Tell Me Again, My Love
178 Discussion about the wedding
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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178 Discussion about the wedding

"Hold on," Jeremy lifted his hand to stop the gushing Jason.

Jason turned to look at his future brother-in-law, cocking an eyebrow.

"We haven't agreed with that matter yet," Jeremy said and looked at his father to add more.

"You... We need to discuss about this slowly," Mr Long added.

"Ah... the dowry," Jason nodded his head understandingly.

"No..." Mr Long quickly shook his head. He looked at his wife for help. His eyes were full of desperation.


Jason was too occupied with his own plan, he did not notice how weird the atmosphere right now. His mind was full of tomorrow's wedding. Everything would be perfect. It would be perfect. His Mika would be his officially starting tomorrow. No one could steal her from him. No one.

"Jason dear, don't you think it's quite rushing to be married tomorrow. Mika must have her own idea for the wedding. The wedding dress, the decoration, the bridesmaid, the best man, the venue. Why don't we plan about this carefully so we can create the best wedding? Mika's dream wedding?" Mrs Long suggested gently.

Jason frowned. He looked at Mika with puppy-eyed. They had to postpone being husband and wife?


Mika looked at her fiance, not knowing what to say. Of course, she was happy and excited seeing how excited and happy Jason was at the thought of them becoming husband and wife but... wasn't it too rushing? Tomorrow? They would get married when she would get discharged from the hospital?

"Jason?" she choked out worriedly.

"What are you worrying about?" Jason asked, finally his crazy brain noticed how uncertain she was.

"I don't know..." Mika choked out.

"I think what she means is that she is too overwhelmed with everything. Why don't we do what aunty suggested? Why don't we focus first on bringing Mika home and then we will plan the wedding? Don't do the wedding tomorrow but make it in another date, invite all your family and friends to share your happiness?" Ryn tried to help, under the grateful look from both Mr and Mrs Long. 

Jason pursed his lips thoughtfully. He lowered his eyes and looked at Mika.

"What do you think, babe?" he asked, "You know I only want you to be happy."

Mika smiled. She reached out her hand for him and pursed her lips for a kiss.

He obeyed her request. He took her hand and leaned down to kiss her rosy lips lightly.

"What do you think about it, my love? Do you want to get married tomorrow or some other date?" he asked again.

"I... Can we plan this first? I do want to be your wife. I can't wait to be your wife. But... my body is still not well, love. I don't think I can handle the stress of the wedding procedures," Mika said slowly.

"What procedures? We just-" Jason's words were cut off when Jeremy, already fed up with his one-track mind, pulled Jason toward the door. 

Ryn held Mika's hands, "Are you worried?"

"I don't know," Mika whispered. Then, she forced a smile, "Don't you think Jason is adorable just now?"

"Adorable?" Mr Long snorted. "He's too bullheaded. I have the mind of cancelling your engagement looking at him just now."

"No, father. You can't do this to me," Mika cried. "I want to marry him. Don't you break the engagement."

Ryn tried not to show her amusement. Mika was so emotional she even cried at the thought of not being able to be with her love.

"Fine. I won't break the engagement," Mr Long muttered when he received the warning look from his wife.

Mrs Long was already coaxing and cooing at her baby daughter. What was wrong with her husband today? It was not a good time for a joke and what a sick joke was it? Didn't he see how deeply in love their daughter was toward that silly boy?

Ryn just sat on her chair, watching Mika being coaxed. She could see Mr Long was just teasing but the poor girl was too sensitive today. Maybe the stress from the sickness and the wedding made the stress so high, Mika could not differentiate her father was simply trying to ease up the atmosphere.


"Have you told Mika about you moving house?" Mr Long asked suddenly.

The couple, Jeremy and Ryn were in the car after visiting Mika. Like usual, despite telling them they did not have to do it, Ryn found herself in the same car as the family and the car was heading toward a restaurant. They wanted to have dinner before going home.

"I... didn't have the chance yet..." Ryn said slowly. She was hoping she could put this off as long as she could. She was not ready to face Mika's reaction upon the news. It would be full of cries and questions from Mika.

"You do have to tell her tomorrow, Ryn. She will wonder why when you do not follow us home," Jeremy pointed it out.

Ryn sighed. She leaned her head to rest on Mrs Long's left shoulder and let the older woman patting her hands. She was still not ready.

"Maybe I can use... Well..." Ryn paused. She was trying to plan a better sentence, hoping it would make them help her with Mika tomorrow. "I will be filming the show, well, the one about living alone, in two more days. Maybe I can use that as my reason?"

She looked at them hopingly.

"What show is that?" Mr Long asked his son. He did not watch television that much even though his son was a singer. He was too busy managing his business and pulling his wife around for another holiday... or two. He prefered spending time with his wife without interruption by their children, especially their baby daughter, Mika. 

And he could not wait for his son, Jeremy, to stop being a spoiled brat and take over the whole company from his hands so he could retire and enjoy his life with his lovely wife. They deserved to spend the time frolicking and making more babies instead of taking short holidays like this before he struggled to catch up with everything.

"It's a reality show for artists. It's a day filming of how Ryn lives," Jeremy explained. He leaned forward to look at her face. "Two more days?"

"Yes," Ryn nodded.

"What do you suggest to do on that day?" Jeremy asked.

"Err... my usual life?" Ryn gave them her puzzled look.

"Sleeping and eating the whole day?" Mr Long asked, cocking his eyebrow. He did learn about Ryn's favourite hobby from his daughter. At first, he was shocked and could not believe it but when Jeremy told him it was true, he could not wait to see Catherine. But this girl was slippery as an eel when she was young. Whenever he tried to meet her, she would have all sort of excuses to go home early. Even when she was with Jeremy, it was hard to meet her, especially with her busy schedule as a model. Of course, he did manage to taste her cooking because she cooked a lot during her relationship with Jeremy, in between her busy life.

She was a good cook and he was happy with this future daughter-in-law. He had no idea how his stupid son could actually drive her away that year. Luckily, his son finally realized his stupidity and wanted to get back with darling Catherine. And Mr Long and his wife were 100% agree on this decision. They wanted Catherine to be in their family.

"Err... yes?" suddenly Ryn felt like her usual day would not be good in the television.

"Why don't we use the opportunity to talk about your relationship with our family?" Mrs Long suggested.

"Isn't that what Mei Li said as well?" Jeremy asked Ryn.

"Ah... yes," Ryn nodded. She just remembered the proposal by Mei Li when she suggested for her to do this program. "Mei Li did say that."

"We need to plan this carefully. With the time is so short, we've got to make it believable," Jeremy decided.

"Why can't I just follow the flow?" Ryn was getting stressed at the thought of following a schedule for a day. Yes, she did have schedule for her work but for her everyday life? No!

"If you just follow the flow, you will only sleep until the evening and then eat before sleep again," Jeremy pointed out dryly. "I do know Mei Li has cleared all your schedule that day."

Ryn sighed a bit. And not to mention she has a photoshoot the next day after class. So, it was obvious she needed to ensure the filming would not affect her class and her real work.

Who knew what time the filming would end? Hopefully not too late because she had an early class the next day.

Whose brilliant idea it was to have the filming on her only free day in the middle of weekdays?


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