Tell Me Again, My Love
172 Has she gone crazy?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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172 Has she gone crazy?

Ryn noticed on the way to Mei Li's car everyone she saw was giving her a weird look. It almost felt like a Deja Vu and she honestly starting to feel uncomfortable. What was wrong with everyone today? Not only these people acting weird at the hospital, even here at the apartment they were behaving out of normal. Or was she the one not normal?

Ryn checked her clothes. Nothing inside out. Nothing out of ordinary. Her undergarments did not show in the public. Everything was covered properly.

"Ryn, get in," Mei Li called when she noticed Ryn dazed off on the stairs instead of getting into the car.

Ryn snapped and quickly entered the car. She reached for the safety belt and looked out of the window.

"Am I the weird one or everyone is giving me a weird look?" she murmured absentmindedly.

Mei Li leaned to look outside too and noticed it. She sighed a bit and changed the gear.

"You're not weird. They're the weird one," she replied as she drove the car out of the compounds.

"I've noticed the same look from the hospital. I don't think it's because of the video yesterday," Ryn looked at Mei Li in question.

"Did you watch Hot & Spicy Ginger just now?" Mei Li asked after taking some time to think how to explain to Ryn what happened that made everyone giving that look to her.

"I haven't connected the television yet," Ryn replied with a shrug.

"You can watch it online, can't you?" Mei Li started getting frustrated seeing how carefree Ryn was even though she was in the middle of a crisis right now.

"I went to sleep once I got back from the hospital. Why? What's the topic today?" Ryn asked, still not catching the meaning behind Mei Li's words.

"Jennifer was the guest in the show," Mei Li said after taking a deep breath to calm herself. She needed all the willpower to not get overwhelmed with this issue.

Although last time Ryn was accused of having an affair and even abort her own child but the person who accused her did not do so blatantly. It was more like a rumour flying around and when Ryn 'disappear', the rumour went away as well.

Now, Jennifer Lin named Ryn as the third party in her relationship with Jeremy and with Jennifer's squeaky clean image compared to Ryn who prefer to not be under the spotlight except for her work, people tend to believe in Jennifer. To make it more believable, Jennifer even gave details about her relationship with Jeremy without hiding anything. The excuses she gave for hiding the relationship was believable too, especially when it was well-known among the fans how artists were scared of losing their fans if they were involved in any relationship.

If Mei Li did not know Jeremy personally, she would believe everything Jennifer said during the show. The way she cried and described her love story made it rational for her to behave unlike herself in the hospital the day before. Everyone could relate to the poor girlfriend being angry when the boyfriend showing off his new girlfriend in front of her.

Of course, they all would support the poor Jennifer rather than Ryn who did not bother to explain.

Ryn needed to change this bad habit of not explaining to others!

"Jennifer in that show? So what?" Ryn questioned back, still in puzzled.

"She's telling everyone that you are the third party in her relationship with Jeremy," Mei Li explained.

Ryn coughed. Her eyes widened when she heard Mei Li's words. Third party? Relationship with Jeremy? Has she gone crazy? That Jennifer?

"Wait... what?" Maybe she did not hear it clearly.

"Jennifer accused you for breaking her relationship with Jeremy yesterday at the hospital."

"Has she gone crazy after the shout and tantrum yesterday?" Ryn choked out, trying to understand how from Jennifer acting crazy like, well, a crazy woman, change into her being the third person between Jeremy and Jennifer. When did Jennifer and Jeremy become a couple?

"She is a crazy woman but a crazy woman with a huge group of fans, fanatic fans," Mei Li pointed out dryly.

"Well, surely her fans are not that stupid to believe that lie. It's so clear that she's not Jeremy's girlfriend. I've seen the video, Mei Li, and none of it describe her of being the poor girlfriend," Ryn said with a shrug.

"Ryn, fanatic fans. When they're obsessed with their idol, they cannot use their brain... at all. Everything their idol says is the truth. Nothing but the truth," Mei Li wished Ryn was not this naive but she was wrong.

"Well... I don't think it's that serious. Why are you so frantic about?" Ryn asked with a frown.

