Tell Me Again, My Love
175 Lunch on me?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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175 Lunch on me?

The next day Ryn woke up with a smile.

She stretched her arms as far as she could and let out a happy yawn.

Finally, she was sleeping on her own bed in her own bedroom in her own house.

Yesterday she had to spend almost an hour arguing with Jeremy before he unwillingly sent her home. Of course, he had to follow her to her home to check the security, he said grimly. And he did, checking everything. She swore she heard him murmuring about CCTV as he looked around the house. Luckily for her, they did not bump into anyone even though usually there were a lot of people at the lobby and the swimming pool opposite the lobby. 

He left her alone at home with "Make sure you lock all the windows and doors. and tomorrow the driver will come to pick you up to class. No argument. I have given in by letting you stay here so no, don't open your mouth to argue. This is for your safety."

Of course, if he let her speak, she would argue that she could go to class by herself. She was not a kid anymore. She could take a bus or a cab or a Grab. 

But the thought of having a driver picking her up could not pour the cold water on her good mood. Having able to sleep in her own house was the first win for her against Jeremy and his stubbornness.

"I guess I have to learn how to drive to escape his claws," she murmured to herself. It was at first just a thought flying around her mind but she did not put a serious thought on it because she has Mei Li to help her commute everywhere. Even if Mei Li could not help bringing her anywhere, Ryn could call cab or Grab.

She made a note of checking driving schools that have a good reputation. She did not want to choose blindly, only to get an instructor that made a half-hearted teaching. She wanted to pass the driving test on her first try. She could not waste more time anymore.

She quickly freshened up and put on her usual comfortable clothes for class. This time around, she also put on the sunglasses. Pepper spray was hanging on her bag, just in case.

She made a simple breakfast; four sunny side up eggs, four sausages and a small piece of carrot she cut into smaller pieces. That carrot was her vegetable of the day and that's that. 

She also brought along her water bottle, just half-filled with water. 

The driver was already waiting for her when she went down to the lobby. She smiled and got into the car, only to be greeted with a box of bento.

"Good morning, Miss Catherine. This is for your lunch," the driver greeted cheerfully.

"Err..." Ryn was speechless.

She thought she was no longer receiving lunch box from the mansion. She was already living by her own so it was rational for her to think the cook would not prepare anything for her like when she was still staying there at the mansion. Guess she was wrong.

Or maybe this was a temporary service while the driver will pick her up. She nodded at her thought.

"And this is your breakfast." The driver added another box. Knowing Ryn, she might not be able to have breakfast yet. She was always daydreaming when she woke up. The maid told him that with a giggle as she handed the boxes of food for Miss Catherine.

She sighed a bit as she accepted the second box.

What else could she do? She couldn't reject the good intentions of these people. They obviously were worried she skip her meals if they did not make some for her. It was funny because she would never skip her meals. Never.

The journey to the campus was quiet. She just ate her breakfast quietly while he focussed on his driving. Jeremy told her she could eat in the car if she ever felt hungry. At first, she felt worried dirtying the car but later on, she just ignored the thought and filled her stomach happily. Of course, when she was younger, she did eat in the car with Mika. But, when they reunited back, she felt uncomfortable to do what she used to be when they were younger. They were no longer children and should watch everything they do, even in the car. 

But the Long siblings did not care. They just did whatever they did when they were younger. It did not make sense to control themselves just because they were adults. Mika just claimed she's the baby in the family and did whatever she wanted.

Ryn packed back the breakfast box tidily and put it in its bag. She even finished the breakfast she made, much to the amused of the driver. He hid his smile desperately watching her happily devouring her breakfast. 

"Please thank the Cook for me. It's delicious like always," Ryn told the driver when they reached the entrance of the university and got out of the car. She said that as she leaned into the car while still standing outside. Once the driver told her not to worry, she smiled and closed the door.

Again, she received the weird look and the whisper. As she already expected it, she just ignored them and walked slowly toward her faculty building.


She paused when her name being called. She turned around and saw Harry running toward her.

He ignored the gasp and even calling from some of the girls. His attention was solely on Ryn.

"Hey, Harry. Long time no see," she greeted casually when he approached her.

"You are the one ignoring all my calls and messages," he pointed out sulkily.

She chuckled. "Sorry. I did not mean that. I have so many things in my mind."

"I know," he patted her arm to reassure her he understood her. "I was just worried about you."

"You have class today?" she asked as they walked together into the building. She noticed he did not bring any book with him.

"I need to finish an assignment," he shrugged. He would not tell her he deliberately came here just to find her. He just created an excuse to make her not feeling weird about him. He had no assignment to do today. It was just an excuse.

"Ah... well, I have classes today. See you later," she waved and walked toward her class.

"Ryn," he called before she could go far.


