Tell Me Again, My Love
184 The walking practice with Harry
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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184 The walking practice with Harry

She woke up with the alarm blaring loudly near her ears. Of course, she woke up to silence the alarm. She sat up sleepily, then fell down back to continue her sleep. She slept late last night. She finished an assignment and planned to hand it during the next class.

Then, she sat up abruptly. 

The walking practice!

She pushed the blanket and hurried walked to the door, only to return back to silence the alarm. "Quiet down," she told the alarm absent-mindedly.

On the way to the door, she grabbed the rubber band to tie her hair into a bun on top of her head and headed to the bathroom. Hopefully, she would not be late for the practice.

It was a quick shower just to open her eyes. Cold shower really did the job but of course, she still needed something more to hold her for several hours.

"Should I cook or buy breakfast?" she asked loudly, walking to the kitchen after putting on a green top and jeans. She checked the fridge while rubbing her stomach absent-mindedly.

She took out three packets of cold steaks with a huge smile on her face. Good breakfast would make her mood good today. Good mood = good day.

Nothing would go wrong today.

She made a quick work cooking the steaks and even brewing coffee. Then, she finally noticed the camera at the corner of her eyes.

"Oh..." she mumbled but did not comment more.

Just act as if nothing was wrong.

Just act as if those cameras were not there.

Treat them as if they were invisible.

She was in the middle of cooking her breakfast when the bell rang. She frowned but walked to the door to open it.

"Good morning, Miss Catherine," Edward greeted cheerfully with the two men behind him bobbed a nod.

Ryn replied the greeting and opened the door.

"I'm cooking breakfast right now... but I only made enough for me," she explained rather awkwardly. She forgot about them... totally.

"It's okay, Miss Catherine. We've had our breakfast," the director said with his two crews nodded. Every time they had to do filming, they would eat and even have more food in the van. They would not starve at all.

"Oh... okay," Ryn nodded dumbly and returned back to the kitchen. Luckily her steaks were not burned. She quickly moved them to a plate and paused.

It was a very short pause.

She was thinking what she should do next in the seconds she was pausing. Should she offer her only food to them or just act like they were not there?

Just eat her breakfast and pretend she was alone, she decided.

She walked to the small table with her steaks and coffee. The crews were busy with the director giving instruction to his men. They were not rushing to record her eating. The cameras at the wall would do the job.

"Miss Catherine," the director called politely when Ryn was done doing the dishes after breakfast.


"Can we interview you now? It's a simple interview. I will ask you some questions and you can answer them," the director requested politely.

"Err... okay..." Ryn checked the time first before gave her agreement. She still had time to answer questions. Mei Li did tell her this interview would happen for a few times during the filming.

"Where do you want me to sit?" she asked.

"Can you sit on that sofa?" the director pointed at the sofa.

Ryn sat there and watched as one of the crews quickly adjusted the camera. Then, he gave a thumb up.

Edward started to ask her several questions and she answered, making sure the answers were acceptable but at the same time did not give too much insight to her real world. She still needed to keep most of her life in private, especially the history of her relationship.

She would never tell anyone about her past with Jeremy!

It lasted for several minutes before Edward announced it was enough. When Edward asked her what her plan next, she plainly said: "I need to go to the agency."

"We will follow you."

Ryn sighed and could only nod. She did allow this to happen.

"Now, can you pretend you just finished doing your dishes and continue from that?" Edward asked.

With another sigh, Ryn went back to the sink to do just that. She took a tumbler to fill with water before went into her bedroom to get her backpack. Her hand automatically punched in several times on the screen of her phone. She needed to call a Grab to go to the agency.

"I need to learn how to drive," she murmured absentmindedly.

Edward's eyes sparkled when he heard that. From what he saw yesterday, if this episode received high rating, he could ask for another recording of Miss Catherine's life. Despite Miss Catherine tried to sound like her life was boring, Edward knew it was the opposite. Besides, looking at how much she ate for breakfast, he knew it would receive quite a lot of responses from the viewers. A model ate four steaks for breakfast?

It was so outrageous that everyone would talk about it for days or maybe months!

Ryn, unaware of what inside the director's mind, tapped her right foot impatiently for them to leave the house so she could lock the key. The crews were already outside with their cameras. Only Edward was still standing there, grinning like an idiot.

Ryn frowned. Had this man ate too much until he became weird like this? 

Ryn looked at his crews but they were talking to each other. She sighed and shook her head.

"Mr Edward?" she called the director, waving her hand at his face.

He snapped back from his daydream and shook his head. Then, he gave a sheepish grin and quickly walked to the door. But his mind never stopped rolling, finding an excuse to coax Ryn for another recording.

Ryn shook her head helplessly. She went to check whether she has switched off all the switch and turned off the stove. Then, she walked to the door.

The Grab must have been waiting for her downstairs.

She checked the time after locking the door. She still had time.

The call came just as she walked down the stairs. She looked around, checking the application for the correct car. Then, when a man came out of the car and looked around before waved at her, she waved back.

The director was waving from his van and pointed at the car. Ryn did not know what he meant but if she did not get into the car now, she would be late.

"Oh..." she murmured when she saw the camera at the dashboard. That was what the director meant when he pointed at the car and gave the ok sign. They seemed to be prepared for everything.

She closed her eyes and tried to hide a yawn. Guessed she was still sleepy.

The driver glanced at her. He was speechless. Just as he was waiting for this customer, two men came, showing a name card and asked him whether they could put the camera on his car. They even reassured him that they would blur his face if he did not want to show it during the show and would follow him. The only thing he needed to do was acted naturally and not to lose them on the road. 

Showing his face and become famous? He was all into that. 

Without thinking, he agreed to that. Then, once he received the signal from the director, he made a call to this customer. The crew who set the camera told him that his customer was a supermodel.

Wow. How lucky he was today. Not only he would be on the television, but he could even see a real supermodel and she would sit in his car. How cool was that? 

But to his disappointment, the supermodel he pictured in his mind was not who the woman at the passenger looked like. This woman did not even look like a supermodel! Where was the glamour makeup? Where was the blow-dried hair? She looked more like a student!

"Calm down. Even if she's not a supermodel, I will still be on tv. I will be famous nationwide!" he murmured silently to himself. He nodded and focussed on driving the car carefully while ensuring a lot of his face was caught in the camera.

Ryn paid the far and got out of the car. She checked the time and nodded to herself. It was 9,49 am. Just nice.


She looked around and waved at Harry. Apparently Harry was early as well. Ignoring the camera, she went to him and pointed at the agency. Both of them entered the building together.

"How's your day?" Harry asked, ignoring the camera. 

"Like usual, I guess. Why?" Ryn frowned.


She did not ask more, her attention was already on the receptionists, greeting them cheerfully.

Harry followed suit and greeted them. 

"Room 1," the receptionist told them and pointed at the hallway.

Both went to the studio. Ryn went straight to a chair and sat on it. Her bag on the floor.

"Can you start now. I want to see it first before I can help you," Ryn said as she untied her hair and tied them back.

Her expression changed as she crossed her arms. Instead of the casual normal-looking Ryn, she now looked serious. 

Harry, already taking off his cap and backpack, gulped. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm down.

"Okay, start walking," Ryn said after she tapped her phone to play a song. It connected to the speaker and the song blared loudly from the speaker.

Harry started walking. He was nervous and walked too quick.

"Stop and do it again... slowly," she said.

He obeyed.

This time no one came into the studio to watch or help Harry. Only the two of them and they spent 2 hours practising the walk.

Harry could not stop smiling. He was happy to be able to spend the time with her, even under the pretence of practising his walk.


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