"My dear Catherine, it is a serious matter. Lucky for you for being lazy, I have to deal with so many criticism and jeer thrown at your IG account. Even if I did not allow comments posted under the recent photos, they still post them in the old photos and this time is worse than when people think you planned your own kidnapping."

Ryn's face changed when she heard that. Without thinking, she took out her phone and opened her IG page. Just like Mei Li said, hundreds of comments were posted on her photos and the majority of them were full of bad words. Some even used curse at her. Her brows knitted at the sight.

"So... what do you suggest?" Ryn asked slowly as she closed the phone. She could not read it anymore. Even though she has hardened her heart when she decided to rejoin this modelling world, she could not help from feeling hurt reading the comments. Was she that bad in their eyes? Did they try to know her first before they accuse her with so many bad things? Was she that evil?

"Jeremy has his team working on this. We are going to them now," Mei Li said.

Ryn looked around and found them on their way to the office. Ryn leaned her back to the seat and closed her eyes, giving out a heavy sigh. Her mind was full of questions but she did not dare to ask it out loud. Mei Li would think she's pathetic and weak if she knew what inside her mind right now.

They were stopped by reporters camping outside the building. Mei Li quickly called Jacob, Jeremy's personal assistant and soon enough a group of securities came to handle the reporters. Mei Li quickly drove the car to the basement and parked it at Ryn's parking lot. Then, they went into the elevator and straight into Jeremy's office.

There was not only Jeremy and Jacob in his office, Ryn found when they entered his room. In fact, there were several men wearing suits and looking serious. Ryn tried not to show her puzzles and just took her seat where Jeremy indicated. Mei Li sat next to her.

"As I told Mr Long, I have prepared all the documents needed. Once the press conference finish, I will start the proceeding," one of the men said calmly.

"Proceeding? What proceeding?" Ryn whispered at Mei Li.

"I'm suing Jennifer for lying and ruining our names," Jeremy muttered firmly.

"Sue?" Ryn was taken back with Jeremy's decision. This was getting more serious than she thought. She looked at Jacob questioningly and the poor man nodded his head, confirming she was not dreaming about this. 

"I've booked the hall for the press conference and invited all the media. Miss Catherine, I hope you can join the press conference too," Jacob said politely.

"Do I have to?" Ryn looked at her manager. Why involved her in this matter? The one suing Jennifer was Jeremy. She was not involved in this lawsuit at all.

"Ryn, you need to be there to clear your name as well. If you keep quiet, that woman will dare to create more lies to condemn you," Jeremy said. His serious face softened when he spoke to her.

"We have to stick together and show her we are not afraid of her."

Ryn lowered her head and pondered about this matter. Then, after a few minutes, she lifted her head up and looked at Jeremy, "Does Mika know about this?"

Jeremy paused. Trust Ryn to always think about Mika when it actually related more on herself. SHe did not even care if her name was smeared badly. All she cared now was Mika.

"I am not sure. Maybe... maybe not. Don't worry. Mother and father are with her now. And I bet Jason is there as well, watching over her," he shrugged. He was not worried about his little sister. His parents and Jason would be there to ensure nothing bad happened to Mika. Of course, for safety, he already ordered securities to tightened their safety and not let any paparazzi disturb any of them.

"Good. I don't want her to be worried," Ryn sighed in relieved. Mika just got better and knowing her best friend, Mika would start fretting over this matter until affecting her own health. She did not want that to happen.

"Don't worry about anything. Tomorrow I want you to join me in the press conference. You don't have to do anything except smiling. All questions will be answered by my team," Jeremy assured her.

"Stay in the mansion tonight. I don't want anyone especially the paparazzi to disturb you before the press conference," he told her firmly.


"Mr Long is right, Ryn. This is for your own safety, please," Mei Li coaxed.

Ryn looked at her manager, then to Jeremy. Then, she sighed heavily and nodded her head slowly. She was getting sick of receiving the weird look. Maybe it was better for her to stay at the mansion tonight. Tomorrow, after the press conference, she would go home.


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