"Lunch on me?"

"I brought lunch today. Sorry. Maybe next time," she waved again.

"Oh... what time do you finish? We can have dinner together?" he asked again.

"Sorry. I have a plan today. Maybe next time," she replied without even looking at him. Her focus was on the stairs. "Bye. See you next time."

He sighed heavily. His shoulders dropped. He wanted to ask more, to create a chance of long chat with her but she seemed busy. He did not want to disturb her.

He turned around and walked out of the building. He planned to stay at the library while waiting for her to be done with her classes. It was no use for him to send messages. When she was busy, she would not answer any message unless it was important also known as messages regarding jobs and works. Other than that, she would not put her attention on it. He already knew this eccentric behaviour of hers. She just did not care.

"Harry, stop." A girl called him. He recognized her and quickened his walk. He had no mood to chat with a spoiled girl like her despite her family was on par as his in term of business and wealth.

The girl's jaw dropped when he ignored her. Why wouldn't he stop so they can start a conversation together? She knew he knew her calling him and she knew he recognized her. They once met during the dinner party where her family and his attended a month ago. She was even being introduced to his father and him during the party!

So it was impossible for him to not recognize her.

"Okay... okay... One day I will make sure you talk with me publicly. You can no longer pretend you don't know me."

Unaware of what happened just now between Harry and the mysterious girl, Ryn entered her class happily. Full stomach, happy mind. In fact, she could not wait for the afternoon to arrive so she could eat her lunch. What did the cook prepare for her? Oooh... must be something good and delicious.

She sat on her usual chair and took out her notebook and pencil case. Then, she finally took out her phone and started to check the messages. It would be better for her to start replying to the messages while waiting for the lecturer to arrive. She did come quite early today so she had quite a long time to do just that.

The lecturer came in just as she posted a reply to the last message she had to attend to. She put it on silent and kept it in her bag. Then, she looked forward and waited for the lecturer to start the lecture.

It was a long boring lecture. Ryn sighed and tried to stay focus without falling asleep. 

It was a long day.


Jeremy swirled the pen in his hand as he frowned. His eyes were staring out the window of his office. The morning he came to the office, everyone greeted him enthusiastically. He did not ask why but he could guess it was because of the press conference the day before. 

Were they happy he cleared the rumour?

He did not think much about it. It did not matter.

"Sir, these are the companies for the security," Jacob said and handed a file. He waited for Jeremy to open the first page before opened his mouth, "I have scheduled the meeting with the building owner at 3.00 pm today."

Jeremy planned to meet the owner yesterday but with so many things happened, he had no time for it. Hence, Jacob adjusted the meeting to today. He knew his boss wanted to buy the apartment as soon as possible so he could start improving the security measurement for Ryn.

"Remind me again half an hour before. Inform the driver," Jeremy said as he replaced his pen with a pencil and started to write something on the file.

Jacob stood in front of him, waiting for the next order.

"I've read and sighed these," Jeremy said as he pushed a pile of files. He spent almost an hour just to read the proposals and reports. "Set the management meeting tomorrow at 10.00. I want all departments to report their achievements. For the fashion and jewellery departments, tell the PA to attend on behalf of Mika."

"Certainly, Sir. Would you like me to tell the cafeteria to prepare the lunch?"

"Yes. Go now."

Jacob excused himself and went back to his table. He reached for his phone and started to call the PAs for all the departments to inform about the meeting. He also called the cafeteria owner regarding the lunch after the meeting tomorrow.

Jeremy closed the file of the security companies. He believed in Jacob's ability. The first company he put on the file would be the best company. Of course, Jacob would include a few more companies just for alternative options.

What was on his mind, apart from the security for Ryn, was his own sister. The doctor told him Mika was getting better. The wound was healing perfectly. It had only been days but they could already pull out the thread from the operation. 

Next week Mika could be discharged if nothing unexpected happen to her health. What worried Jeremy most was Jason. Would he really do what he said, marrying Mika on the day she could go home?

His parents, well, especially his mother, was against the idea. This was the baby of the family so of course his mother especially wanted to make the wedding as big and glamorous as ever.

And grandmother had not known this yet. Jeremy could not imagine how the eldest Long would react once she learned about Jason's stupid idea. Jason might be grounded by Grandmother Long!

He had no doubt Jason's family would be supporting Grandmother Long over this. They seemed to be unhappy with their son's decision as well but too worried to talk about this loudly with his parents in front of Mika. They did not want to hurt the girl's feeling.

Mika, on the other hand, did not say anything about the wedding, though. Her focus was solely on Ryn and getting healthier. Nothing else mattered to her.

Jeremy sighed. Everything was on his shoulders now and he had to ensure nothing could disturb the peaceful life his family was having right now.


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