Tell Me Again, My Love
181 The odd couple
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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181 The odd couple

The couples finally realized something was wrong. They all turned to look at Jeremy who was standing at the door, then at Ryn who was wrapping one arm around Mika's slim waist. Why did it feel so weird and awkward?

The tension was cold as well.

"Are you alright, Ryn?" Mika asked worriedly. She did not care about Jeremy. All she cared about was her best friend, Ryn.

"Yeah. I'm okay," Ryn lied, but she kept backing herself from Jeremy. She refused to look at him.

Mika looked at her big brother, then at Ryn. Her brows furrowed. Something smelled fishy.

The elders found it weird too but they were more polite and did not want to intrude too much into the youngsters' life. They believed in love and they believed no matter what status the person was, if their child was deeply in love with that person, they would accept him/her with opened arms. Luckily for them, Mika and Jason were childhood lovers and managed to keep their love fresh and long-lasting even after years together. When the Long's couple learned that Jeremy fell in love with his schoolmate and coincidentally Mika's best friend, they were about to pull her into their family happily, only to receive the news that they broke up.

Even though they did not want to interfere with Jeremy's relationship but knowing how stubborn Jeremy could be, they could not help from feeling worried. Even Jason's parents were worried too if something was wrong between Jeremy and Ryn... again. 

"Are you two fighting again?" Jason asked without thinking. Honestly, he was getting fed up with these two. It was clear they were still having feeling toward each other but Ryn was too stubborn to acknowledge her real feeling while Jeremy was allowing his own ego to rule his emotion and action.

"No," Ryn answered quickly, too quickly to their ears. 

They all frowned.

"Anyway, aren't we all here to help Mika get discharged? Mika, are you ready? Have you packed everything?" Ryn tried to change the topic and it worked.

"I have checked twice," Jason announced rather proudly. Although he wanted to hold Mika's hands but watching how weird Ryn and Jeremy were and seeing how happy Mika was holding Ryn, he let Ryn monopolizing Mika's time and hand. He quickly took the bags of Mika's belonging, full of the teddy bears and some necessities of Mika's.

Ryn and Mika walked together, following behind the elders who were leading their way. Jason and Jeremy followed behind the girls. They met the director of the hospital and his entourage who were sending them goodbye. The youngsters let the elders handling the director and his team. They stood behind and waited until the director was done gushing and bootlicking, hoping for a sponsor or two from both families.

The elders did not promise anything, just giving their polite smile. They gave their goodbye and ushered the youngsters to follow them to the elevator, leaving the grinning director and his team.

"I can't take that director anymore," Mika mumbled when they entered the car. Again, Mika was sitting beside Ryn and refused to let her hand go.

"Why? He's looking after you. He even operated you," Ryn asked with a smile.

"His smile is creepy. I swear he's wearing weird tape on his teeth to make it whiter," Mika whispered, hoping her mother did not hear it. 

"He can't help his appearance, Mika. Stop criticising what God gave him," her mother told her off, staring at her daughter disapprovingly. 

"Sorry, mother," Mika mumbled, lowering her head in ashamed.

"Bear in mind to think before you speak, Mika. No more next time," her father reminded.

Luckily for Mika, Jason's parents were not sharing the same car. They took their own car and followed behind this car. Only Jason and Jeremy were sharing the same car along with her parents, Mika and Ryn.

"Hear that, Mika. Think before you speak," even though Ryn was talking to Mika, her eyes were warning Jeremy. He should think before he speaks! 

"Fine. I won't speak without thinking," Mika mumbled sulkily.

They giggled seeing her childish expression. Ryn kissed Mika's cheek before Jason, who was sitting beside Mika, pulled Mika for a light kiss on her lips, despite they were with her parents.

"Jason," Mika's cheeks reddened.

"Ah... just treat us invisible. We're too old to even care," Mr Long mumbled but his twinkling eyes betrayed the monotone and gave his approval of his future son-in-law.

