Tell Me Again, My Love
201 Which one should they choose?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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201 Which one should they choose?

Ryn waited for the call impatiently. Shouldn't Mika arrive by now?

She checked her watch again and frowned.

Had something happened to Mika?

She quickly took out her phone to check. Had Mika sent any message to her? Or any miscalled from her?

But no. There was no message or call.

Well, except from Jeremy.

This stubborn man kept calling and sending messages to her non-stop. She finally made a decision to read the messages from him. Whether she liked it or not, she needed to do something about this man.

It took her almost half an hour to finish reading all the messages. He typed so long, it almost made her dizzy. Where did he get all the inspiration and even the energy to type these mushy messages?

Her eyes narrowed. Did he copy and paste these from somewhere?

She quickly googled some of the messages, hoping they would appear somewhere, anywhere on the internet. But to her surprise, she found nothing that was as similar as the one Jeremy sent.

Her eyes widened. Her hand covered her gasp. 

He... he did compose all of these by himself!

He was such a... a... so over! He should know how she hated these mushy stuffs nowadays. Heck, she did not even like this during their relationship. She prefered something straight forward and direct. If he loved her, he would tell her and vice versa. It would just waste both of their time if they used flowery and indirect ways to communicate. She also did not like flowery and mushy stuffs because it would only make her feel weak and so... weird.

She got goosebumps from it.

And he just gave it to her without any shame.

He clearly had lost his mind trying to woo her back.

She groaned to herself. This got to be stopped or she would turn crazy.

When she thought she felt better after the trip to the island, this man, this Jeremy just single-handedly made her feel like there was a huge and heavy burden on her shoulders. 

So troublesome.

So annoying.

She took a deep breath to calm herself. No. She needed something more 'heavier' to calm herself.

She looked into the refrigerator, searching every inch of it until she found the thing she was looking for. She did not expect she almost ran out of it. Luckily she still had some small piece left or she would turn crazier than the craziest person on Earth.

With a smile on her face, she took out the small piece of chocolate. It was Cadbury and made of pure milk chocolate with no nut or raisin. 

She started to lick it first, for the first taste, before dumped everything into her mouth. It was a small piece and once it touched her tongue, it melted. It was a small piece.

"Nooooo!" she cried. She now regretted her impatience when eating the chocolate. She should savour it slowly, prolonging it to the longest time she could. She was so dumb. 

Just like that annoying Jeremy!


"If I keep whining, it won't return back. I should just buy more chocolate," she told herself, well, more like scolding her stupidity.

She gulped down a glass of milk. Then, she grabbed her bag and prepared to leave. The shop downstairs should have chocolates, shouldn't it?

In her haste to get more chocolates, she forgot to bring her mobile phone. And hence, when it rang, the ringing filling the empty house.


Mika frowned. She looked at her phone. It was the right numbers. She called the right person. And she knew that Ryn would not ignore her call. Ryn should be waiting for her call so they could go have their dinner together.

She tried again. She thought maybe Ryn fell asleep while waiting for her call. Ryn was such a sleepyhead. She could sleep anytime and anywhere. 

Or maybe she was in the middle of her shower.

Mika's eyes brightened at the thought. If Ryn was still showering, she might not have chosen the outfit for their dinner. And Mika was the perfect person to choose for her lovely Ryn.

She quickly parked the car at the parking lot for Ryn's house and shut off the engine. She shut off the engine and skipped toward the entrance. Her heart was singing happily at the thought of choosing a beautiful dress and jewellery for Ryn. Then, she would put on make-up, pretty and chic make-up on Ryn's face.

Ryn would be the most beautiful woman in the restaurant she chose.

Mika's eyes sparkled at the thought. 

Her feet were dancing on the floor as she headed closer toward her Ryn. She could not wait to meet Ryn and worked her magic.

Then, her walk stopped when she saw a familiar woman.


