Tell Me Again, My Love
195 She switched off the phone
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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195 She switched off the phone

After the breakfast, Ryn returned to the cottage to finally refreshed herself. She changed into a clean set of clothes and quickly washed the dirty clothes she just wore. She chuckled while washing them with her own hands as there was no washing machine available in the cottage.

She hanged the wet clothes outside, just under the coconut tree. There was a string attached to two poles there. She clapped her hands, and the rested them on her hips. She turned and looked at the cottage with a smile on her face.

It was a small cottage but big enough for her. This would be her retreat for these two days. Then, she sighed to herself, she needed to return back to the real world.

"At least I can forget everything while I'm here," she told herself with a forced smile.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in order to fill her lungs with this fresh air. There was no pollution here. Even at night she could enjoy watching the starts shining brightly in the sky.

She returned back to the cottage, only to bring out one of the rattan chair. She placed it beside the cottage and sat on it comfortably. Then, she closed her eyes, just enjoying the breeze and the gentle sunlight.

Three hours later…

Ryn took the hand offered by Andy and carefully climbed into the boat. It wobbled violently but she managed to control her calm.

"Are you sure you want to go to the deeper sea?" he asked again as he jumped into the boat.

They were supposed to have a simple snorkelling session but one of the boys suggested for scuba diving, exclaiming how beautiful the fishes and reefs around this time there.

"Why can't I?" she replied, putting on the fins and the diving mask after she re-tied her hair. This time she made a long braid so it would not disturb her session.

"Well, I am a bit worried with your skill. You haven't done this for long, right?" he asked, doing the same thing as hers; putting on the fins and the diving mask. He checked the scuba tank and nodded. Everything was good.

The whole gang was there. They took two boats to fit everyone. Ryn even laughed with them, when some started to make jokes. None of them treated her like a model. They treated her the same like they treated each other. It felt like she was one of them, the islander youths.

They finally reached the site for scuba diving. One by one jumped into the cold water without hesitation. Ryn put on the scuba bcd with the attached tank firmly and the regulator in her mouth before jumped into the water.

Ryn loved it. She followed the others swimming around the fishes and colourful reefs. Andy, who just bought a camera for underwater, took a lot of pictures of everyone there.

When they returned back to the beach, everyone was having a huge grin. They had fun enjoying the scenery underwater and planned to have BBQ tonight. Andy and several boys managed to catch seafood for the BBQ tonight.

Ryn made way to her cottage after waving goodbye. She was exhausted from the diving but happy. She felt like the problems she had in mind disappeared when she saw the fishes swimming happily.

She took off the wet suit and had a quick shower. Then, with just the towel wrapped around her body, she walked into the bedroom and fell asleep. Although the diving was an interesting and fun activity but it drained her energy so much, she did not even have the mood to eat. She was too tired to do anything else but sleep.


Jeremy walked along the arrival gate with a serious face. His flight was an early one until he had no time to contact Ryn. He even had to leave before breakfast in order to catch the flight.

He wished he could say goodbye to her and explained. But when it was the perfect time for her to be wide awake and could be 'disturbed', he had to switch off the mobile phone and waited for the flight to take off.

He pulled the bag along with the project manager following behind. The man was shivering in worry especially when he saw how cold and bad mood his boss was. He did not dare to make a slight noise, afraid it would make his boss angrier.

"Sir," the manager said after he opened the door of the taxi.

He waited until Jeremy entered the taxi before he took his seat in front, next to the driver. He told the driver their destination and whispered 'please hurry'.

Jeremy crossed his arms and frowned.

"Sir, I will make the appointment with the mayor this evening," the manager said. He had been contacting the mayor's office but so far he still did not manage to speak with the personal assistant of the mayor.

Once they reached the hotel he booked before they came here, he would continue contacting the mayor and get the appointment set. By hook or by crook, he would get the appointment.

They arrived at the hotel and he went to the registration counter hurriedly. He booked a suite for his boss and a smaller room for himself. Luckily he had the company card to pay the rooms.

Jeremy watched as his manager unlock the door for his suite. He murmured his thanks and entered it, nodding his head slightly when his manager again repeated his assurance that they would meet the mayor later this evening.

Jeremy unbuttoned his shirt and lied on the long couch. His hand reached for his phone automatically from the pocket of his pants and switched it on.

Instead of calling his parents or even his little sister, he called Ryn.

But there was no answer. In fact, it seemed like he could not contact her. Her phone was out of range.

He frowned.

Did she switch off her phone?

But why?

He tried again. And received the same conclusion.

She switched off her phone!


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