Tell Me Again, My Love
176 I“m innocen
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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176 I“m innocen

Ryn frowned when she was surrounded when the class ended. She looked at them silently.

"Do you think we don't know you are the one breaking up Jeremy and Jennifer?" one of the girls accused.

Just like I expected, her heart snorted. She knew when she came to class today, she would be 'ambushed' by Jennifer's fans. Jennifer was too popular and her words were the truth to them.

"You think you are so popular you can do whatever you want, are you?" another girl scolded.

Then another, and another. Scold after scold. Accusation after accusation. 

Ryn listened with a small hint of a smile on her face. Not once did she butt in or interrupt them. She just let them threw all their accusations and anger at her.

"Are you done now?" she asked once none of them spoke anymore.

They crossed their arms and glared at her.

She smiled calmly.

"I guess you did not watch the press conference yesterday morning," she stated with a shake of her head. "If you were to follow the conference, you would know and realize that your favourite idol is being sued by Jeremy and I. And because of this lawsuit, I cannot say anything more about this case. If you all want to know the real story, whether your idol is lying or I am the real bad guy in the relationship, I suggest you to follow the case at court once it is started. Before that, I'd suggest you to hold and control yourself before you do something that will make you regret. Excuse me."

With that Ryn stood up and walked to the door. She had no mood to spend more time with them and she was hoping, being students in a university, they could use their brain to think rather than believing everything they read and hear from the gossip pages.

Well, she hoped they knew how to use their brain to think.

She quickly went to find a secluded place to eat her lunch. She did not have the mood to be with anyone. 

She walked to the next class after lunch, letting out a heavy sigh when she remembered she would meet those girls again in the class. Why did she have so many classes with the same students? Ah, yes, because she was trying to cram so many subjects in one go and deliberately choose two or three classes a day so she could finish her study faster.  That was why she did not take any job during weekdays. Her schedule was too full with classes for almost 5 days.

Too hardworking or too stupid?

Of course, the bright side of this class was that Ms Magnolia Lee was the lecturer. The girls would not dare to create any ruckus even before she came into the class. Her footsteps were so quiet and they always were shocked when she came into the class unannounced and started to give them angry glare for being so noisy. If only receiving glare, they could still take it, but being the scary lecturer, Magnolia once deducted mark from the quiz just because the student was too playful in her class.

So scary.

But a blessing in disguise for Ryn.

She took her seat, the back of the class, and sighed. 

So far she only need to be patient for another couple of hours before she could go home.

Magnolia came into the class with a scowl on her face. Today was not her day. First, the alarm in her phone was not working hence she overslept. Then, the car broke down. She could not take a day off because she had a couple of classes today. She took a cab and was almost late. Just before this class, her shoes broke. Luckily for her, she did have a spare in her office.

So, was it her fault for having bad mood?

Her voice was cold. Her gaze was cold. She did not accept any mistake from the students. Even a student who accidentally dropped her phone received her glare. Hence, the whole class was quiet and gave their 100% focus in class.

"Submit your assignment in two weeks. I won't accept later than that," she muttered before she dismissed the class. 

Once she left the room, Ryn followed behind hurriedly. She was actually tired and wanted to go back to sleep. Oh no. She still needed to go to the hospital to visit Mika.

She patted her cheeks to stay awake and quickened her walk. She was almost at the exit of the building. She was escaping from those Jennifer's fanatic fans too.

She was about to blow a sigh of relief when she saw a very familiar figure. She smiled, but not thinking too much seeing him there.

"Hi, Harry. Coincident again both of us are," she greeted cheerfully.

He smiled. He would never confess he purposedly was waiting for her here. Well, almost half an hour here after spending hours staring at one book after another at the library. Without asking, he tried to hold onto her bag. Unfortunately for him she did not understand his good meaning and tightened her hold of the backpack.

"Yeah. I just finished my class. So, where are you going next? Home? Do you want me to send you?" he asked rapidly with his heart beating so hard. He tried not to blush like a young teenager in front of his love.

"I'm heading to the hospital. Mika is still there," Ryn replied. She did not find it weird when he offered to send her home. They were friends and that was what friends do. They helped each other.

"I'll send you, okay? I don't have any plan today," he quickly offered himself to be her driver.

"Well, I... hmm... I need to check first just in case someone is already waiting for me," she said.

"Mei Li?" he referred to their manager.

"No. She's busy at the office. The Long's driver, I mean. He is helping me today," Ryn replied.

Harry's face changed but he managed to cover it with a smile. Ryn did not notice the changes in his expression. Her focus was already on her phone, calling the driver to ask him whether he was picking her up as well to go to the hospital or she should find another transportation mean for herself.

"I'm sorry, Harry. He was already waiting outside. Maybe next time I'll treat you to a drink?" she asked, a bit apologizingly when she realized how many times she kept rejecting him. She even forgot to reply to his messages!