"Ryn?" Mika frowned to see Ryn holding a paper bag while heading toward the lift. Where did she come from and what was in that bag? Had she bought her own dinner? What about their dinner?

"Hey, what's in your mind?" Ryn asked with a worried look in her eyes when she saw how unhappy Mika was to see her. What was in this silly girl's mind this time?

Mika's eyes stuck at the bag. Her upper teeth sank onto her lower plump lip. She refused to ask. She refused to ask in case it was just like what she thought. That Ryn cancelled their dinner date. She did not want to hear it. 

"Come. Let's go upstairs. I forgot to bring my phone along. Let's go pick it up before we leave," Ryn told her, pulling her hand toward the elevator. 

"Huh? What?" Mika was a bit taken back. Her mind was still processing what Ryn just said. Did Ryn mean that their dinner date was still on?

Mika started to smile back, this time happily. Their date was still on. They would still go to the restaurant for their dinner date. So happy.

With one hand still holding Mika's hand, Ryn used her right hand to unlock the door. Then, she left Mika at the entrance to get her mobile phone as well as keeping the newly bought chocolate into the refrigerator. 

She checked herself in the mirror, happy to see her lipstick still not worn off. Then, she joined Mika back and headed out for their dinner date.

"Please drive carefully," Ryn reminded as she put on the safety belt.

"Of course," Mika replied and stuck her tongue out playfully at her best friend.

Ryn replied it with her own version of sticking her tongue out. 

Then both laughed. It was a happy time for both of them. None tried to talk about what happened during the time Ryn went 'missing'. Although Mika was unsatisfied when Ryn left without her she would not make Ryn unhappy. If Ryn unhappy, she would be unhappy as well. 

Mika did glance at Ryn for several times and she decided she would keep quiet about it. And she would not tell Ryn how evil her big brother was since the moment they realized Ryn went missing. Luckily Mei Li told them Ryn was alright and just went to meet her friends.

Mika really wanted to know who these friends of Ryn was. Who were they? How did Ryn know them? When did they know each other? Were they someone from their old school? Were they someone Mika knew?

These questions made Mika unable to sleep peacefully. Even her dearest Jason told her she had eyebags and her face was a bit pale and she blamed all these to those 'friends'.

How dare they try to 'steal' Ryn from her?

Hmph... she would hire investigators to investigate those people. Don't think they could escape from her even though she had no idea who they were. 

"By the way, Mika," Ryn suddenly interrupted Mika's thought.

"Hmm...?" Mika replied absent-mindedly.

"Tomorrow I have a photo-shoot. I cannot accompany you. But the day after that I can accompany you to visit the team," Ryn explained. The team she meant was the group of people they hired for their make-up brand. Ryn wanted to see the latest work they have done. Would they be able to complete everything before the release date? There are more things to do before they could sell it.

"I'll tell them to prepare everything. Of course, I want to see too what they have done," Mika nodded her head. She was happy and excited at the thought of their make-up brand in the market.

Ryn quickly opened her planner to check the right time for the meeting. She decided to have the meeting at ten o'clock and Mika agreed. Mika quickly sent the appointment date and time to her assistant. 

"Oh yes, we need to discuss the advertisement with that monster," Mika tried to hold onto the steering wheel instead of hugging herself at the thought of that evil Jack. Of course, she was the one who wanted to hire him but in the end, she could not hide her horror of him.

"Ergh... do we have to? Hadn't you all decided what to do?" Ryn grumbled, hugging herself in horror at the thought of that evil director.

"Not yet. They gave such brilliant ideas and I wish I could use all," Mika grumbled.

"I don't like any of their ideas," Ryn muttered. Although all their ideas were creative and weird the one who would suffer would be her.

"You should be. They are brilliants," Mika gushed. There was no trace of horror in her voice and on her face anymore. In fact, her eyes shone brightly at the thought of seeing Ryn in all of the scenes suggested by the team. She could not wait to watch the end result. Regardless of which one they chose, Ryn would look beautiful in it.


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