Tell Me Again, My Love
188 The university“s forum
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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188 The university“s forum

Ryn yawned loudly as she walked to the kitchen. 

It was a day after the filming and the housewarming party. The crews went back late and her guests... well...

"Good morning."

She nodded dumbly at Jeremy who was busy making coffee. She went to open the refrigerator to take out eggs and some sausages to make breakfast.

None of her guests went home!

She tried to send them home but Mika started to wrap her arms around her waist and demanded to have a pyjama party.

"Do you have class today?" he asked, helping her washing the eggs.

She handed a bowl for him to crack the eggs, and once she was satisfied there was no eggshell inside, she dumped a little bit of salt and pepper to taste.

"Can you toast the bread?" she asked, pointing at the loaf of bread. She took over to make scrambled eggs and cook the sausages for their breakfast.

"Morning," Jason yawned loudly as he scratched his chest. 

"Morning. Go wake Mika up. I need to go to class later," Ryn said as she put the scrambled eggs on the table.

"Hmm..." Jason took a small piece of the egg to taste and walked to the room Mika and Ryn shared last night.

He smiled seeing his love still deep in her sleep. He leaned forward and kissed her lips gently.

"Good morning, angel," he whispered against her rosy lips and kissed her again.

"Hmm...?" Mika sighed sleepily and tried to turn around backing him. She wanted to sleep more. She was still sleepy!

"Beautiful, wake up. It's already morning. Rise and shine," he whispered, taking her hand that was trying to push him away and kissed it gently.

"I don't want to wake up," Mika grumbled, trying to push him away.

He chuckled. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips again and again until she opened her eyes in annoyed.

"Good morning, sweetheart. Come, let's have our breakfast."

Despite the whine and cry, Jason simply scooped Mika into his arms and brought her to the bathroom. He closed the door after telling her to be a good girl and waited until she was done.

Jeremy piled the toasted bread on a plate. He lifted his face and saw his little sister still looking sleepy in Jason's arms. "Hey, sleepyhead, wake up. You need to go to work."

"Jason~" Mika whined.

"She is still not well to go to work," Jason said firmly after he pressed a kiss on top of her head.

"Stop bullying your sister, Jeremy," Ryn commented as she brought the sausages to the table. She also brought the cups for the coffee.

"How long do I have to cover her work?" Jeremy replied but he did pat her back to say he was just teasing Mika. 


"Eat your breakfast. I have class today," Ryn told them as she poured coffee for everyone, except for Mika. For her best friend, Ryn made milk.

"I am not a kid," Mika groaned when she saw her drink was different than the others.

"Yes, you are not. You're already grown up," Jason coaxed gently.

Mika nodded and stuck her tongue out at Jeremy childishly.

Jeremy chuckled, shaking his head in bemused. It was fun teasing his little sister.

"Okay, everyone. Eat your breakfast and stop playing around," Ryn urged them to sit and have their breakfast. She was going to be late if they kept bickering like this.

"I'll send you to class," Jeremy said when they were on their way out.

"Hmm..." Ryn just nodded. She was going to be late if she had to wait for a taxi or Grab. Bus? She hadn't memorized the number yet so she was not sure she would get there on time. Besides, she could save money.

Those who were at the lobby gasped when they saw the four of them walking out from the elevator. Were their eyes playing joke with them? Wasn't that Jeremy? The famous Jeremy?

Some of the girls gathered their courage to approach Jeremy but he simply smiled and told them he was late for work.

"Maybe next time," he winked.

The girls sighed at the sight of such a handsome man. Some even almost fainted receiving the wink.

Ryn shook her head, speechless. Mika and Jason just treated it like nothing. They were used with this.

Jeremy opened the door for Ryn and then went back to the driver side. Jason already brought Mika to his car. Mika's car would be left until later. 

"What do you think about the filming?" Jeremy asked once they were on their way to the campus. Jason's car already disappeared between other cars. Jason was bringing Mika to her home to rest before he went to work.

But Jeremy had the feeling Jason would skip his work to accompany his fiancee.

"It went well... I hope," Ryn mumbled. She had no idea what the edited version would be. Sometimes she even forgot about the cameras and just acted normal. Mei Li would be nagging at her if she knew so Ryn decided she would just keep quiet about this.

But, she guessed it went well because the director was grinning happily when he ushered his team out of the house. He also reminded her that she had to go to the screening of her episode. 

"Everything is good, better than I thought," the director said with a huge grin.

Ryn could not make head or tail behind the director's words so she just shrugged it off and allowed Mika to coax her for a pyjama party. 

"What time you finish your class?" he asked. He would not tell her what he said during the interview session. He wanted her to hear it on the day of the screening and see her raw reaction.

"Mei Li will pick me up. She's accompanying me for the photoshoot session," Ryn explained.

"Oh..." he did not continue. He planned to bring her to the studio but it seemed like she had planned everything. Was she determined to put a distance between them?

He stopped the car right in front of the building and smiled. She already unbuckled the safety belt and prepared to open the door.

"Wait," he said and quickly got out to go to her side to open the door.

"This is so unnecessary," she commented, shaking her head tiredly. She could guess why he was acting this way. It seemed like he had not given up trying to woo her.

"Why? I think I should treat you as you deserve, love," he winked.

"Stop saying that publicly. Do you want people to hear? Do you want more gossip?" she quickly covered his mouth in horror, looking around hoping no one heard him just now.

"Do you mean I can call you love privately?" his eyes twinkled.

"Jeremy," she gasped.


"Stop joking around. It's not funny at all," she tried to turn it into a joke, hoping Jeremy would play along. She could feel some of the students were looking at them, whispering at each other. 

Oh no...

"I am not joking," he denied, putting a stop to her effort to stop the gossip.

She stared at him but he just grinned.

"Go and study smart. I'll see you later," he winked and pushed her toward the building gently.

"I am not finished with you," Ryn warned but still walked into the building. She could not waste more time trying to make him work together with her. She was getting late and it was Miss Magnolia Lee's class!

"Oh, but I do, love. I do." He went back into the car and drove to his office, whistling happily.

He saw some students took pictures of them and had no doubt in just a few hours, the gossip about them would break the internet. 

This would not only stop Jennifer from creating false news about him and at the same time creating more chances between Ryn and him.

He grinned at the thought.


Harry was heading to his class when he saw some of his friends were gathering, looking at their phone. He frowned and joined them.

"Hey, what are you doing? Aren't we going to class?" he asked, placing his arms around their shoulders.

"Have you seen the forum yet?" one of them asked.

"What do you mean?" he took out his phone and looked at the university's forum.

There were several photos of a couple in front of a sports car.

The smile drained from his face. He recognized both of them.

"Ryn? Jeremy?" he choked out between his gritted teeth.

"Do you mean that man really is the famous singer?" one of them asked.

All of his friends looked at him in shock. A famous singer in their university campus... no... no... a famous singer in their faculty? 

Harry did not answer. He gripped the phone and stormed into the building. He would ask Ryn to explain this. He demanded her to explain all this.

"Ryn, you can't do this to me. You can't..." he muttered.


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