a relieved sigh when there was no movement or sound coming from him, well, other than the hardening against her bottom. She chewed her lower lip, trying to move her lower body to make a distance between both of them. She managed to do so but the space was small. 

As long as it was still a gap between them, how much the distance was just a small matter.

Now, she tried to undo the clasp around her body. She needed to escape before he woke up!

She took a deep breath and with a trembling hand, she tried to lift his arm.

A little by little, slowly and slowly she managed to lift his arm up. Her heart was pounding hard as she focussed to do it without waking him up.

She just managed to lift up his hand just two inches when the door flung open.

Ryn turned toward the door. Her eyes widened in horror.

"Dear, I heard you're sick... Oh..." Mrs Long's words trailed off when she saw her son hugging the paled Ryn. "Urm... You two just continue sleeping... Don't worry about breakfast."

"Wh... Wait..." this is just a misunderstanding...

Ryn lifted her hand and tried to stop the elder woman but the excited woman already closed the door and skipped to her own room to break the good news to her dearest husband. Her husband would be over the moon. Surely Ryn would no longer plan to move out when she even spent the night with Jeremy.

Ryn dropped her head onto the pillow and groaned loudly. This was such a mess, it was giving her a huge headache.

"This is crazy," she groaned and tried to glare at the man sleeping peacefully behind her.

She spent almost ten minutes huffing and glaring at Jeremy. Then, she sighed and again tried to lift his arm again.

This time it took her less than half an hour to be free from his embrace. She rolled away from him and fell down the bed. 

She cried a bit but managed to muffle it out. She sat up and rubbed her body a bit. Then, she stood up and hurriedly walked into the bathroom. She was so desperate to use the bathroom.

It took her almost an hour to get ready. Luckily for her, Jeremy was still deep in his sleep when she exited the bathroom only in a robe.

She quickly grabbed a set of fresh clothes including her underwear and entered the bathroom back to change into them.

It did not take long for her to leave the bathroom for the second time. She went straight to the dressing table to brush her hair into a simple ponytail before started to gather her meagre belonging, the one she brought from home into two bags. 

As she was busy with her packing, she glanced a few times toward the bed. Luckily Jeremy did not even stir, not even once. Even when she was done, he was still deep in his sleep. How tired he was until he kept on slumbering?

When Ryn was finally satisfied nothing was left behind, she held onto both bags and slowly and quietly went to the door.

Almost... She was almost there when...

"Ryn? Where are you going?" came a husky voice asking her sleepily.

She froze. She did not dare to move even a limb. Please, let him fall asleep back and treated this as a dream.

"Ryn?" Jeremy rubbed the sleepiness from his eyes and yawned loudly. He woke up when he heard something weird. Then, he saw her walking toward the door holding something big. 

Where was she going to? And with bags?

She slowly turned around, still clutching both bags.

His face changed when he realized what she was holding. Two bags full of things... Her things.

"Ryn, where are you going with... Those?" his voice was filled with sadness and hurt, it almost made Ryn cancelling her plan and return back to him.

"I... I am moving into my house today. I've told you yesterday, haven't I?" she tried to sound firm but ended up a bit weak and soft. She winced at her own mistake.

"But why? Aren't we happy with our arrangement now?" he asked back. He pushed the blanket off his body, only to realize he was only wearing his pyjama bottom and his morning erection was still... erected. 

He scowled at the realization and without thinking reached for a pillow to cover the evidence.

"I need my own space, Jeremy. I've told you yesterday," she said desperately.

"But... But..."

She used one hand to hold both bags and another to open the door.

"I'm moving today. Thank you for everything. Goodbye." with that she quickly rushed out.

She knew he would not be able to rush behind her in his current condition so she was still safe.

The maid who was in charge of helping her navigate the place was shocked to see the bags. But Lela, the maid, could not do anything except leading the way to the dining room. But, before they could reach there, Ryn stopped Lela.

"Yes, Miss?" Lela asked politely.

"I'm not taking breakfast with them," Ryn said. When she heard a familiar ringtone, she smiled weakly and said, "my friend is already here."

Lela could only watch as Ryn headed toward the huge entrance door. Her heartbroken. It seemed like Miss Catherine moved out of the house today, with her holding two huge bags.

Unaware of what the maid was thinking, Ryn opened the huge door and smiled weakly as Mei Li's car parked right in front of the door. It seemed like the time has really come. There was no turning back.

Mei Li helped retrieving both bags and hauling them into the car.

Once both bags were safe in its own space, Ryn sighed heavily.

"Changing your mind?" Mei Li asked.

"No..." Ryn shook her head. She pushed a smile at Mei Li.

"I need to say goodbye to them. Wait for me," she told her manager and quickly re-entered the mansion.

It was Mei Li's turn to shake her head. "I saw the reluctance in your eyes, girl. Stop trying to be strong all the time," she murmured slowly.

Ryn walked back into the house with her heart pounding hard. The maids were taken back seeing her but, being professional, they continued their work silently. Ryn found the dining room and entered it.

The sight that welcomed her made her froze yet again.

Lela, the maid, was standing next to the butler fretfully while Mrs Long and her husband were standing up in stunned.

"Erm... Am I interrupting something?" she looked at them worriedly.

"Catherine, you're not really leaving, are you?" Mrs Long cried as she ran and hugged her tightly.

"Erm..." Ryn's widened eyes blinked at Mr Long but the elder man quickly continued his breakfast.

"Are you going to hurt aunty?" Mrs Long sobbed.


Jeremy who finally put on his clothes, albeit messily, stopped at the sight of his mother hugging Ryn and crying her heart out.


Ryn who just noticed his arrival gave him a desperate look.

"Help me," she begged with her eyes.

He looked at her, then at his crying mother. He took a deep breath and walked to the dining table, acting like nothing happened.

"Jeremy," Ryn choked out desperately.

Jeremy turned deaf. He signalled the maid to give him his breakfast.

"Aunt... Aunty," Ryn choked out. How to untangle herself from this mess? Jeremy obviously would not help. He seemed happy to let his mother crying like this.

"My dear, please tell me it is not true. You are not leaving, right?" her big wet eyes looked at Ryn sadly.

"Actually, aunty, I..." Ryn took a deep breath to calm herself and looked at the sobbing elder woman.

"I am moving into my new home today. Thank you so much for taking care of me."

Mrs Long gasped and stepped back. The embrace loosened as she looked at Ryn unhappily.

"No... No no no... You are just joking, dear. You are not moving out. Don't you love living here with us?"

"Aunty, please," Ryn choked out. Her eyes now were wet with tears. "I appreciate what you have done for me. But..."

Another deep breath to gather her courage.

"I am sorry, aunty. I am moving today. Thank you for all your love and care."

Ryn hardened her heart and walked out from the house, despite the cry from Mrs Long.

"Aren't you going to do something, father?" Jeremy asked worriedly.

"When wooing, you need to plan carefully. Don't do things rashly," his father reminded. "Give her the space she needs and take it slowly."


"Slowly. Just believe me."

Jeremy nodded. He would follow his father's suggestion.


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