Jason grinned from ear to ear as he pulled Mika closer to him. He did not feel himself as an outsider when he was with them. He felt like he was one of them, one of the family members. Nothing made him awkward... well... of course he would not be able to do more than kissing lightly against Mika's rosy lips in front of her parents, or his. It would be inappropriate to make public display affection in from of the elders.

He was not that shameless... yet.

Maybe after a year or two, he would no longer care what others think and just do whatever he wanted at Mika. Why should they just limit their love in the bedroom?

Ryn smiled watching how happy Mika was being spoiled by her fiance. Then, she sighed, wishing she could have someone who spoiled her too. But then again, she did not think she was ready for any relationship now.

The car stopped in front of the entrance of the hotel. The valet opened the door and Jeremy and Jason walked out first. Then, the men helped the women getting out of the car. Well, Jason only cared about Mika while Jeremy tried to help Ryn. But Ryn did not accept his hand. Instead, Ryn turned to help Mrs Long getting out of the car.

Jeremy dropped his hands and sighed heavily. Guessed Ryn was still angry at him.

Jason quickly told the man at the door about his order. To celebrate Mika being discharged from the hospital, Jason booked a private room in this exclusive restaurant. He, with the help of his mother, chose the menu and even arranged for the entertainment to entertain them while having a meal. He was so excited for Mika to be able to go home, he went all out with everything.

"Well, at least he no longer wants to marry Mika immediately tomorrow," his mother whispered to her husband when she was done arranging everything with Jason. Of course, she did inform the Long's couple about the celebration and even warned about Jason extravagance arrangement.

"That's the best we can do to stop him from his silly idea. How on earth he got the idea to marry dearest Mika in the hospital?" his mother sighed with a shake of her head in puzzled.

And the celebration started just as the group entered the room. A trumpet blared loudly and two waiters blew the blowers. Two more waiters pulled a small tube blowing colourful confetti onto them, mostly at Mika.

The room was full with nitrogen-filled pink balloons until the ceiling could not be seen. One wall, the main wall, was decorated with another set of golden balloons, this time spelling 'Congratulations, Mika' and 'I love you, Mika'.

Mika looked at Jason in shock, too stunned with so many things hit her one by one. Of course, she caught the 'I love you, Mika' on the wall. He loved her and spoiled her so much until she felt like she was not worthy of his love.

It was so obvious who was planning this 'party'.

"I love you too," she whispered and was rewarded with a kiss upon her lips by him.

"Maybe we should marry them quickly. They can't seem to be able to control their hands," Mr Long murmured at his wife, seeing the couple was so into their kiss, they forgot about everyone else.

"Hush... we have to plan the wedding carefully," Mrs Long told her husband. She refused to make last-minute kind of plan for her baby daughter. Everything must be perfect. Nothing can go wrong.

When the couple broke their kiss, Jason took a jewelled tiara and put it gently on Mika's head. Then, his hand gently wiped the tears on her cheeks, "Why are you crying? Don't cry."

"I love you so much, Jason. So-so much," Mika choked out, trying to stop the tears.

Jason smiled. He kissed both her lids, then at her tear-stained cheeks before her lips again. "I love you too."

"That's enough, kids. We're here to eat, to celebrate. We're not here to see you kissing and crying," his father suddenly interrupted their loving moment.

"Uncle," Mika choked out, trying to hide her reddened cheeks against Jason's broad chest.

His father smiled tenderly. He was just teasing them. Of course, he did not mind seeing his son's love life was so perfect but it did not mean he wanted to see their PDA all the time. He was not blind and he needed to eat before going home to have his own PDA session with his wife.

"Alright. Alright. Let's eat," Mr Long took charge of the group and ushered everyone to their seat. He offered his arm to his wife and led her to her chair. He even pulled her chair like a gentleman. Even though this was a celebration for his daughter but it did not mean he could not use the chance to deepen his love with his own wife.

The only odd couple right now was Jeremy and Ryn. But Ryn did not care, not a bit when seeing the three couples using the chance to nurture their love.


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