Tell Me Again, My Love
186 A failed lunch date
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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186 A failed lunch date

Harry was enjoying the steak with Ryn when he saw a very familiar person heading toward them. He frowned.

"Ryn, I'm here," Mika announced loudly and without warning, sat next to Ryn happily.

"Your meal," Ryn said gently as she pushed the bowl of salad and orange juice. 

Harry was speechless. Did Ryn know about this? Was it the reason why she ordered the salad she hated so much? That was why she ordered another glass of orange juice?

Why didn't she inform him about Mika?

"How do you feel now?" Ryn asked as she cut a small piece of steak into tinier pieces to put into Mika's bowl of salad.

"Just two pieces is enough," Mika said before frowned. "How many steaks you've eaten today?"

"Just one," Ryn lied with a straight face. Luckily the two previous plates were already returned to the kitchen so she only left one more plate of steak.

Mika looked around and when she saw the crews, she just ignored them. "Good place here. What else do they have other than steaks?"

Harry unwillingly lifted his hand to call the waiter. The waiter quickly handed the menu to Mika.

"Have you ordered dessert?" Mika asked while checking the menu.

"Not yet," Ryn's focus was not on Mika but on the steak. 

Harry just kept quiet. His mood dropped. Why did Ryn invite Mika along? Shouldn't this be their lunch date? He was not happy with what happened.

"So, how's the practise this morning?" Mika asked Harry, no longer interested on chatting with the hungry Ryn.

Harry lifted his head when he heard no reply from Ryn. He slowly pointed at himself, asking Mika whether the question was for him.

Mika nodded.

"Erm... good, I guess."

"Keep on practice. You have the potential to go far," Mika was not stingy with her praise. "Next month we will have another audition for a show," Mika told.

"Final exam," Ryn suddenly said.

"So you're unable to join the show?" Mika asked, her face fell.

"Nope. Didn't Mei Li told you?" Ryn chewed the last piece of steak happily.

"No..." Mika put down the cutleries and took out her phone. She typed a message to her assistant and then put it down.

"You two are joining," Mika said firmly with a happy smile. 

Harry widened his eyes at that announcement. He looked at Ryn but she did not look shocked at all.

"Send the new date to Mei Li," Ryn said as she placed the cutleries down and reached for her drink. Her stomach was finally full and she was happy. "What did you ask for dessert?"

"Chocolate mousse and red velvet," Mika replied.

Ryn looked toward the kitchen eagerly. Although she was already full but dessert was a different slot in her stomach.

Harry kept quiet. He felt like an outsider in the table. The girls did not say a word but the way they interact, it was clear. It was a bad feeling.

He should bring Ryn to a further restaurant. 

He handed his credit card to the waiter silently when everyone was done with their meal. He put down her signature. Then, he stood up but unable to pull Ryn's chair like before. Ryn and Mika were already standing up as they chatted together.

It was, in his opinion, a failed lunch date.

"Thank you, Harry, for treating us lunch," Mika said cheerfully. Her arm was wrapped around Ryn's slim waist. She was giving a silent command for him to leave. Ryn belonged to her and Harry should remember his place.

"Let's go," Mika pulled Ryn toward her car.

"You're helping me with the grocery?" Ryn asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Of course. Do you think I would let you take a taxi with the grocery? You don't even have a car," Mika pointed out.

"I am going to learn driving a car," Ryn mumbled.

"That's good news. I can help you."

"No... no no no. I don't want to interrupt your busy day. I will just find a driving school to help me," Ryn said hurriedly. She was worried she would learn something wrong from this racing devil.

She was not going to drive crazily like Mika.

They had to stop when the crews needed to put two cameras in the car. They had to return to Harry's car to retrieve the cameras they put earlier and moved them to Mika's car.

They finally got into the car, ignoring the cameras. Mika quickly started the engine after she pulled the safety belt. She reversed the car and headed toward the shopping mall near her own place.

"You do know I am going to pay for the grocery?" Ryn asked dryly.

"You have the money. Don't be so stingy with your own best friend," Mika retorted. 

The reason why Ryn was uncomfortable going to that particular mall was the pricier price and she could find a cheaper one in the shop near her own place. Why should she waste money for the same things with two different price? She should just act like a student she was and watched out how much she spend. 

Maybe because of the camera, Mika was not driving as fast as usual. The pace was slow, in fact, Mika was following the road law this time in terms of the speed limit.

"Do you still have time to cook?" Mika asked. She prefered if they just ask the cook to do it for them. Why does Ryn want to trouble herself? They could just do it simply.

"Yeah. I don't plan to make a complicated recipe," Ryn replied as she checked the message from Mei Li. A smile curled on her face. "A good date."

"Free you schedule that day," Mika ordered, understood what Ryn meant.

"I will. Don't worry." Ryn put down the date in her calendar. Apart from her work commitment tomorrow, she checked when else and what time would her next work be. Whether she needed to stay outside and commute from her home. Also, she checked the due date for other assignments and made a plan to go to the library to find books for that.

"How do you feel about staying in a new house?" Mika asked suddenly.

"Nothing much different. I still use my old things so no, nothing different," Ryn replied.

"How's the neighbours?" Mika was worried about Ryn being bullied. Ryn was too quiet and too absent-minded when she had no mood to deal with anyone, hence, making it looked like she was a good target for a bully.

"They're good. Maybe I could make something to distribute to them later," Ryn frowned, "Hmm... brownies then. I need to buy the ingredients and some small boxes."

"Do you want me to help?" 

"Once the brownies are done you can help me put them into the boxes," Ryn decided.

Mika smiled. She could not wait to help Ryn with the gift for the neighbours. Her parents told her last night not to be rushing about buying the house next to Ryn's. Ryn would not live there long. So it would be pointless for her to move into the house next door when Ryn only stayed there temporarily.

Of course, she heard Jeremy was working on buying the building for both the house Ryn rented and the one she bought. It was excess for others but in Long's opinion, in order to protect Ryn, especially after she was almost kidnapped by that evil man. Of course, they still thought it was suspicious the way he died but they could not do anything. Even the police said the case is closed.

The car stopped at the empty lot near the entrance. Both girls waited until the cameraman arrived. Once they received the signal, they got out of the car like nothing was wrong and walked toward the entrance. 

"Do you need to trolleys or one?" Mika asked.

"It's only for four people. I don't need to buy a lot," Ryn replied. She took out her phone. She already listed what she needed, but of course she needed to add more for the gift for the neighbours.

Mika pursed her lips a bit. Would it be enough if only one trolley?

Ryn pushed the trolley with her elbows while typing in more things to buy. Although she did not like to come here but she did know the layout of this place. So she could navigate the place even though her focus was on the list. It was a miracle when she did not hit anything.

Of course, Mika helped by pulling her to avoid hitting anything and or anyone. But it was rare.

Soon enough the trolley was filled with ingredients Ryn needed for her housewarming party. Mika also threw in the food she wanted. Obviously it was vegetables and other superfood.

Ryn stopped herself from commenting about that. She would simply feed those rabbit foods to the guests aka the three of them. She would not eat those greens.

The trolley was filled to the brim. Mika wanted to pay but Ryn stopped her. But when it was time for her to hand her own credit card, she made it so slow, even the cashier was weird with her.

"You're so funny, Ryn. I can always pay," Mika giggled.

"This is my housewarming party. I should pay."



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