Tell Me Again, My Love
180 The dramatic Jeremy
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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180 The dramatic Jeremy

Harry approached Ryn when she walked out of the building once her classes for the day ended. He smiled when he saw her.


"Oh, hey," Ryn just smiled seeing him.

"You're done?"

"Yeah." Ryn looked around. "You're not having any practice?"

"Nah... they're all busy with their assignments," Harry lied smoothly. They did have practice today but he wanted to spend more time with Ryn.

"Oh yes, for tomorrow, the practice will be at the studio at 10.00 am. And we'll be filmed by the crews that filmed your aunt that time," Ryn told him as they walked together to the main road of the campus.

"Film?" he frowned.

"Yeah. The crews from 'A Day In My Busy Life'. You know, the one filming your aunt last time," Ryn explained. She took out her ringing phone with a frown.

"Ah..." his eyes looked at the screen, trying to see who was calling. His face changed when he saw the name.

"Hey," Ryn greeted as she answered the call.

"I'm here," Jeremy said happily.

"You? I thought you're still in the office," Ryn checked her watch, still frowning.

She knew today Mika would be discharged from the hospital but this was still working time for Jeremy. He had to take over Mika's work on top of his own.

"Mika is getting discharged today," he pointed out.

"Okay. I'm getting closer now," she announced and disconnected the call. Then, she turned her head at Harry who was being quiet the whole time. "What did you say just now?"

"Nothing," Harry murmured slowly, sadly. Was she going to go to that man? What about him?

"Ah... Then, I better get going now. Mika is waiting for me (at the hospital)," Ryn, unaware with the sadness in Harry, waved goodbye and walked quicker to a car that just stopped not far from them.

It was Jeremy's car and Jeremy, who was driving it, lowered the sunglasses he was wearing and stared at the man who was left by Ryn. His eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Hey," Ryn greeted when she got closer to Jeremy. Jeremy, already standing at the car, at the passenger side, opened the door for her.

"Hey. Are you ready?" he asked, but he kept glancing at the man standing where Ryn just left him, frozen. 

"Yeah. Uncle and Aunt?" she asked about his parents.

"They're on their way," he replied shortly and closed the door once he ensured she sat properly on the seat. Then, straightening himself, he looked at the man he recognized as the new model and put his sunglasses back with a smirk. He knew that man saw his smirk when Harry's face changed. Happy to see the result, he walked back to the driver seat and got into the car.

"Hopefully Jason would not make any scene about his nonsense," Ryn murmured, unaware with the 'short childish' attitude Jeremy just did toward Harry.

"I'm sure he won't do anything weird today," Jeremy assured as he changed the gear of the car.

"I hope so." Ryn threw her sight at the window, and when she saw the still freezing Harry, she lowered the window and waved goodbye. "Bye, Harry. See you tomorrow."

Jeremy wanted to close the window, blocking Ryn from even seeing that man's face but he held himself desperately. Only the grip on his whitened hands became the evidence of his jealousy.

"Tomorrow?" he asked when she finally closed the window and no longer looked at another man.

"I have a practice with him," Ryn replied absent-mindedly. She took out her phone to check messages from Mei Li. 


"Hmm..." but her focus was on her phone, not his question.

He glanced at her, holding his temper desperately. Shouldn't she focus on their conversation instead of checking her phone? Was he just a driver for her?

"For tomorrow, can you all come in the evening?" she asked as she replied to Mei Li's message quickly.

"Why can't we come earlier?"

"I have another plan."

"What's your plan?" he asked, telling himself not to get angry if she blurted out that man's name. She felt nothing toward that man. Her heart belonged to him and him only, dammit. She belonged to him!

"Something," she mumbled as she checked the schedule for next week. She needed to see whether she could squeeze more work between her already full schedule. She could not skip more classes even though she already hit the minimum hours of classes. She did not want to jeopardise her mark just for work. She wanted to balance both her study and her work.

She could do it.

She only has these two semesters left, just a short more time to hold to. Later she could focus everything to her work.

Just a few more months to go.

"Something what?" he pushed for an answer he would satisfy with.

"Are you alright, Jeremy?" finally noticing how weird his question and tone were. She lifted her head and looked at him questioningly.

"Am I?" he muttered coldly, no longer able to swallow the temper he tried so hard to hide from her.

She crossed her arms and cocked an eyebrow, "You are asking me so many questions when I've already answered."

"No, you didn't."

"Jeremy, we are just friends. Remember that," she reminded.

"We are not just that," he muttered.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself. This man beside her was being unreasonable again and he was too stupid to even realize it. 

"Do you want me to go by myself while you bury yourself in that unreasonable ego?" she asked coldly. She was too lazy to even argue with him. She just wanted to go to the hospital to help Mika going home, not having drama with the dramatic Jeremy. Enough was enough.

Since yesterday she had to face the accusations and jeers from her classmates and even other students, and now she had to face his weird temper. 

She was too old for this.

"Why? You want to spend more time with that man?" he accused angrily.

"Jeremy Long!" she gasped his name loudly. Her eyes widened.

His grip tightened. If he ever let his hand go, he had no doubt he would grab her hand or shoulder or even her neck. He must not let his hand go or he would hurt her physically!

Ryn no longer wanted to argue with him. When it was clear he would not stop the car, all she could do right now was facing the window backing him and kept quiet. She refused to talk with this crazy man!

He, on seeing her giving him cold shoulders, muttered something under his breath and increased the speed of the car. and even intervening between vehicles, regardless of the honking sound of the startled driver in his dangerous driving. He was too furious to care what the other drivers were thinking about him.

She gripped the safety belt tightly with her face paled. But still, she refused to talk with him. He though only he could get angry. She could get angry too. She had a temper. Don't just think she could get bullied just because she was too lazy to reply to others. 

The atmosphere was cold and awkward. And it continued in the elevator and when both entered Mika's room, they brought along the awkwardness and coldness of the tension. 

"Ryn, you're finally here," Mika greeted cheerfully as she tried to run into Ryn's arms happily but Jason stopped her. 

"You're still not well, love. Stop running around. Take care of your health," he reminded with tender eyes. Then, he looked at Ryn, telling her to approach Mika instead.

Ryn, not even saying a word since she entered the room, did just that. She went to Mika and hugged her best friend. Then, still holding Mika, she greeted both Mika's parents and Long's parents.

The elders replied with a smile before continued their chat. They were discussing what to do with this childish couple. Apparently Jason begged his parents to allow him to marry Mika today but couple was determined to have a bigger and proper ceremony. 

Mika deserved her dream wedding!

They were planning to let the women choose an appropriate date for a wedding between Mika and Jason. They also needed to choose the best venue for the ceremony and how many guests should attend the wedding. Should it be private with just among family and friends or make it as extravagant with guests from their companies and clients, and some VIPs. It would not be strange if the country's president wanted to be one of the guests too. A wedding between two prominent families. It would be the wedding of the year... or even the century!

Hence, they needed to plan this wedding carefully. 

They no longer believed in Jason planning anything. They were worried that Jason just dropped everything and pulled Mika to the registry office to register their wedding. Seeing how he behaved recently, it would not be impossible.


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