"Oh..." he was downcast but he knew he could not do much about it. Ryn was so close to Mika, they were more like sisters than friends. And their friendship started years before he even met her. How could he fight with Mika over Ryn's attention?

"How about tomorrow? For lunch? I'll treat you lunch at the cafe?" she suggested when she finally noticed the look on his face.

He brightened almost immediately, almost blinding Ryn with his handsomeness.


She smiled and waved goodbye at him. Then, she skipped toward the entrance where the driver was waiting. 

Both of them did not even notice the look coming from the female students upon seeing their light and 'close' conversation.

"So... such a b****," one of them muttered angrily.

"Calm down, Chic. Soon enough Harry will realize who she really is," her friend coaxed but the angry eyes were staring at Ryn who was soon disappear.

Ryn greeted the driver cheerfully after she entered the car. She handed the empty container of her lunch box with a sheepish grin.

"Do you like the lunch?" the driver asked as he put the empty container away.

"Yes. I really love the wrapped omelette especially," Ryn did not even notice she was licking her lips at the memory of her lunch.

The driver chuckled. He would tell the Cook later for tomorrow's meals.

He drove the car carefully toward the hospital. He already sent Mr and Mrs Long to the hospital. Now it was Ryn's turn to go to the hospital. He did not even find how weird it was for him, after sending his Master and Madam to the hospital, only to turn back to go to the university to pick Miss Catherine up only to send her to the hospital.

"Can you stop at any flower shop? I want to buy flower for Mika," Ryn suddenly spoke, breaking the silence in the car.

"Certainly, Miss," the driver agreed. He looked around, searching for a flower shop.

Half an hour later, with a bouquet of red roses and a box of Mika's favourite salad, Ryn entered the hospital via the back door. There were still a lot of reporters camping outside the hospital, eager to catch a picture... or tens of Jeremy and Ryn. Of course, it would be better if Jennifer was there as well. The news would sell like hotcakes.

Mika was chatting with her mother while Jason and her father were looking at the side when Ryn entered the room. She smiled and quickly went to hand the flowers to Mika before greeted Mr and Mrs Long politely. Then, she took her seat beside Mrs Long.

"What is this?" Mika asked excitedly when Ryn handed the packet.

"Your favourite," Ryn said with a roll of her eyes. She hated salad so much. Salad was supposed to be eaten by rabbits, not human beings!

"Must be your favourite but Ryn's hated things," Mrs Long commented, chuckling seeing the childish expression on a somewhat cold poker-faced Ryn. It was refreshing seeing how Ryn acting like Mika, a bit spoiled. She was too matured and serious for her age and Mrs Long was worried about that. Ryn could get sick for being too serious!

"Salad!" Mika said happily. Her eyes sparkled brightly as she hurriedly opened the packet. She was right. And inside the small container, it was full with goodness; avocado, beetroot, salad, cucumber, carrot, tomatoes and a small sprinkle of chia seeds. There was even almonds and raisins topping it.

"Rabbit food," Ryn mumbled hatefully.

"Dear, stop hating vegetables. It's not good for your health," Mrs Long admonished with a chuckle.

Ryn did not look at the hateful container anymore. She went to stand at the window, looking out of it, in order not to look at those while Mika chomping them.

Mika ignored her sulking best friend. She focussed on enjoying her favourite meal, every second of it. Her happiness doubled because this was bought by her Ryn. Clearly her Ryn loved her the most.

Once she was done, she announced loudly, "I'm done." It was a signal for Ryn to return back to her side. "Why are you always avoiding greens, Ryn?"

"Rabbit food. Hmph..." Ryn scowled, crossing her arms.

"Oh, Ryn," Mika giggled. "Let me see the flowers, Jason, love."

Jason obeyed. He quickly took the vase of the latest flowers Ryn bought and showed it to Mika.

The reason why he did not feel hurt when it seemed like Mika preferring Ryn's flowers was because he already watched her enjoying the flowers he bought earlier. He even spent more time with Mika compared to Mika with Ryn.

They were chatting happily with Mr Long and Jason watching from the side when the door flung open suddenly. All of them turned to look at the door, only to widen their eyes seeing a furious woman.

Jennifer Lin. 

Mrs Long straightened her body and stared at Jennifer without a word. She stared hard.

"Mr and Mrs Long, Miss Long," Jennifer cried unhappily.

"What is she doing here?" Mrs Long questioned her husband.

Jason quickly stepped forward to stop Jennifer from coming closer. He scowled at the singer for coming uninvited and disturbing their peaceful day. What was she thinking? Had she lost her mind?

"Get out," Jason muttered warningly.

Jennifer struggled to escape from Jason's hands and cried more, "Uncle, aunt, you have to help me. I did nothing wrong at all. Please tell Jeremy not to sue me. I'm innocent."

"Have I attended a theatre show?" Ryn muttered to herself.

Mika who heard her words nodded. Indeed. It felt like they were in the middle of a drama with Jennifer screaming and crying like a crazy woman.


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