Tell Me Again, My Love
170 We have been together for two years
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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170 We have been together for two years

For the whole day, the news about the triangle love between Jeremy, Ryn and Jennifer being stoked like fire by the reporters. It even being discussed openly in the very famous entertainment talk show, Hot & Spicy Ginger. The very guest for the show was Jennifer herself and she came with paled face, showing that she cried the night before. For viewers, it immediately showed how heartbroken this singer was when she saw her boyfriend with another woman. Of course some of them, Jeremy's fans especially, snorted and pointed out about the media release from Jeremy saying that Jennifer and him have no romantic relationship at all.

"Welcome to the show, Miss Jennifer Lin," Lolita, one of the duo hosts welcomed the woman. Her eyes sparkled at the thought of everyone was watching the show. The rating would be so high. Oh, if only Jeremy would join them too. It would be better.

"Thank you for having me here," Jennifer's voice was low, even the microphone almost could not catch it.

"About yesterday's video which was caught by a netizen..." Linda, the other duo asked once they were done exchanging pleasantries. She was the 'bad girl' of the duo, the one shooting 'bad' questions over 'bad' questions, driving the guests nuts with her 'spicy' provocatives.

Jennifer's paled face turned even paler. The handkerchief she was holding almost tearing off with how her hands kept pulling it unconsciously.

Of course, the camera caught all that clearly.

"I heard that it happened in a hospital. Now, why would you, as a very famous singer, actually did that in a very public place?" Linda stared at Jennifer without blink.


"Now, now, Linda, do not start making our guest scared," Lolita chuckled and leaned forward to pat Jennifer's hand comfortably, "Please excuse our Linda, she's quite straight-forward today."

Jennifer managed to nod weakly. She ran her eyes from Linda and tried to look calm.

"Would you like some snacks?" Lolita asked, placing a plate of chocolate cookies on the coffee table. Of course, the cookies were one of the sponsors of this program, along with the drink she put there as well.

The camera zoomed straight to both the cookies and drinks. The viewers were used with this clear show of promotions so they just ignored it. Even if they were to complain, more companies actually want to sponsor the program. Despite the 'cheap' promotions, so many people watched this program to know the latest scandals and news about the entertainment world.

"Are you feeling better now, Jennifer?" Lolita asked gently after Jennifer sipped the drink.

"Yes. I'm feeling ok now."

"Good..." Lolita cooed and glanced at her partner with a wink.

Linda huffed a bit. She gave the camera a look and cleared her throat.

"We all have watched the video a netizen posted in the Galaxy last night. It was... mind-boggling," Linda started calmly.

The camera focussed on Jennifer's face, catching all the winch, the frown, the gasp, everything on her face. 

"Jennifer, you are a well-known singer. You are popular not only because of your angelic voice but you are also famous for always help others in need. Every month we can see you in a charity event and holding a charity event for old folk homes, for disabled people and the orphanage," Lolita continued.

"Thank you," Jennifer whispered, smiling.

"That is why we are so shocked to see the video. Can we watch it now?" Linda demanded, pointing at the screen behind.

The camera focussed on the display. The shoot was cut to Jennifer screamed angrily and Jeremy pulling Ryn away.

Once it finished, Lolita and Linda looked at Jennifer with a smile on their face.

Jennifer hid a smirk and gave them a worried look. She even gulped nervously.

"Why, Jennifer, why?" Linda asked, shaking her head, "Why are you acting that way?"

"I... I was sad at that time. I... you know... Jeremy and I are... for my sake, we keep our relationship in secret..." Jennifer paused to dab a tear.

"You mean you and Jeremy are in a relationship and you both keep it in secret? Why? Why you want to hide your relationship?" Linda asked question on top of question.

Jennifer gasped as she covered her mouth.

Lolita and Linda leaned forward. Their eyes shone brightly.


"Are you just confessing that you are in a relationship with Jeremy?"

Jennifer quickly took the glass of drink and drank it hurried. To others, she looked like she was trying to hide behind the drink. 

"Would you like more drink?" Lolita asked, taking another bottle of Cola and uncapped it.

Jennifer just gave a sheepish look and handed the empty glass at Lolita. Lolita poured the drink with a knowing smile. She handed back the drink to Jennifer.

"Are you ready to answer the question?" Lolita asked gently.

Jennifer gave a nervous look. She put the glass down and cleared her throat.

"Actually..." she paused. Her eyes looked around nervously.


"Jeremy and I... we started our relationship officially... two years ago..." Jennifer blushed shyly.

"Two years? Wow..." Lolita gasped.

"Two years... hmm..." Linda narrowed her eyes suspiciously at Jennifer. "If what you said is true, why do you hide it? Is there a reason behind it? A scandal?"

"Actually... Jeremy is worried that if we expose our relationship two years ago, it will make my fans angry," Jennifer confessed slowly.

