Tell Me Again, My Love
183 What was this rabbit food?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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183 What was this rabbit food?

Mika wrapped her arm around Ryn's. A wide smile was plastered on her face as they walked into the elevator. She ignored the weird look from the people there. Although she was unhappy with the fact that Ryn moved into another house, but she was pleased to one of the firsts to be able to see Ryn's house. She wanted to check who Ryn's neighbour was and whether she could buy the house next door.

She did not know this house was just a temporary place for Ryn before she moved into her own house.

Her parents and Jeremy were there as well. They did not want to wait in the car.

"Why do you have to tag along?" Mika complained at Jeremy.

"I don't want you to forget to go home once you enter her house," Jeremy pointed out dryly. He had the feeling his little sister would refuse to go home once she was in Ryn's house.

Mika stuck her tongue out at him childishly.

They finally reached in front of a door. Mika could not help from clapping her hands excitedly, just like a little girl. She could not wait to see Ryn's house. And maybe she could gift something to make the house look better.

"This is it. This is my temporary home... for the time being," Ryn said after she opened the door. 

There were people busy setting cameras and things, while Mei Li was standing there with a man.

"Mr and Mrs Long, Mr Jeremy, Miss Mika," Mei Li approached them. She managed to cover her shock seeing the family. Then, she gestured to the man who was standing beside her.

"This is Edward, the director for the show," she introduced.

Edward greeted them politely. He was still trying to believe he was meeting one of the wealthiest family in the country in the apartment... without even an appointment!

Mika smiled at them before pulled Ryn deeper into the house. She wanted to see the house, not chatting with a stranger!

Jeremy, on the other hand, walked Edward to one of the chairs at the dining table. He needed to know about tomorrow's plan. Edward gulped and called his assistant to bring a document. It seemed like he had to watch carefully what he speak and do. It was obvious how close Miss Catherine was with the family. He had to inform the producer about this.

"This is the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen," Ryn said.

"So small," Mika looked sad at the size. Then, she groaned when Ryn knocked her head playfully.

"Miss Little Wealthy, stop complaining. I like this place and you should too. Don't you think small is easier to maintain?" Ryn said, faking a glare at her best friend.

Mr and Mrs Long watched as their spoiled daughter did not whine for the hit. In fact, Mika was grumbling about the decoration being too simple and too sparse. And she even received a pinch on her small nose for that grumble.

It was cute and adorable seeing these two girls joking around.

Mei Li did not follow Ryn. In fact, she was standing near Jeremy and the director, taking notes if anything changes or explaining to them if needed. She did not want anything to change too much until Ryn became awkward tomorrow during the filming. She wanted everything to run smoothly.

"So tomorrow you're going to film your day, right?" Mika asked, cheered up at the thought.

"I guess so," Ryn sighed a bit. Suddenly she felt the idea of filming her day was a bad idea?

"Why don't I send Cook here? You don't have to cook for tomorrow's housewarming," Mrs Long suggested after she looked at the kitchen.

"No... No need, aunty. I can cook. It's only for four people," Ryn quickly shook her head, not wanting to bother the cook for such a simple meal.

"Are you sure, dear?" Mrs Long even looked into the refrigerator and cupboard, a bit worried, though. A housewarming party was quite important and even though Ryn did not invite a lot, this would be broadcasted nationwide. She wanted everything to be perfect.

"Yes, aunty. I can cook," Ryn assured the elder woman. She already had a menu in her mind and a bit worried that the Cook would change everything, especially if she knew this would be broadcasted. Cook has her own pride to keep.

"Please have something healthy for my daughter, okay? She can't eat too much greasy food," Mr Long reminded.

"Yes, uncle. And I won't even put too much rabbit food," Ryn said before she groaned when Mika pinched her waist, "Mika!"

"Stop calling it rabbit food. It's healthy and you should eat a lot of it," Mika groaned.

The crews who were listening to the conversation blinked their eyes in puzzled. What was this rabbit food? The pellet rabbit ate?

"No way. I love my meat more than anything," Ryn crossed her arms and nodded seriously. One of the food in the menu she planned for tomorrow was steak. A lot of steak.

Of course for Mika, she would make a small bowl of porridge. She would not want Mika to fall sick again. These few days watching Mika at the hospital, seeing how weak and pale she was made Ryn so worried she would lose her best friend. 

They then walked back to the living room, chatting happily. Ryn would only take note of the cameras once everyone goes home. 

And she could not wait for every one of them to leave. She was so exhausted. She wanted to sleep!

"Is everything okay?" Mrs Long asked her son.

"No. Everything is good."

They all looked at the director, waiting silently.

"We have finished setting everything. Tomorrow, Miss Catherine, you just do whatever you usually do. Just ignore the cameras. Also, two of our crews and myself will come tomorrow morning to record you when you go out and also to interview you. Do pretend them not around when you're going out. We are invisible," he said.

Ryn did not ask anything. Once she heard she could ignore the camera, she just shrugged it off and prepared to send the crews home. When were they going to live? Her small house felt so full and stuffed right now.

It took the director fifteen more minutes to explain before he and his team left. Mei Li also excused herself. It was getting late and she was getting tired.

Ryn let out a sigh of relieved after she sent them to the door.

For tomorrow, her manager, Mei Li would not come along. Ryn told her not to. She could handle everything by herself. Mei Li could finish her work in the office or just take some rest. 

"Now, it's time for us to return home," Mr Long announced as he wrapped his arm around his wife's slim waist and kissed the top of her head gently. Mrs Long leaned herself next to her husband with a tender smile on her face.

"Do we have to?" Mika started to wrap her arms around Ryn tightly, her lips pursed a bit in a spoiled manner.

"Yes. We need to go now. You're still weak. Tomorrow you can spend a lot of time with Ryn," Mr Long said patiently with a smile.

"But... father..." Mika whined, tightening her embrace. She refused to leave. No, she did not want to leave. She wanted to stay here with Ryn. Even though it was a small house, not even half of the house she shared with her stupid brother, but this house has Ryn in it. She wanted to stay with Ryn.

 "Girl, you need to go home to recuperate. You are still weak. You just got discharged, didn't you?" Ryn coaxed, giggling seeing the sulky look on Mika's face.

"I don't feel weak at all," Mika denied.

Jeremy snorted loudly. "I knew it," he said loudly.

"What did you know?" Mrs Long asked her son, a bit surprised when he gave a weird look at his own little sister.

"I knew it. You'd refuse to go home once you in this house. I know you for years. I even live with you for so long," Jeremy muttered, glaring at his little sister.

He was jealous, to be truth. He wanted to stay here with Ryn too but he knew he had no reason to do so. She would never let him stay here, unlike Mika. If Mika whined long enough and gave her puppy-eyed look, Ryn's heart would waver and she would let that silly girl to stay here for the night.

Mika stuck her tongue out to him childishly.

Jeremy almost did the same but he managed to control himself. He snorted and glared more.

Their parents and Ryn laughed at the sight.

The family finally left the house after coaxing the sulking Mika to go home. Ryn let out another sigh of relieved.

It was a long day today but at last, she was alone. 

She glanced at the cameras hanging around the place and pursed her lips. She was technically alone.

"I guessed I have to change my clothes in the toilet," she murmured slowly.

Tomorrow would be another long day and Ryn hoped it would end quickly.


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