Tell Me Again, My Love
189 Are you ready to tell me what“s inside your mind
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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189 Are you ready to tell me what“s inside your mind

Harry looked from one room to another, from one class to another, but he could not find Ryn anywhere.

He looked at his phone. Was she silencing her phone again? She confessed about this bad habit when he asked casually last time. He told her not to do it. She might miss important message if she kept being lazy with her phone.

He tried again, this time calling her.

This time she answered him.

"What?" she hissed.

He frowned. Was she angry at him?

"Where are you, Ryn?"

"In class. Why?"

"Which room?" he managed to hold onto his temper even though the way she answered his question made him feel like she was challenging him. Did she really have no idea about his feeling?

She told him her specific location and he hung up the call. He quickly went to the said class and looked inside.

"Yes, Mr Harry Si. Do you have any business in my class?" a woman asked him from the back.

He turned around, preparing to give his sheepish grin. 

But the woman simply cocked an eyebrow. Her hands were on her hips.

His face changed when he realized who she was.

Miss Magnolia Lee.

Great. His luck was not with him today.

"Yes?" Magnolia gave him a cold look. He was blocking her from entering her class.

Everyone in the class watched with eyes opened wide. No one dared to comment or whisper. They were all scared of Miss Magnolia Lee. They did not even dare to blink their eyes!

"I'm sorry. I came to the wrong class," he said quickly, bowed his head a bit, and without waiting for her reply, quickly rushed away. 

Magnolia was speechless. Did the boy just run away like he just saw a ghost?

Whatever. She cleared her throat and entered the class. 

Everyone straightened their body and looked in front. They were worried Miss Magnolia's anger would flare because of Harry's sudden appearance and did their best to focus in class, just like how she expected them to do.

Ryn quickly silent her phone and put it away. Although she had a lot to ask, especially regarding Harry's sudden appearance, she did not dare to look deeper into it during this class. Later, she would ask him why he was acting strange. But now, she should focus on her class.


Jeremy entered his office with a huge smile on his face. He greeted his workers cheerfully, making some of them took a second look at him.

Why was he smiling so broadly today? Had something good happen?

He ignored the weird look from them and signalled his personal assistant to enter his room.

"What's my schedule for today?" he asked as he sat on his comfortable chair. 

Jacob quickly opened the planner and checked. 

The smile on Harry's face slowly disappeared when the meeting he had to attend was the exact time for Ryn's photo shooting. The room became frosty and Jacob shivered unconsciously.

What was wrong with the aircon today? How could it be so cold suddenly?

Then, Jacob noticed the icy eyes of his boss and shivered more. What air-con? They did not need any aircon when his boss bad mood could lower this room's temperature down below the ice level.

What did he do wrong to make his boss angry?

"Get out," Jeremy ordered coldly.

Jacob scrambled to save his life. He even sent a message to the group not to make boss angrier and if there was nothing important, stay away from the boss from now on. Of course when was asked why Jacob did not know how to answer, only emphasize do not disturb their boss.

Jeremy closed his eyes when he heard the door being closed by his assistant. His good mood disappeared when he realized he could not accompany Ryn working. He already planned to have dinner with her but it seemed like he had to cancel it. He sighed. 


Ryn blew out a relief sigh once the lecturer left the room. Not only her, the whole class was relieved once Miss Magnolia Lee left. The class was full of tension just now and luckily for them, Miss Lee did not find anyone who made mistake for her to deduct any mark. 

Then, everyone gathered around her.

Not again, her heart groaned

"Are you really close to Jeremy?" one of them asked, giving her a jealous look.

"Surely you play trick to make him send you here," another chipped in, refused to believe that Ryn and Jeremy were close to each other.

"I bet-"

"If you want me to explain, why don't you give me the space to do so? I can't even speak when you keep on talking," maybe the stress from this morning got into Ryn and she suddenly lashed out.

Everyone was taken back with her scold. They looked at her without blink.

"Thank you. Jeremy and I are childhood friends and before you start making stories, we knew each other before he became a singer and I became a model. Satisfied? Good. Excuse me," Ryn grabbed her bag and tried to leave but none actually let her walk through.

"Are you saying you're playing with both Harry and Jeremy?"

"Such a playgirl."

"A bitch," another agreed.

Ryn could not believe her ears. Did they even listen to her just now?

"Whatever. I'm going to be late so excuse me," this time she simply pushed those who were blocking her way. She did not care anymore.

"Maybe I should discuss with the lecturers to finish the courses quickly," she murmured to herself. With her results, she could actually skip the rest of the classes as long as she submitted all the assignments. And she almost completed her assignments.

If she got to skip the rest of the classes, she could spend the time learning how to drive and also focussing on the make-up line she was working on with Mika.

Tomorrow she would go see the administration to discuss this.

With this in her mind, her mood became better. She walked toward the door. Hopefully not many in the cafeteria. She was starving.

"Harry?" she frowned when she saw a familiar man waiting outside the building.

He stood up and approached her. His hair was a bit messy but it made him look more rugged. She had to admit it made him more macho and manly. He would be good for the rugged type of advertisement. Something with hair gel product and even extreme sports.  Maybe a little bit of highlighter for the hair to make it…

"Ryn, are you okay?" he had to wave his hand in front of her face when it seemed like she was daydreaming and did not hear his words.

She snapped back and gave a tight smile in embarrassment. How could she even think about that in front of him? She should stop doing this!

"Anyway, are you waiting for me?" she asked, trying to shrug it off.

"Yes," his eyes narrowed suspiciously, "coincidentally my class ends just like yours so I think why don't we have lunch together? My treat."

"Your treat again? I feel a bit weird when you keep treating me," she said but still followed him. She thought they were heading toward the cafeteria but he pulled her toward his car.

"Yesterday I did not manage to talk with you, what's with Miss Long joined us," he said as he unlocked the door.

She frowned. Were they actually planning to chat during lunch? She did not know that.

He opened the door and she, even though was still puzzled, get into the passenger seat and pulled on the safety belt. She put her bag on her laps.

"What do you want to talk about?" she asked as she watched him driving the car.

"Why don't we eat first then we chat?" he suggested. He did not want to ruin this serene and calm atmosphere. He knew he would get frustrated when they start talking about her relationship with that singer and their relationship. Somehow he felt like he would not like what she would say.

Was it an instinct? He did not know but he did not want to face it yet, not when his stomach was empty.

He parked the car and led her into the shopping complex. This time he brought her further away from the campus. This restaurant was popular among his friends and he wanted to share the delicious food with her. Hopefully, she liked it.

He chose the furthest table for them, telling the waiter they wanted their privacy. Ryn, although puzzled with his weird behaviour, just followed along. What was it that he wanted to talk with her until they had to sit at the furthest table, away from other customers?

The waiter handed the menu to them. Without looking, Harry ordered his favourite food and drink. Then, he rested his chin on his hand and watched her looking at the menu.

"Found what you like?" he asked, "Everything is good. Don't worry."

She told the waiter what she wanted, ignoring the shocked look on the poor waiter. Then, she looked at Harry and cocked an eyebrow. 

"Are you ready to tell me what's inside your mind?" she asked.


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