Tell Me Again, My Love
196 Change of plan
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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196 Change of plan

Harry woke up early in the morning with a new resolution.

He would never give up. He would try again and again until she understood and accepted him. He would continue on until he made her his.

Hence, he was all smiling and cheerful during the breakfast even though Mia did say something that used to make him scold her. He just continued eating his breakfast and once he was done, he stood up and walked to the door.

He planned to go to her place. Well, he would go see Mei Li first to get Ryn's address and then look for Ryn.

He chose his least expensive car and drove toward the agency. He knew Mei Li would be at the office, working hard to manage all the models under her.

He parked at an empty lot and walked calmly into the building. He greeted everyone cheerfully.

"Is Mei Li here?" he asked the receptionist with a wink.

The girl giggled and pointed upstairs. Harry thanked her and quickly went upstairs to meet Mei Li. Although it was rare for him to come here but he did know where Mei Li's room was.

He knocked on the door and waited for Mei Li's reply. Then, he opened the door and asked, "Am I interrupting?"

She looked up and adjusted her glasses. She was taken back to see him in the office when there was nothing required him to come.

"Harry? Please come in. Why are you here?" she gestured him to sit in front of her.

The wall behind her was full with models under her, which was currently two; Ryn and Harry. She actually had four models under her. One model decided to retire once she got married to the owner of the F1 owner while another model wanted to focus on his business rather than being a model. Of course, the two other models were hung on another wall. A picture of the three of them together and several photos of them during their modelling days.

Harry took the seat and smiled seeing Mei Li pushed the file she was reading before, "Another job?"

"Hmm… for Ryn." She adjusted her seating and looked at him. "So, why are you here?"

"Actually I come here because I have something to ask you."

"What is it?"

"Do you know Ryn moved into a new house?" Harry watched Mei Li's face carefully. He noticed she did not look shocked at all. It was obvious only he was left out from the news. It made his heart a bit in pain at this thought. Was Ryn really took him as an outsider?

"What about it?" Mei Li asked him back without answering his question.

"Can I have her address?" he cut to the chase and asked directly.

She cocked an eyebrow, "Why? Why don't you ask her yourself?"

He scratched his nape sheepishly. How could he answer this without making him sound desperate?

"Harry, do you have something you want to tell me? Something to confess?" she looked at him in question.


"The reason why I ask you to ask her yourself is because this is private for her. And I have to respect her privacy even though I know where she lives," she explained.

"But I am her colleague. I don't have any bad intention on her," he argued desperately.

She shook her head. It was a flimsy excuse in her ears. Privacy was one of the things Ryn demanded when she agreed to sign the contract. Without her approval, Mei Li would never give any confidential information regarding Ryn to anyone. Even when she was discussing a prospective project, she only showed Ryn's photo resume before received a date for the audition. Of course, most of Ryn's works did not require her to attend any audition. The companies simply put her name on the list. Thus, it was Mei Li's job to select the suitable job for Ryn and to ensure whenever Ryn needed to go to another place, there was a suitable accommodation and transportation for Ryn.

"I'm sorry. This is confidential," Mei Li replied firmly.


"No buts, Harry. I cannot give any information with Ryn's agreement and it will take longer when I need to ask her before I come back to you. Why don't you ask her yourself directly?" she suggested. Her voice was gentle.

He opened his mouth to argue but closed it back. He changed his mind. It was clear he would not get anything from Mei Li even though Mei Li was his manager as well. With his shoulders dropped down, he murmured his thanks and apology for disturbing her without informing her first before came here. Then, he went back to his car.

Now what?

Taking Mei Li's suggestion, he took out his phone and looked at Ryn's number. He quickly dialled her numbers and waited.

And waited.

Why did it feel like something was wrong with the line?

He tried again dialling her number.

And again he received the same result. His call was unable to be connected to hers. According to the robotic voice, she either was outside the range or she switched off her phone.

Which was it?

He tried again. And again. And again.

And again he received the same result.

Did she switch off her phone?

But why?

While he was mulling over this, he received a message. Thinking it was from her, apologizing him for 'ignoring' his calls again, he quickly pressed the button to open the application. His eyes sparkled in anticipation.

But the happiness drained from his face when he realized the message came from one of his friends. Apparently the gang was on the way to the court to watch a game and asked him to join them.

He declined.

He had no wish to go anywhere but to her.

He dropped the phone on the passenger side next to him and started the engine. His mind was busy thinking where could she be and what she was doing to require her to switch off the phone. Was she that busy until she did not want to receive any interruption from everyone?

"Where are you, Ryn?" he asked as he changed the gear and drove the car away, joining the other cars in the main road.

It was still early so there were not many cars on the road. His hands clutched the steering wheels while his eyes in front, looking at the road. But his focus was not on the road. He could not concentrate.

His phone rang.

He ignored it.

It stopped and then rang again.

Harry sighed heavily. It seemed like the caller was insisted on talking with him.

With one hand still holding the steering wheel, he used the other to reach for his phone. He glanced at the display and groaned to himself. Another friend was calling him and it was obvious what the reason behind it.

They still wanted him to join them watching the game!

Using the same hand, he swiped the phone with one eye on the road. Then, he pressed the speaker.


"Hello, Harry. Where are you now?" his friend asked cheerfully.

"I'm driving the car," he replied, refused to tell his friend where he was and why.

"Oh. Are you sure you don't want to join us watching the game?"


"Are you busy with job?" his friend asked carefully, maybe sensing the bad mood Harry was having.

"No…" Harry replied, "But I have something to do. I can't join you all."

"Can't it be postponed? This is the national team of A country we are talking about," his friend coaxed.

Harry sighed. Of course, he was interested in watching the national team players of the A country playing the game. It was once in the lifetime. When would he get the chance to meet them?

"I don't think you will be disappointed if you join us," his friend tried to entice him.

Harry glanced at the phone before gripped the steering wheel. His mind was racing. Should he accept the invitation? But what about Ryn?

He was confused. Should he continue his quest searching for Ryn in order to woo her heart or watch the game of his favourite player live?

"Come on, Harry. Don't make us disappointed," his friend urged.

He sighed.

"Fine. I'll go. Where is the venue?" he finally decided.

"That's what I'm talking about. Alright. It's at the national court of course. Ray has gotten the tickets for all of us. We'll meet you there. Bye." Without waiting for Harry's reply, maybe because he was worried Harry would change his mind, his friend hung up the phone.

"Bye," Harry mumbled even though he knew the call had ended.

It seemed like he had to change his plan for today. He would go watch the game with his friends. And after the game, he had no doubt they would all pull him to another place for another activity.

He would go find Ryn on another day. Maybe tomorrow.

"Tomorrow," he murmured. Now, determined to focus all his attention to his favourite players, he looked at the side mirror and made a turn to the slight left. To go to the national stadium, he had to get through the highway.

Maybe he could ask signature from the players he liked, his heart whispered, coaxing him from his bad mood. He nodded. It would add to the collection of his idols.

And when Ryn and he became an item, he would show off his collection to her. And maybe, she would share the same passion as him too; playing and watching basketball.


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