"But two years ago there is no rumour about both of you. If I remember it correctly, you only shared a show together, that one show. And you two never appeared together," Lolita shook her head in puzzled.

"Jeremy and I... well... I was the one who asked him to hide our relationship. As you all know, I was just starting my career three years ago and my name was starting to be known by everyone a year later. And at that time I met Jeremy in a charity program."

"A charity program?"

"Yes," Jennifer nodded. "As you all know, Jeremy is active in voluntary work. I met him while helping in an old folk home," Jennifer smiled at the memory.


"At that time I don't know much about Jeremy except that he is so kind and very... very helpful. He did not mind dirtying himself painting the wall. He caught my eyes with his kindness."

"Not his money?" Linda suddenly butted in, smiling, "We all know he is from a wealthy family. His family owned so many companies inside and outside the country."

"No... No. No. No. I didn't even know he is wealthy. All I care is how kind and helpful he is," Jennifer denied quickly.

"Are you sure not because of money? As far as I know, you are from a rural countryside and become a singer to improve your economy status. Being with Jeremy will make your dream come true," Linda asked.

"No. I didn't think about his wealth at all. I am true to him. I love him for who he is. And he knows. He told me he likes my honesty and kindness too. We share the same feeling," Jennifer cried.

"Ahh... the same feeling..." Linda leaned back to the sofa, nodding her head slowly. But it seemed like she was mocking Jennifer.

"What I don't understand right now is why none of you tell the public about your relationship? I don't think your fans will object your feeling. Jeremy and you look compatible together. Both of you are good singers and love helping others. Are you two looking down on your fans?" Linda asked.

"No. We have never thought of lying to our fans. We love our fans so much." Jennifer looked at the camera, "Dearest, without you supporting me, where would I be?"

"Then, why do you hide your relationship?" Lolita who kept quiet the whole time suddenly asked.

"I..." Jennifer took a deep breath, "at first we don't want to tell everyone because we were learning about each other. We don't want to be rushed and being pressured by everyone. We want to take our time to know about each other."

"And it took you two almost two years to know each other?" Linda asked.

"Well... we don't want to be rushing and taking our time slowly is better, right?"

"So have you two ever planned to tell us about your relationship?" Linda asked with a frown. 

"Yes... eventually... but not now..." Jennifer choked out.

"If you two were in a relationship, why didn't you visit Miss Long on the day she had an accident? What took you so long to visit your future sister-in-law?" Linda asked, changing the topic.

"Well... I..." Jennifer sniffed, "I do want to visit her once I knew about that accident but I have a work commitment. Once I was done, I quickly went to the hospital and I never thought that... that..." her eyes went wet.

"Ahh... the scandal..." Lolita sighed.

"If we look at the video, it seems like you are not close to Jeremy, compared to Miss Catherine, the model. As far as I know, Miss Catherine is close to Long's family, even being the spokesperson for almost all products in the company. She even joined in the charity dinner and became Jeremy's partner. Why didn't you join in the dinner?"

"I have my own foundation and we don't want to attract reporters' attention to our relationship. We want everyone to care about our programs. That is why both of us never involve in each other's program," Jennifer choked out. "I do know Catherine is close to the family. Jeremy said she's just a little sister to him and I believe in him."

"So, why did you go crazy at the hospital if Catherine is just a little sister for Jeremy? Shouldn't you also become friends to Catherine?"

"She is a bit... loner. She is only close to Jeremy and his little sister. She doesn't care about others..." Jennifer said slowly. "I tried but I guess she thought I was stealing him away from her."

"Ah... you mean she develops feelings toward Jeremy and you're scared she succeed?"

Jennifer nodded slowly. "I guess it was my mistake for hiding our relationship until... until..." Jennifer quickly hid her face with her hands, shaking her shoulders as she cried.

"It is your fault," Linda nodded.

"Linda," Lolita sighed heavily before patted Jennifer's arm comfortably. "It is not your fault. You never thought this will happen."

Jennifer lowered down her hands and looked at Lolita gratefully.

"You've learned your mistake and we, from Hot & Spicy Ginger, wish you and Jeremy the best. We have no doubt your love is true and good luck," Lolita said. 

"Thank you," Jennifer smiled weakly.

"That's is all for now. Before we end this show, check out Merlin's new music video. See you all on the same day and the same time next week, I am Lolita."

"And I am Linda."

"And this is Hot & Spicy Ginger," both Lolita and Linda said at the same and waved at the same.

"Buh-bye," Linda said.


In the Long's mansion...

Jeremy who was watching the television gripped the sofa handle angrily. He could not believe the nerve Jennifer has to appear in that program. When did they start having a relationship? She even pretended to be the victim!

Jeremy took out his phone and speed-dialled Jacob, his personal assistant.

"Hello, boss?"

"Contact my lawyer."


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