Tell Me Again, My Love
192 Where is she?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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192 Where is she?

Jeremy put down his phone and let out a heavy sigh. He was finally done with the last file. Now, it was time for him to go home.

Correction. It was time for him to go see his sweetheart.

He dropped his pen into the pen holder shaped like a dragon, made in pure gold with diamonds as its eyes.

He stood up and put on his coat. He reached for his wallet and car key before walked toward the door.

"Boss..." Jacob greeted and hurriedly stood up to approach his boss. "I've just received a fax about the resort project at the Phoenix island."

"Is there any problem there?" Jeremy asked, pausing to receive the document. He frowned as he read the document.

"Apparently the mayor changed his mind about the resort, " Jacob reported.

"Book tickets there. I want the project manager to follow me." Jeremy decided. He closed his eyes to take a deep breath. It seemed like he had to change his plan yet again because of this sudden progress. "I want the full report tomorrow morning, before the flight. Tell him to prepare everything."

Jacob nodded. He typed furiously in his phone, maybe sending a message to the project manager. He also needed to check the flight schedule to book the earliest flight tomorrow morning. 

"Is there anything else?" Jeremy asked.

"No, sir."

"Then, go do it." 

Jeremy continued his walk toward the elevator. He put his hands into his pockets and sighed. 

He was planning to go to the agency to discuss the album. If according to the early planning, his album would be released in two months time. They needed to plan for the promotion and road tour. Also, he needed to know about the filming of the music video for the next single. 

It seemed like he had to cancel everything to settle this new crisis.

While he was deep in his thought, the door of the elevator slid open. He opened his eyes and looked at his little sister, Mika. He cocked an eyebrow.

"I am so exhausted," Mika whined. The little flower cap she wore even drooped lifelessly. 

"Jason is not coming today?" Jeremy asked. He was used seeing the lovebirds almost all the time. Of course, Mika tried to skip her work again today but he determined to make her work today. He could not waste more time helping to cover her departments when he was busy too juggling between the company, his singing career as well as his romance life. 

Besides, the doctor had declared she was no longer under danger and could work. 

So why should he allow her to play truant?

"No. His father told him to finish all the work first before he can visit me," Mika was sad when her fiance could not come today. They could not even have lunch together!

So sad.

He snorted at her sad face. She was only unable to have lunch once with Jason while he did not even have chance to spend time having a meal with Ryn for many days.

He should be the one under the weather.

"You are bullying me, " she accused, pointing a manicured finger at his face.

"Stop being so spoiled. You are no longer a kid," he muttered.

She hmphed and stuck her tongue out at him.

His reply by knocking her head gently.

She could not return when the door was opened. Both coughed and walked to his car.

Today she went to work with him. He did not let any possibility of her running away if she drove her own car. He pulled her into his car this morning after breakfast despite her cry. His parents did not stop his action, just waved them goodbye.

So hurtful. Hmph.

He simply walked to the driver side without helping to open the door for her. If there was Ryn, he would open the door like a gentleman. But this is Mika, his stinky little sister. Why should he open the door for her? She could open the door herself.

She pursed her lips at the double standard treatment by her big brother. So unfair!

If only Jason was here. He would open the door for her. He even would help to buckle her seat belt. He would not give her such an evil look. He treated her like his princess. 

Everyone should treat her like a princess!

"Not only Ryn bullying me but you too," Mika mumbled sadly. She looked at her manicured fingers with a heavy heart. She thought she could have a manicure and pedicure session with Ryn. They could even go to the salon to wash and maybe freshen up their hairstyle. She was getting bored with her own hair and thought she might get a cut or maybe change her hairstyle today. But no... Ryn said she could not join her today. She had something else to do.

"What do you mean?" Jeremy frowned. He did not have time to contact Ryn today. Once he reached the office, he was buried with so many documents and files to check. He also attended a meeting before lunch. He only had time to drink coffee during lunch before continued with the paperwork. It was a busy day today.

And he thought he could spend the night having candlelit dinner with Ryn. Just thinking of spending time with her gave him the energy to work through the files.

"Ryn cannot join me to the salon. She had work to do," Mika grumbled. She ignored Jeremy's change of expression. She did not even look at him. Once she was done checking her pitiful nails, she looked into her handbag. She took out her bag and started to send a message to Ryn. She not only typed but also sent a voice message. "Ryn, tell me you've changed your mind."

He glanced at her, thinking she was on the phone with Ryn. To his disappointment, she was actually sending a voice message to Ryn. However,  Ryn did not reply.

Mika groaned loudly. She wanted to roll around but the seat belt blocking her movement. All she could do now was groaning loudly and grumbling about everyone was bullying her without care about her feeling.

"Stop thinking about your feeling. This about her too. Either she has work commitment or she's too tired," Jeremy pointed out. He did not like the way Mika trying to control Ryn's life. It felt like he had to share Ryn with his own little sister and mostly lost to her.

She glared.

He continued driving, too lazy to respond to her anymore. Even if he did not say a word, she would keep talking, saying whatever in her mind. 

He stopped right in front of the huge door and handed the key to the butler. He walked into the house, ignoring his little sister. The butler followed behind him, puzzled when he did not bring back his bag.

"Tomorrow I have to go outstation. Make sure Mika go to work, not playing around," Jeremy said as he climbed up the stairs. The butler was following behind, holding the coat Jeremy handed.

Mika entered the building, no, she was stomping into the building. She was still sulking after being told off by Jeremy. She did not find it was her fault but he always made her feel like she was so spoiled and could not think about others. She was not that heartless!

She looked for her mother and found Mrs Long was having tea at the outdoor swimming pool. Her father was swimming in the pool.

"My baby has come home," Mrs Long pulled her daughter into her arms with a huge smile on her face. She was happy to see her daughter was no longer pale and already cheerful and active. She hated seeing Mika sick, especially when she had to undergo the operation. It broke her heart seeing her daughter lying in the hospital's bed, unconscious. 


"What's wrong, sweetheart? Who bully you?" Mrs Long asked hurriedly. Who was the person dared to bully her little princess?

"Big brother~"

Mrs Long's face changed. She pushed the cake to her daughter before stood up, "Eat this one. It's delicious."

Mika hid a grin seeing her mother storming into the house. Who else could help bring her to justice if not her parents?

"Where is your mother going?" her father asked, resting his arms at the edge of the pool. He was breathless after swimming for almost ten laps. Even his son did not have that much stamina to do it but he always did it almost every day, well, when he was not busy with his work.

"She goes to big brother," Mika replied as she used the small dessert fork to take a small piece of the strawberry cheesecake into her mouth. She sighed happily and ate more.

"Don't eat your mother's cake. Tell the cook to bring yours," her father said when he noticed her only daughter was eating his wife's food.

"Oh..." Mika took the rest of the cake into her mouth and gestured the maid standing not far from them to get another piece of cake for her.

Her father shook his head and threw himself to the back to continue his swimming. His daughter was spoiled but who would dare to scold her? She was the apple in his eyes and in the eyes of his wife.


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