Tell Me Again, My Love
169 She can try
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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169 She can try

With the bouquet in her hand, Ryn walked toward the elevator. This time around, she felt something weird. Why were people looking at her and even whispering to each other? Had she worn her clothes inside-out? She frowned.

Although she was confused with the look, she kept walking to the elevator. Luckily for her, no one was using it so she had the place all by herself. She leaned against the wall and let out a sigh when the door closed. 

What was wrong with everyone here? If it was in the campus, she could understand. The students were still trying to accept that she was not the dull and boring student but a model. But here... no one knew her. 

So why were they looking at her as if she had done something wrong to them?

Ryn shook her head. Why should she break her head thinking about those weird people? She should prepare herself to face Mika. 

When she reached Mika's room, everyone was already there. Jason was talking with Mika, ignoring the glare from her parents and Jeremy. Even Jason's parents were there as well.

Oh, dear...

Ryn stopped at the door and took a deep breath to gather her courage. Then, once she was ready, she opened the door and entered the room with a smile.

"Hello," she greeted, rather weakly. She used the bouquet of flowers as her security but it was taken quickly by Jason who excitedly showed it to Mika.

Mika smiled. Her eyes shone at the sight of the teddy bear.

"Can you take the teddy? I want the teddy," she begged.

Being in love with Mika for years, Jason just did everything she asked him to. No question asked. Even though it could disturb the beauty of the flower arrangement, Jason simply pulled the teddy bear from the bouquet of the flowers and handed the teddy bear to Mika with flourish. He ignored the gasp coming from his own mother and Mrs Long. His focus was totally on Mika.

Whatever Mika wants Mika will get.

No compromise.

Ryn approached closer and watched as Mika tried to hug the teddy bear closer without disturbing her operation area and all those wires. Mika's face was no longer pale.

"How are you today?" she asked, trying to hold Mika's hand, the one not holding the teddy bear.

"I feel better now. Why you only come now? Are you busy with your work?" Mika asked. "I love this teddy. Thank you, Ryn."

"You're welcome," Ryn lifted an eyebrow at the Longs. Did they not tell Mika about her moving out? Why would Mika think she was late because of work? The Longs obviously knew she was late because she was busy with her new home.

Jeremy and his parents avoided looking at her.

Suspicious. So suspicious.

"Are you busy tomorrow?" Mika asked.

"Hmm... I'm not sure yet," Ryn replied. She was still confused why Mika still unaware with her new house. What was going on right now?

"Can you come earlier?" Mika asked.

"I... I will try," Ryn did not promise. She was still confused with the situation here.

She spent half an hour there, chatting with Mika, as well as appreciating the present Jason bought for Mika today. 

"I'll send you," like usual Jeremy offered.

This time around Ryn did not oppose the suggestion. She nodded and then waved goodbye at Mika, before at the couples (The Longs and Jason's parents). Then she followed him out of the room.

And again, she noticed the look and whisper from everyone who bumped into them. What was wrong with everyone today?

"Have you read the news today?" he asked when they reached his car.

"What news?"

He shook his head when he heard her answer. Being Ryn was quite good too, uncaring what people think about her. Him, being the eldest son, the CEO as well as a singer, had no privilege of that. He had to ensure nothing he did could smear the good name of the family as well as affecting his own singing career.

He started the engine and switched on the air conditioner. Then, he took out his phone and tapped something. Then. he handed the phone to her.

"Read it," he told her.

Cocking an eyebrow, she accepted his phone and read the page he opened. 







One after another title and news talking about the so-called scandal based on the things happened yesterday. And how could these reporters know what happened yesterday?

"Mei Li did not say anything?" he asked as he watched her face changed as she read the news.

"No," Ryn answered shortly. She kept reading more and more news before she decided to watch the video. 

"Despite the news, nothing can fake the video," she commented dryly.

"What do you want to do?" he asked.

"Nothing. It doesn't matter. That woman is in the bad light, not me. The fans will learn the truth," Ryn shrugged.

Jeremy took back his phone. He was relieved seeing how calm Ryn was. Luckily so far the reporters haven't gone 'attacking' Ryn. He already told his personal assistant to handle this. He even approved a media release regarding this matter, pointing that Jennifer and him have no other relationship other than being colleagues and remind everyone not to make assumption before knowing the truth. 

Of course, if Jennifer dared to twist everything, he would make her 'disappear' from the entertainment world.

"What's with Mika?" she suddenly asked.

"Hmm... what about her?"

"Should she know about me..." Ryn paused, not knowing how to continue.

"About you moving out?" he continued her words with a smile.

"None of you tell her?"

"In her condition right now? No. We don't think she is ready to know. Once she get discharged then we will tell her."

"Good. I'm a bit worried when I came just now," she said and frowned for the third time, "How... do you know?" 

He noticed the way they were heading was actually toward her new home. She looked at him in shock.

He smiled.

"Do you think we don't know anything?" he smiled.

"Rich people," she muttered sourly.

No, love, we love and care for you. That is why we need to know where you live for just in case," he corrected her.

She refused to reply. She refused to see his smirk, knowing she could not do anything anymore. He knew where she lives.

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" he asked when they stopped in front of the apartment.

"No." she opened the door and got out. Then, she turned to look at him, "Thank you for sending me."

"You're welcome. So, when is the housewarming party?" he asked with a chuckle.

"Never." With that, she closed the door and walked into the apartment. She could not bear to spend more time with him without feeling of screaming in frustration. How could he do this to her? How dared he treated her like a joke now when he clearly knew the reason why she moved away. She wanted to put a distance between them and was hopeful this house would be her secret place away from him. 

So frustrating!

As the apartment was quite close to the campus and some of the students rented there, some of them actually recognized Ryn and were stunned to see her.

Ryn, the model, moved into their apartment? Or was she here to visit anyone?

Ryn did not say a word to those who bump into her. She just gave a weak smile and quickly lowered down her head to stop anyone from starting a chat with her. She quickly walked out when the door of the elevator opened to her floor. She was not ready to talk with anyone.

She quickly laid herself on the bed once she entered the house. So many things in her mind. One was, of course, the fact Jeremy knew where she lives. Also about Mika, what would she say once she knew about her moving into a new house? But, most importantly about Jennifer.

Ah, she finally remembered the crazy woman. Jennifer was the one who was in the same room as Jeremy that day. Ryn could still remember the smirk on Jennifer's face when she caught both of them together in that room. Unconsciously Ryn clutched her hands into fists. Great. No wonder when she met that woman yesterday, she immediately felt repulse against that woman. That woman was a snake, a really repulsive snake.

"Jennifer Lin," she muttered. 

Yesterday would not be the last time they met. Just reading the news especially from Jennifer, Ryn had the feeling that Jennifer would try to create trouble for her. As long as Jeremy refused to be with that woman, Ryn would be accused of being the bad girl in this relationship.

"She can try... oh, she can try..." and Ryn would no longer be a passive one this time. If Jennifer dared to make trouble for her, she would return back the 'treat'.


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