Tell Me Again, My Love
185 Having lunch with Harry?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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185 Having lunch with Harry?

The practice ended with Harry not only practised his walk but Ryn also told him what to do if something unexpected happens.

"It happens sometimes but remember, do not panic," she said wisely.

He smiled seeing her in her teaching mode. She was so serious and earnest with her teaching, nothing she left off. All her knowledge she gave and in such way, everyone could understand easily. He bet the viewers even learned something from this session.

"Do you have any other question?" Ryn asked.

"I guess that's all. I don't know what else I don't know," Harry scratched his head sheepishly.

"Anything you can ask me and other seniors," Ryn said as she picked her bag up.

"Do you have any plan after this?" Harry asked. He knew she would have something in plan with the camera following around.

"Err..." Ryn was a bit uneasy. She was having a housewarming party but she did not even invite Harry. Why did it feel like Harry knew about the party?

But she was not that close to him to invite him to her new place. They were just friends but not that intimate like she with Mika.

"I already have another plan," Ryn said finally.

"Then, can we have lunch together before you do whatever you plan to do? My treat," Harry said. He knew he sound like he was begging her in front of the camera but he did not care. If this could even create a gossip between them and making that man give up, better.

"Lunch?" Ryn checked her watch, frowning. Would she have enough time to buy grocery and cook before they come?

"Yeah. I heard there's a new steak restaurant open and the steak is quite good," Harry enticed and kissed his own fingers to show how delicious it was.

"Steak?" Ryn did not even notice she was licking her lips hungrily.

But Harry and the crews caught it. Harry hid a smile. 

"Let's go." Harry quickly slipped the address and phone number to the crews while pretending he was on the way to switch off the speaker. The man winked and handed the paper to the director for further action.

"I..." Ryn was still trying to reject the offer even though she really wanted to go to the restaurant. Delicious steak? Better than the one Harry made?

"What are you thinking about?" Harry asked when he saw the ever-changing expression on her face. He knew she was still deciding whether to accept his offer or not. It was adorable when she made faces like that.

"Nothing... Err... Maybe next..." she touched her growling stomach. Silently she cursed her stomach for betraying her. Stupid stomach!

He grinned. The camera did not catch it but he did hear the growling. He gently put his hand behind her back and ushering her toward the door.

"Let's go. My treat."

He already gave his permission to the crews to install camera into his car, even gave his car key and his plate number to them when he went out for a second during the practice. He waited until they returned his key before he went back into the studio.

So far, everything went well.

The car was parked quite close to the entrance so they did not have to walk far. He opened the door for her, like a true gentleman he was. Then, he went to the driver seat and got into the car. He could not help from smiling. He was happy when she agreed to spend more time with him.

"So, what's your plan today?" he asked again.

She closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. She ignored the camera completely. Although it would make it weird during screening but she refused to invite those not close to her to attend the housewarming. She was not this close to Harry!

He sighed. It was clear she refused to answer it. She could not be asleep this easily especially when the camera was recording. 

That was why he liked her so much. She did not care how people think about her. But the way she act was so adorable. Even the way she was sleeping was cute. He wondered why she never received any endorsement from a mattress company. The matresses would be sold in just minutes when they saw how adorable she was.

"Well, I will wake you up once we have arrived," he said with a wry smile. 

He turned his focus on driving. Later, he would try to make her agree to spend more time with him after lunch. He determined to make her spend time with him today.

"Ryn, wake up," he shook her shoulder gently. They finally arrived and he found a parking lot near the building.

"Hmm... we have arrived?" Ryn mumbled sleepily.

Harry hid a grin. From pretending to a real sleep. She was so adorable!

He opened the door for her. Then, offered his hand.

Still sleepy, she just did whatever he offered. She accepted the offered hand and allowed him to usher her toward the building.

"Do you need coffee?" he asked while they were walking.


"You slept late last night?" he asked.

"An assignment," she replied shortly but he understood.

"I thought most of the assignments in group?" he asked in puzzle.

"It's individual," she explained using the shortest sentence. She was still sleepy!

"Ah..." he nodded, still feeling the camera on them.

That cameraman was good on walking backwards!

He opened the door and ushered her into the restaurant.

She took a deep breath to breathe in the smell of the steaks. So fragrant!

Ryn grinned from ear to ear. She could not wait to eat the steaks. Come to mama!

He found an empty table, well, more like a waiter pointing the table for them. It was clear the restaurant workers were already waiting for them and even allocated a table for them.

Of course, they would agree. This was free publicity for the restaurant! 

Another waiter came from the counter with a smile on her face. She was a pretty waiter but for Harry, Ryn was prettier.

The crews quickly took the table next to them. The camera did not waver from filming them the whole time.

"Welcome to the B&B Smile. This is the menu," she said with a smile, handing two menus to them.

Ryn looked at the menu eagerly. So many options!

Harry smiled seeing her expression. Hungry, excited, uncertain which one to choose, greedy and wanting to eat all. It was funny and adorable all in one.

"Which one do you want?" he asked.

Ryn chewed her lower lip. Which one should she try? Of course, she was happy when she could choose the weight for the steak. She would choose the heaviest steak... but... just in case...

Harry smiled while the waiter was trying to maintain her smile once Ryn started to choose what she wanted. This slim woman chose three steaks. Was it for the man as well?

"For me..." Harry started and only took one steak.

Now the waiter's face could not be faked anymore. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Even when she returned to hand the order to the kitchen, she was still shocked.

And of course, the cameraman managed to record this. He could not stop grinning. Choosing Miss Catherine to be in this show was a brilliant idea. This supermodel was so different than the stereotype of a model's life. Having steaks not only for lunch but for breakfast as well. Most of the models he knew watched carefully of their diet but this girl... she just ate whatever she wanted.

And it was clear what her favourite food was. Steak!

And she did not even order vegetables! 

Compared to Harry, she only ordered meat. Harry at least chose some greens.

If people did not know, they would think Harry was the only model while Catherine just schoolmate.

Ryn took out her phone and checked the messages. Jeremy just asked her if she wanted him to help her with the grocery.

She replied with a 'No' and 'I can handle it'.

Then, Mika sent her a message saying she was on the way.

Ryn rubbed her forehead, getting a headache by now.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked when he noticed her expression. Who sent the message and what was in the message to make Ryn looked uncomfortable?

"A friend," she replied absentmindedly as she typed a reply. She could not stop Mika so all she could do was giving her the address.

And waited. For both her steaks and Mika.

Their food finally arrived. Once the waiter was done arranging all the food neatly on the table, Ryn stopped her from leaving.

"One orange juice and mixed garden salad. Put the condiment aside," Ryn ordered for Mika.

Harry frowned. Another glass of orange juice when she hadn't had her food yet.

The waiter was surprised too but she managed to cover herself better this time. She nodded and returned to tell the drink section for the orange juice.

The cameraman was puzzled too but who was he to comment any of this?


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