Tell Me Again, My Love
177 The intruder
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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177 The intruder

Jennifer was furious. She was beyond furious.

Her agency was demanding her to settle this outside the court. They also demanded her to tell the truth. They questioned her integrity and honesty. How dared them?



She was both and more.

She was known among her fans as being a kind, honest, full of integrity and never do anything beyond what expected.

Her manager told her to keep her temper in check and persuaded Jeremy and Catherine to cancel the lawsuit. She told Jennifer that if the case went through the court, Jennifer not only would risk affecting her career and losing her fans, she would also in risk of being freeze by the agency. She would not want that, would she?

She tried to get closer to the elder couple but Jason kept blocking her way. She glared but the man stared at her coldly.

"Uncle, aunt, please. Please give me ten... no... five minutes to talk," Jennifer begged.

She ignored Ryn, dismissing her of being unimportant. All she cared about was Jeremy. In order for Jeremy to drop the lawsuit, she needed to get the cooperation from his parents. He would listen to his parents. She did not doubt that. And once he agreed to drop it, that b.i.t.c.h would do the same. 

"I'm sorry. You're not allowed here," Jason said coldly.

"Get out of my way," she muttered under her breath but he ignored her. She lifted her head and looked at him with her sad face, "Please, I need to speak with uncle and aunt."

Jason glanced at the back before at Jennifer. He shook his head in bemused seeing Jennifer trying to look like a 'white lotus' now. She tried to show how pitiful she was, that she was the victim in this. Unfortunately for her, he and the rest in the room knew who she really was. 

"Call security. I don't want to see that woman ever again," Mrs Long told her husband rather loudly. She purposely made her voice loud enough so Jennifer could hear it.

Jennifer gasped loudly. She placed her hands against her chest in shock.

"Aunt... aunty?" she choked out.

Mrs Long just flipped her hair and went to Ryn. She patted Ryn's arm soothingly.

Ryn who was minding her own business with Mika was a bit taken back when Mrs Long touched her arm suddenly. She looked at Mrs Long in puzzle but still smiling.

"Don't you worry, dear. We know who is real and who is fake," Mrs Long glanced at Jennifer when she said 'fake'. She even emphasized the word 'real' and fake'.

Jennifer gasped loudly.

Ryn swallowed her laughter. She did not want to hurt Jennifer's ego by laughing.

Mika just giggled loudly. She did not care about Jennifer's feeling. She was happy to see her mother showed Jennifer whose side she was on. 

"Aunt, you have misunderstood me. I don't know where you've read about me but all are lies. I am very much in love with your son and he is to me. I am not sure why he suddenly distance himself from me and... and..."

"When did I ever been in love with you, Jennifer? Enlighten me," a cold voice cut her off.

She froze. Then, she slowly turned around and looked at the serious-looking Jeremy.

"Je... Jeremy..." she choked out.

He walked past her, quickly greeting his parents and Jason before stroke Mika's hair gently, "How are you doing today?"

"I feel better. Ask Jason," she pointed at her fiance with a huge smile.

Jason approached and took Mika's hand. His smile was huge, indicating how happy he was with her progress. She was getting better and better. She did not feel pain that much compared to when she just woke up. Her appetite was good too. The doctor told her to temporarily stop her diet so he kept buying more delicious food for her to enjoy.

"Jeremy... I..."

He turned and stared at Jennifer coldly. "Don't you have to gather the money for the lawsuit?"

"How could you do this to me? After what we've been through..." Jennifer cried heartbrokenly.

"I think she believes in her own lies," Ryn commented at Mika and Mrs Long. It was obvious how delusion Jennifer had been when she even repeated back the lies she told to the public.

"What have we been though?" Jeremy asked her back.

Jennifer staggered back until she touched the wall. Her hands rested against her chest as she gasped. Did he... did he question her back? Had he forgotten about them?

Her eyes looked around wildly. Her heart was pounding hard.

"How funny it is when both of us have a different memory. And what makes it funnier is that my memory is the same as my family members, my friends and my fans. I don't have a girlfriend since two years ago, which I know you are aware of that. So now, Jennifer, what else do you want to lie about?" he said coldly.

"But... but..."

Four men came with the director of the hospital hurriedly. The director quickly approached the Longs with a worried look. 

"Master Long, Madam Long, I'm sorry for being late. What is the problem over here?" the director asked nervously. He looked around and found the singer Jennifer leaning against the wall. He frowned seeing how scared she was. He was about to open his mouth to ask but cancelled his plan.

He just stood quietly, waiting for any instruction.

"That woman over there," Mrs Long pointed at Jennifer. "She's an intruder. How could she get through the security?"

The director gulped hard. Of course, he had tightened the security at the hospital, especially on this floor. He ordered the securities not to allow any reporter and fan to get into the hospital. He also reminded them to not allow an intruder to disturb the Longs.

"I... I didn't," Jennifer denied. Her watery eyes widened when the four securities approached her.

"Bring her away," Mrs Long waved her hand.

The securities quickly grabbed hold of her arms and pulled her toward the elevator, to kick her out. 

The director wiped the sweat on his face nervously. Would he be blamed for this?

"When is my daughter can be discharged?" Mr Long asked after a while.

"About that..." the director quickly looked at the chart of Mika's reading. All the tubes attached to Mika's arms and body were already pulled away, leaving hideous bruises.

Mrs Long almost cried seeing the bruises but Mika just laughed it off. She told her mother it was the souvenir toward her healthy body. 

"She is getting better. Tomorrow. Tomorrow she can be discharged," the director decided.

The women smiled happily when they heard the news. Jason wanted to pull Mika in his arms as he was ecstatic with the news. Jeremy and his father were much more subtle showing their happiness.

"Very good," Mr Long said and shook the director's hand. "Jeremy will handle the paperwork tomorrow."

"Are you happy?" Ryn asked Mika happily.

"Of course I am. I can go home tomorrow," Mika almost cried happily. She was getting homesick. Although this room was the biggest room but it was not her bedroom. She wanted to stay in her own bedroom. She wanted to go home.

"I will tell the cook to prepare something special for you tomorrow," Mrs Long said, holding her daughter's hand. She could not stop smiling.

"Yes... yes... I want chocolate pudding. I also want the sweet and sour fish," Mika started to list what she wanted to eat. 

"Mika, hold on. You just get better and you need to take everything slow and easy," Ryn coaxed when she saw how excited Mika was. Mika was just getting better and could not eat too many things all at once. It would affect her health.

"Ryn is right, my love. We need to take this slow. Next week, I'll bring you out to your favourite restaurant. We can even have a short holiday," he turned to look at the Long couple, "if uncle and aunty allow me to bring her."

Then he frowned.


Everyone looked at Jason, including the director who was still in the room.

The director coughed and quickly excused himself. This was a matter of the Long family, not him. He should just let them have their personal conversation. He also not forgetting to close the door tightly.

"We are getting married tomorrow," Jason declared loudly with a huge smile on his face.

Mr Long and his wife, Jeremy and Ryn cried, "What?!?"

Jason, too happy to notice the weird look from everyone, took Mika's hands and brought them to his lips. He kissed them gently. "We are getting married tomorrow, sweetheart. How do you feel about being my wife?"

"Err..." Mika was actually still shocked. She did not know what to say or do.

Mika looked at her mother and Ryn for help. Her eyes widened in helplessness. What should she do now?


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