Tell Me Again, My Love
202 Three was a crowd
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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202 Three was a crowd

Both Ryn and Mika were still exchanging their thoughts about the filming of the advertisement when someone honked at them, rather loudly. 

Mika frowned in displeasure. Who was this rude person who was disturbing their conversation?

Ryn turned around to see who was the driver who made so much noise. Mika did not even slower her driving even though they were deep in their conversation. Mika did not disturb the traffic nor she drove recklessly. This time around, because of her reminder, Mika did drive slower than her usual devil speed but still normal enough just like other normal drivers who follow the traffic law. Well, almost normal. Just a kilometre or two and Mika would drive over the speed limit.

Well, at least this devil driver did not break any law this time.

So, why was the driver behind them kept honking at them?

"Ryn, check my phone, please. It's ringing," Mika said, a bit irritated with the sound from behind and from her bag.

Ryn cancelled her effort to check the car clearly although she felt like it was a familiar car and she had seen it before. She reached for Mika's phone and saw Jeremy's name on the display. She tried to hide her groan and mumbled, "It's Jeremy."

"Huh? Big brother? Why would he call me?" Mika frowned. She looked through the rear mirror and saw the driver played with the hazard light now. It seemed like the driver signalled her to stop the car.

"Do you want to answer it?" Ryn asked, and wished for Mika to say no, to ignore it. She did not want to hear his voice yet. She was not ready... not yet.

"Just answer it. What does he want?" Mika grumbled. She ignored the crazy driver behind and continued on driving. She focussed fully on her driving while cursing the driver behind her car. So crazy!

With a heavy sigh, Ryn slid her finger on the ringing phone and tapped the speaker symbol to make the caller on speaker.

"What is it, big brother?" Mika grumbled when Ryn signalled her about the speaker.

"Stop the car now. Didn't you see me?" he asked and hit the hazard light a few times in a row.

Mika and Ryn's jaw dropped when they heard him. What did he mean by that?

"Wait... what?" Mika choked out after a few minutes silent.

"Mika, can't you see I'm behind you?" Jeremy was getting impatient at his silly little sister. How focussed was she on driving when she could not even see her big brother driving behind her?

"You... you are behind us?" Mika choked out.

Ryn was still speechless. She did not know how to react at this situation.

When... why... how...? 

"Of course, stupid," Jeremy muttered.

"Who are you calling stupid, you idiot," Mika roared at the thought of her own big brother calling her stupid.

Ryn now was speechless at the sight of her best friend arguing with her big brother. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped yet again. When would they stop this childish and stupid argument?

They were no longer kids and truthfully it was getting too much by now.

Ryn decided to ignore them and looked at her own phone. She needed to ensure Mei Li received the note that she was not free the day after. Although Mei Li was her manager, the make-up line was not created under her persona as a model, it was the work of both her and Mika as friends and partners. Maybe it was a 'punishment' for Mei Li for divulging how much Ryn earned to Mika without her approval.

Mika finally stopped the car at the side of the road. Jeremy parked behind her. Both of them ignored the weird look from other cars.

In fact, some of the drivers and the occupants were already watching them interestingly. Those cars slowing down, creating disturbance and traffic jam but none even cared what the other drivers behind them felt. They were more interested in watching the 'free show'.

"What do you think you are doing? Are you crazy keep making those noises? People will think I've done something wrong," Mika growled once she got out of the car and stormed toward her big brother.

"Where do you think you're going with Ryn?" ignoring the questions from his little sister, Jeremy asked another question, nodding toward Ryn who was slowly getting out of the car and watched them with her widened eyes.

Ryn stared at him speechlessly. Why did he ask that to his own little sister in such a public place? Hadn't he thought about his image if his fans saw this?

"Why can't I bring her out? She's my best friend," Mika replied, crossing her arms.

"Of course you have to inform me first," Jeremy said arrogantly.

"Why?" Mika's nose flared. She stormed closer to her big brother without scared.

Jeremy looked down at his petite little sister. His eyes narrowed eyes stared at her, warning her not to go over the boundary. He was after all her big brother. She should respect and obey all his words.

"Why should I inform you first?" Mika repeated her questions, refused to give in to him.

Jeremy was about to answer it back when someone coughed. 

"Excuse me," Ryn lifted her hand slowly, interrupting their conversation when she saw Mika was getting angrier. Shouldn't Jeremy, as the big brother, give in to Mika?

Both turned to look at her. Their fiery eyes softened and gentle when landed on Ryn, afraid to scare Ryn. Unlike what they thought, all Ryn could think of was irritated with their childish behaviour. When would they grow up?

"Don't you think you've created enough scene right now? We are on the side of the road. People are watching us like we are some sort of entertainment news," Ryn muttered, pointing out dryly toward some drivers (and the passengers) who were holding their mobile phone to record the scene. Their eyes sparkled at the three people at the side of the road.

The Long siblings blinked at her blankly before looked at around them. They realized they just made a mistake.

"Mother will blame you for this," Mika cried and stormed back to her car. She gestured for Ryn to get into the car. 

Ryn obeyed. She gave apologetic gaze at Jeremy and quickly got into the car. Once Mika was sure Ryn was properly sitting on the chair, before Ryn could even buckle the safety belt, Mika skillfully changed the gear and hit the accelerator to move the car into the busy road. 

The black smoke from the car surrounded Jeremy as he stood there frozen.

"That stupid sister. Does she think mother will be on her side?" Jeremy muttered. He stormed into his own car and drove it.

He planned to catch up with Mika and 'stole' Ryn away.


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